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Sep 14, 2005

Do U Know - Children - Hunger Deaths

One Child dies every 5 seconds from hunger and related causes. United Nations - World Food Programme

None got it right. Rage against the mad dogs came close to it in

The Terror of Hunger
Does it make a difference what a child dies from?
We get repelled by the images of Beslan.
While a Beslan can occur to someone we know, are we untouched by the hunger deaths because its cold fingers has not touched our life and cant enter our lifestyle?
Or is it because the enemy is not that easily identified?
Can the problem of hunger and hunger death ever be solved?
The problem amazingly is Not the Lack of food .

Do we care enough for those children.
The Terrorists care for their groups alone and other lives mean nothing to them.

We are not them. We can pause now. We can express outrage and ask
Why there cant be a War against Hunger.

Every child deserves to live and it doesnt matter if the child dies from a bullet or from hunger. Death is Death. And Apathy is Apathy.


  1. why are your posts so short of late?

  2. well the length depends on the post. but time has been short and i always try to keep it short, so looks like i am finally succeeding. but i dont think all of them are very short. it might look short due to the read more feature :)
    have a good day :)

  3. well the answer can be a min....

    there's too much hunger in poor african countries, so such a sorry statistic is also possible

  4. Thank you for this tremendously helpful website. The issues you write about are issues that should lead to increased citizen activism worldwide.

    I'm writing from the United Nations World Food programme where we have an exciting interactive website called .

    Every time you click onto the splash page, a donor contributes .19 cents -- the cost of feeding a child for one day in the developing world.
    also allows you to email both your foreign minister and finance minister and encourage them to do more to end child hunger!!

    All of the activities we're currently engaged in will lead up to a global event on May 21 next year called Fight Hunger: Walk the World. We seek to organize walks to end child hunger in 100 countries, with 1 million walkers. And we give anyone who wants to organize a walk on thier own the opportunity to do so on our site.

    So please, spread the word, We can do more.

  5. @$#!$# well the situation is worse

    mattkeller thanks i visited the site and registered.

  6. Just wanted to let you know about how your clicks everyday can make a difference in somebody's life. And you don't have to sign up, register, receive spam, click on ads or do anything else other than click once a day on a button.

    And while there, don't forget to click for the breast cancer site, child health site, literacy site, rainforest site and animal rescue site.

    I've been clicking everyday for 3 years now, and have even shopped at their store online. This is a legitimate site and I'm not paid or compensated in any way to write this.

    I like to start my day with a few clicks that do good and thought that you and your readers would like to also. Only one click per day per computer is counted towards the donation from the sponsor companies.

  7. vidya i have been a regular of thehungersite for 2-3 years. and have encouraged many thru my blogs to click it.
    its also a signature of an email.

    i am aware of other sites like literacy and though i click them i dont do it with the regularity of hte hungersite.

    i thought that more than one click per day counted. i click 2.

    there is a link to it from the bottom of this blog. perhaps i should shift it.

    i talk about hungersite, more thru my blogs in o3 blogsite. (Indiatimes).

    since in blogger i think genlly bloggers are aware of thehungersite.

    for the same post in o3, i had mentioned the hungersite links.

    and written posts on it too.

    thanks for sharing:) its nice to meet another regular of hungersite:)

  8. From the FAQ on hungersite:

    How often can I click on the "Give Free Food" button? Can I just keep clicking and give thousands of cups of food at once?

    You can click once a day on The Hunger Site. Our agreement with our sponsors only allows us to count one click, per person, per calendar day. A monitoring system is set up to check this. While you could click on the button a hundred times, this would only generate one cup of food. In the meantime, our system would be slowed down, or possibly overloaded, preventing other visitors' clicks from generating funding.

  9. Thanks Vidya:)
    i try to click hungersite whenever i come online. so instead of just clicking hungersite the 2ndtime, i can click its associate sites :)


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