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Sep 25, 2005

7 - Tagged again

I have been tagged again by Colors
So here it goes

Seven Things you want to do before you die:
Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
Make a positive difference however small
Write few books and be successful with it
Be a successful psychologist
Spread Gandhian philosophy
Bring out the best in as many people as possible
Learn Learn Learn and never fail in any exam :D

Note : To be honest, I wouldnt mind if I died now and not achieve even a single one:)

Seven Things you can do :
Laugh at myself (well so what if others can too. It helps me maintain my sanity)
Tell a story anytime based on anything anytime
Liason happily and successfully with the government even if it means hours of waiting in dreadful offices and hours of documentation
Be honest even if I sound cliched, weird, stupid, untrue, holier than thou, naive, ridiculous, too good to be true or whatever:)
Never judge a person (hate crime not criminals. behaviour can be good and bad. not persons)
Recollect a movie just from 5 seconds of the movie (no kidding can recollect even the ones I have seen decades ago)
Be horribly lazy, quite happily

Seven Things you say most :
Love you
to my husband
Bigdeal to most of the things in my mind
Told you so though not much now, said a lot to my sibling and parents. And they dread hearing it even now I guess.
24000 die from hunger Everyday & A woman dies every minute due to childbirth to my blog readers
Thank you to God
Illai (tamil meaning "no" used colloquially at the start of a sentence) and Pavame/Paavam a Tamil word along the lines of oh no, you poorthing etc. (would like to restrict both these usage)
And errr "ukandu" Tamil meaning "sit/sat and" (I dont know how on earth a person can use it frequently, but I do use it more than others)

Seven Things you can't do:
Stop loving those I love
Stop Imagining (even if its about ghosts and gives me gitters.) and thinking ( Exception of course : Deep Sleep)
Relax during travelling (its worse in planes of course), Shopping (Hate shopping for self, love shopping for others) or while watching a horror movie (So I dont watch them of course:D)
Relax while listening to music (I do love music, but cant relax while listening and cant stop thinking and let go of myself.)
Talk about my feelings (thats not the same as talking about my thoughts:D, Suffer from a touch of autism)
Not get irritated with stupidity even if its in a movie
Pity myself

Seven Things that attract you to the opposite sex:
Logical mind
Caring attitude
Having the same rule for self, as for others
The ability to be, and behave, beyond a gender sterotype

Seven Celebrity crushes:
Kiran Bedi
Dr.Phil Mcgraw
Mani Ratnam
John Gray
John Grisham
David E Kelly

Seven People you want to tag:
Kalpesh posted
Pramod posted
Shady posted
Deepthi posted
Techj posted


  1. Me first!! :-) Thanks so much for taking this up.
    Wow..ur things 2 do before dying are so meaningful. Look at mine!! Hope you too will be able to fulfil them all and much more!
    Tell a story anytime on anything? Now thats a talent I envy!
    Seriously how can u say "ukandu" considering wat it many times??
    I knew u were a thinker..but u cant relax even when listening to music? Hmmm
    Good to read ur taggie WD. Always nice to know a person a bit better

  2. Oh no!! why me :(

    Hehehe :) Just gimme some time and I'll come up with that post :)

  3. BTW I drink more than 8 glasses of water daily, well so I can put that in my 7 things I can do list :-D

  4. colors please no comparisions :)
    and the 7 things are still optional and i will be contented even if i die now and i am not sure thats a good thing:)

    i dont know but i use the "sit and" quite frequently, sort of like how some people use the word "basically" but i dont use the equivalent when i speak english, and this ukandu i think i use mainly when talkin with my sibling in Tamil, not otherwise.

    music well its simple, i am a control freak so i hate it when the outside stimulus has control over me . (this is my own theory).
    while i will drive fast if i drive, i will hate it when someone drives fast. so while i dont mind being stimulated by music, i dont like to surrender to music. or it could do with my autistic tendencies...

    well though the tag post was pretty spontan. it wasnt easy for me to write about myself.
    since talking about myself makes me more vulnerable and i have had posts attacking and misquoting me in o3 some months back.
    but since there are many who dont know much about me, this post probly is good:)

    deeps, i dont know, its just that u were the first person i thought:)

    wow a person who can drink more than 8 glasses . hey u ought to put it on the can do list.
    this 8 glasses is this new years measly new year resolution and i havent still done it:(

    looking forward to ur post deeps:)

  5. hi gaya!
    actually i read your post a couple of days ago.but i dint know what a tag is.
    so can u enlighten me about this!(i know i may be appearing naive but i havent been in touch of late)
    also have started blogging on blogspot.

  6. kalpesh, well u will have to write a similar post and answer the questions:)
    wish u the best:)

  7. Interesting !!!
    Be a successful psychologist !! hey i wanted to be 1 too - not nececasry to be successful though ! :)
    Learn Learn Learn and never fail in any exam :D--- seems u hve flunked a lotta exams in school :D

  8. :))
    well i hate flunking :)
    i havent flunked at the college level, but used to get grace marks in school for my marathi and hindi :)


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