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Sep 23, 2005

A Poem for Pam

Muse : Wow have I got a topic for you !

Self : Huh you look happy

Muse :
Well Pam has topped the list of Lycos 50 most popular search terms from September 1995 through last Saturday.

Self : So?

Muse : Blog about it

Self : Hmmm dominating over a decade, great for her. But what else can I write?

Muse : Well no need to write, atleast put up a few pics

Self : I dont have her pics and I dont want to search for her pics and help in her topping another search engine.

Muse : Well Ok OK here is a Poem for Pam, blog about it or I Quit.

Pam Pam Pam
Your fan I am

Pics of you, can never be a spam
Pics of you, cause Net traffic jams

If you were the syllabus,who would fail in exam
You rule the net, just like you rule the hearts, lamb

We need the net and the net is to know more of you mam
So what if the world and this poem is lousy, dont give a damn

Pam Pam Pam
Your fan I am.

PS : You would use search engine to search for _______


  1. LOL WD...u come up with the weirdest and varied and the most interesting posts ..not to mention informative too :-)

  2. kalpesh Of Course !!! :D

    colors :D
    and thanks:)
    actually i get bored with myself if i talk about just one theme :)

  3. !!! hmm thats a interesting/weird post ... :) dont get so jealous .. i think donkeys have their share of fame on serach engines :D
    I would use search engine to search for -- study stuff , movies info and for any intersting news ..uhhh and ofcourse , donkeys !! :)

  4. vyuha
    hey i am not jealous !
    just because i dislike doesnt mean i dont respect

  5. disliking pam - that i cld understand but - the part of respect Pam !!!! ye baat kuch hajam nahi hui (u can understand hindi right ? )

  6. well i can understand a bit of hindi. i think what u meant was, not possible.

    well actually i dont dislike Pam either. Why should I?
    But I do dislike the fact that after 10 years, of all the things people searched to know more about, its about her.
    but then just because I dislike the behaviour about people searchin for more on Pam doesnt mean i dont respect them . after all its about respecting individual freedom.

    and while on it, whats so odd about respecting Pam as a person. If Pam had been my sister or mother or my daughter, would I not respect her as a person?

    there is a difference between respect and admiration.
    i dont admire Pam, I admire Kiran Bedi more
    and yeah I happen to respect Kiran Bedi more than Pam

    But that shouldnt mean I shouldnt have respect for Pam as a person. :)

    btw have tagged u:)

  7. dont wanna start an argument ..but in my personal opinion Pam has nothing that any1 can grow an iota of respect for her ....well thats my viewpoint :)
    thanks for the tag :)

  8. well anyone and everyone deserves a basic level of respect as far as i am concerned:)


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