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Sep 20, 2005

Do U Know - Maharashtra Child Hunger Deaths

Maharashtra, state government said that 2,814 children, mainly from tribal areas, had died of starvation in 2005.
The state made the admission before the Bombay High Court that is hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by activists on child hunger deaths in this highly industrialised state.

The Maharashtra government told the court that, during the first three months of this year, 1,180 children up to the age of six had died in the state’s five poorest districts. In the next four months, up to the month of July, the death toll from hunger among children stands at 1,634 in the state’s 15 tribal districts.
This means a total of 2,814 children have died so far this year.

Rage against the mad dogs got it nearly right.
Kavita & max made a very good attempt.

Last week's Do U Know was on Child Hunger Death in the world, and for those of you who dont know, its a Death every 5 seconds.
Perhaps it seemed quite distant and to happen only in African continent and perhaps a few 100 in some remote parts of India.
To present these facts in a quiz format is not to make it another trivia.
But to increase awareness on issues which concerns US.
We would care if these many children were kidnapped by some terrorists and starved to death,
and I assume that we would awaken and try to make a difference even now.

One need not leave the job and take to the streets, and I do not care to adopt a holier than thou attitude and preach what should be done.

Awareness is the first step in any fight. And join the fight against hunger and do your best.


  1. Sigh I did not know that... though its not surprising....

    Added the new link to my space..


  2. i m not goin to even try...i know this is another sad statistic that is hard to accept, yet is true...

    hey i'll respond to your tag pretty soon....

  3. Well, I don't know how many kids die of starvation in Mumbsi city itself :(

  4. Pallavi :)
    @$#!$# :)
    sloganmurugan well even i dont know either. :(

  5. I googled it and did find the answer. But I dont think I am going to post it here.
    Its shuddering to accept these figures. Becomes topic of one more quiz. Atleast ppl
    come to know about it.

  6. Please wisey, if my writing style conveyed a slightest hint of sarcassm or rudenes,
    pardon me. It wasnt intended at all. If it did, please let me know. I need to do
    something about my style :-)

  7. amit frankly i am astonished.
    i had to wonder which comment or post of yours , you had considered rude etc...

    well assuming its the do u know comment well i dont find it a bit rude or sarcastic.

    i think u just write what you think, and i definitely prefer that.

    i get into lots of heated discussions during blogging and you had been very cordial in one of our past discussions(the hindi debate) and i think i did make a mention of it then.

    rude or sarcastic , no way !

  8. :-) Thanks. I was scared of myself


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