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Sep 7, 2005

Aargh Diaries UN COO

So Annan messed up oil for food programme and the Volcker panel has recommended creation of a new post of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) nominated by the Security Council and approved by the General Assembly.

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A fishpond at work on Who could become the COO. My thoughts in brackets

Sonia Gandhi (Thanks for not writing Priyanka Gandhi)

Bill Clinton (Yeah the scandal wouldnt be on oil for food, it could be on work for favours or whatever)

Pamela (Well if she decides to make a run for the post, I am sure there will be plenty of supporters)

Dissolve UN (Thats throwing the baby with bath water)

Bin Laden (Is that supposed to be a form of punishment?)

Sania Mirza (Aawwwww lets leave her alone)

Nelson Mandela (Great guy, but surely we should look forward)

George Bush (Well it would be tough to convince. After all the post of US President is the highest position in the world and why take a position in a low organisaiton.)

Tom Cruise (Is keeping UN corruption free, the Mission Impossible 3)

Bill Gates (A window of opportunity for him or for the UN)

Big B, Amitabh (The purpose is to stop people from becoming "crorepathis" not aiding them.)

Me (And do you have a name?)

Saurav Ganguly (Hmmmm a supporter who believes Saurav can do no wrong or a sarcastic comment? Well if he gets into form, stays as captain due to other captains being out of form and wins the World Cup and if Indians gets to decide, I am sure he can become. But guess too many Ifs involved)

Who cares (Aaaaaaaaargh! Do I? Do you?)


  1. Well UN seems to be stagnating, with new world powers like China & India having little say, and big boss US going around bossing everone.

    I don't know if UN needs a Gen Secy, it seems headless to me all the time.

  2. well i stil think UN needs a "head" even if symbolic:) but i cant guarantee the effectiveness of the head:)


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