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Sep 12, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Not before the knot

An email from a friend of mine
I am searching for my soulmate and all the men I meet seem to think marriage is just about sex and some are even suggesting a physical relationship before marriage. I am no prude but cant help being shy and I certainly dont want to have a physical relationship before I am sure of the guy. HELP !

Aargh answer

1.All men are not like that and many will pretend to be not like that :D

2.If a guy wants to marry you based on your performance in bed just tell him you want to decide, based on his performance in kitchen. And suggest a day's work in your kitchen. If he merely wants to discuss your sex life (or the lack of it), start discussing his culinary and cleaning skills (or the lack of it).

So if he asks "Did you have a boyfriend"
reply "I will tell you after you tell me how good you are with bhaigan bharta"

3.And kitchen tasks dont merely involve cooking they also involve washing vessels and cleaning. And also ask him if he knows how to handle the washing machine and vaccum cleaner.
So if he asks "Can I kiss you when I meet you"
reply with "Perhaps you can do it in my bedroom, but just vaccum it first and make the sheets and change the curtains and fold all my clothes and keep them in the wardrobe"

4.Its not that the men whom you met think marriage is just about sex. They are not going to be pleased to have less salt in their lunch even if you are fantastic in bed.
Its just that they think your mom would have taught you these stuff (so what if you were working hard for your engineering exams) but they would have to teach you the important stuff themself.

5.If a guy happens to be looking for a homemaker, point out he gets weekend off and retirement while you dont. And tell him, while you will take care of the home till he retires, after retirement you both will have to share the tasks.

6.This will generally turn off many

7.If the guy persists, and does the tasks successfully, try toilet cleaning

8.If that rare gem persists , get to nappy changing and baby care (borrow your neighbour's baby for trial)

9.If this rarest of rare gem persists, talk about financial planning and auditor and taxes and mention that you will also have a say in the financial planning.

10.If a guy still talks to you after this, Grab Him :)
(OK dont grab him literally but do introspect on what more you want)

Some men might think women is just about sex, while some women might think men are just about money. Thats just their point of view and their priority. Instead of generalising the entire gender or judging them, if we disagree with this point of view, lets avoid making them our life partner :D
Wish you the best and if you get married, dont forget to send an invitation, and regarding the gift, well after this email, do you really need a gift ?

PS : Due to the female infanticide and foeticide, there are more men then women, so dont worry you have more to choose from.


  1. Hey this topic is so confusing.I believe the same like u as in not b4 the knot.but then at times i feel life comes only once and shld i deserve a bit more;)but feel scared that every relationship wud think only of overall i stand confused:(

  2. well i have always suggested in doing what a person wants (unless u want to be serial killer etc)
    mak its ur life. live it the way u want :)


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