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Sep 16, 2005

Kidding - I am not right or They are not right

Dear Diary
My Parents hate me.

I embarrassed them again today.
Guests came to our house and while shaking hands I made The Mistake
While eating I started the way my parents told me to
But the pain became unbearable and I made The Mistake.

My family and neighbours criticise me
Parents of my friends criticise me
Kids at school laugh at me
I feel different and lonely
Many times I wish they would just leave me alone
I cant even use the scissors properly
or button my clothes easily.

I dont want to eat in front of others
I dont want to take things in front of others
I dont want to write in front of others and it hurts when I am not able to even draw a line properly.
I dont want to go to temple

I wish I could write more but my parents are watching and its painful to write with the right hand

A diary of a 5 year old left handed child.


  1. Great one...
    Wasnt expecting this ending...
    Left-handed people do have to suffer a lot...

  2. hey..that's real sad...i used to think that being a 'lefty' was the 'in thing' until i became a teacher and once had a chance to speak to the sp. educator in our school. she advises parents to make small changes at keeping the kids' stuff on the right..and things like that..ever since i ensure that left handed kids in my class always sit on the left side.. so that they are comfortable

  3. thanks anbu:)
    sangeeta thats fantastic of u:)

  4. are these parents for real? i mean, isn't a parent supposed to make the child feel loved & cared for, and not left out?

    so what is the big stigma associated with the left hand? why can't u do anything with the left hand? where does it say that using the left hand is unlucky?

    crappy people and their crappy beliefs.

    and poor kids suffer due to all this

  5. Dear WD... I will restart blogging in a few weeks :), I have been reading all ur comments, and will get back to blogging soon. Been really busy lately, will let u know once i start :). Hope things are great with u.

  6. Great one!! Isnt it sad how being a lefty is still a tabboo in India?! Parents and Teachers are still not aware that being left-handed is not for a kid to decide but how the brain functions! Kids are still forced to eat/write with right hand.

  7. Ok Sray take care and will look forward to your posts:)

    Colors true:(

  8. Know a sweet little kid who is left handed. He is doing fine...Fortunately for him
    his parents were not urbanized and neither were they too educated....

  9. amit not all parents are as mentioned in the post.

    and great to know of one who dont fit the bill.

    perhaps i should have made clear that just because parents are urbanised or educated, doesnt mean they wont be superstitious.

  10. gaya!!!!
    and i dunno...its like a bingo feeling!
    i have thot the same...about the mind of left handed children...
    sad it is,..


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