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Mar 24, 2007


Can there be anything more outrageous than the "performance" of the Indian (men's) cricket team? Please! We lost to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh! Never mind if we lose out to these nations when it comes to boring concepts like maternal mortality rates. (We worship mother thats enough, who cares if a pregnant woman has more chances of being alive in these nations, than in India.) Hey, lets not forget, we are always (thankfully) better than Pakistan. (Never mind, if we care more about being better than Pakistan in cricket, than about the soldiers who have faulty artillery.)

We expect our cricketers to put in their best, but never expect any politician or government official (or for that matter ourselves) to give the best ALL the time or even most of the time. We find the amount cricketers get from endorsement deals outrageous, but think corruption is "practical".

7000 Indians die Everyday from Hunger. Yet, we still lament mainly about the Men in Blue. With this kind of attitude, our future, seems bleak and blue. Why care so much about a World Cup when there are citizens who have to worry about a Cup of Food.

Whats the point in wasting our time, watching the endless analysis? Surely we have better things to do, with precious minutes of our lives. Of course it would have been nice to win, but lets not lose our perspective.

Outrageous? Yes. But who is being more outrageous?