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Apr 29, 2009


Hunger remains the No.1 cause of death in the world.
1/3rd of the world’s hungry live in India.
Over 20 crore Indians will sleep hungry tonight.
Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.
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Apr 28, 2009

Twitter Mom

Joined twitter but realised I could post mainly these entries. (Some of them maybe little longer then allowed).

1.Cooked food for self (diet), better half (semi diet) and the kid (hopefully nutritious and tasty). There goes 2 hours.

2.Spent one and half hours (a day) just feeding the kid. (when will he learn to eat on his own?) Human Beings are stupid. Mothers have to spend their time, feeding the child, unrequired quantities of food, so that the kid would look chubby and they would be called Great Mothers. And since the kid refuses to eat whats unrequired, they add sugar and oil. Then the child grows up to be obese, and has to be on pill or diet or just suffer.

3.Checked email and deleted the spams and forwards. Wow! There is an email from a friend. Aaargh its just another invitation to join another network!

4.Read today's headlines. And its almost 3pm. Just a minute, has the kid got up?

5.Oh yeah,spent two hours trying to make the kid sleep, (and trying not to sleep before the kid sleeps.) And then will have to spend 15 minutes waking the kid so that he will sleep early at night.

6.Envied the cockroach, it doesnt have to bother about cooking cleaning or putting its kid to sleep. And it gets more respect. And doesnt have to read articles like "How to make your Husband fold clothes."

7.Realised 2 minutes after coffee, the coffee wasn't great, and wondered if it would be too early to have another cup of coffee. Decided to make coffee, got too busy and now the coffee has gone cold, but since I didnt want to waste it, drank it and went back to wondering if it would be too early for another coffee.

8.Wondered if it would be unappropriate to write about potty training and the diaper duties. Wondered why politicians promise free TV instead of free diapers. (Perhaps in the long run the TV is cheaper than the diapers).

9.Prayed rains would visit the IPL match. (Nothing gets done during IPL at home). Wow wish granted! Prayed the rains would stop, TV is just too boring otherwise.

10.Washed most of the dishes, and organised the toys, made the bed. No my mother in law isnt visiting, just didnt want the house to look too messy for the hired help.

11.Dont want to be labelled uncaring parent so clicked pictures and uploaded them. Dont want to be labelled obsessive parent hence didnt share the pictures.

12.Realised life had more interesting twitters when I called myself “Stay at Home Blogger“ than “Stay at Home Mom“