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Apr 19, 2010

Tweets and Thoughts of a TweeTwin Addict

Tweetaroor has resigned. Why didn't he tweet his resignation??

Tweetodi will Sue papers, why isn't Sue suing anyone?

Sue to appear in Ekta's Kwitter nahi - Kahani ek Khel Ki! Did Ekta tweet it?

Sue to appear in a different reaility show. Big Boss???

Nationalise IPL! Lalooji, will you nationalise Twitter also?

Will govt appoint a commission on Modi and IPL? What a waste of money, a vague report after 40 years!

TweeT20 could be Tweetodi's New Big IDEA. That will be the Original Oongli Cricket.

Will he allow his TweeTwin to plan or will it be like ICL-IPL?

Did the IT and ED and Media wake up to IPL only after the Tweetussle? Wow thats "an Tweet-Effect"

The other IPL

We need our ministers, in state and centre to focus on the other unglamourous IPL, Indian Poverty Line. They should be banned from holding posts in BCCI. BCCI should be run by professionals, not politicians. Not just to root out corruption, but to atleast to increase ministers concentration and focus. After a disastrous World Cup, didn't BCCI restrict the number of advertisements, a player can appear in? If BCCI can demand this from the players, why shouldn't we demand it from our politicians.

Apr 17, 2010

Just because you bring in the money

He rang the bell at home, thinking angrily"The Marketing VP thinks Accounts people are just a bunch of lazy idiots who have nothing to do! When will She understand we are the foundation which supports the company! How can our time and work mean nothing to Her! Is it so tough to show some respect to us! Just because marketing brings in the money, shouldn't mean she can be insensitive to us... "

He rang the bell sharply for the second time as his wife opened the door. He snatched the remote, flopped on the sofa and yelled at her for making him wait at the door, when he had had, a bad day at work.."

She began "Actually.."

He screamed, "I can't believe this! You waste your time the whole day at home, and still don't get satisfied until you irritate me with your attitude and housekeeping excuses.."