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Sep 30, 2007

Where Were You

She knew she was supposed to feel happy and excited. Neighbours and friends filled their house and there was an impromptu party. Tears of joy ran down her parent's cheeks. Everyone wanted to be photographed with her and kisses were showered on her cheeks. Perhaps I am numb from joy, she dejectedly thought. She heard her father taking credit for the battle she had fought.

Few months back, in the first round of another singing competition, she had been eliminated. And she remembered their harsh reaction, to her blunder.
They had called her a loser and had scorned her aspirations. It had hurt to lose in the competition, but nothing matched the hurt, of being disowned. The shame she felt, when her parents, said they were ashamed of her. Surely there was more to her than her performance?

Perhaps its tough love, she reasoned to herself. But wouldn't it have been wonderful, if they had been there for her, even when she lost, she wondered.

Its not the time to think, just enjoy the moment, she told herself.
Yet, wished, those around her would, love not just the victory, but also herself.
Failure is an orphan while success has many fathers,she realised, as she smiled at everyone who had gathered.

Yet, she wanted to say, Instead of just giving me this wonderful toast,
Where were you all, when I needed you the most.

was to be posted on September 26, 2007

Sep 19, 2007

Path of Ram Part 2 - Just Two

Whats the difference between members of Al Qaeda who kill those who don't believe in their God and those who killed two humans today to express their support for the Ram Sethu? The numbers of course. Terrorists kill Thousands, after all its just two..

Yeah two doesn't mean a thing, unless, its you and me.

PS : Hey Ram, what a U-turn! Sethu project was BJP's baby

Sep 17, 2007

Path of Ram

Her colleagues wouldn't have believed she believe in the path of Ram, since her cubicle didn't have pictures of Ram. Her friends wouldn't have believed she believed in the path of Ram, since she didn't often visit temples of Ram.
Yet she believed in Ram, & tried her best to follow the path of Ram.
It wasn't in her mind, the perfect, divine, always right, path. Just the path of a prince, who attempted to take the right path.

With dreams of wedding yet no idea, of the meaning of marriage. She didn't hesitate to turn down a proposal at an young age. The groom a known NRI meant for her a settled life and home. But for dowry, she didn't want her parents to sell their home. Her brother had requested her consent with tears in his eyes. But she didn't shrug her duties, because she wasn't a guy.
Even when none existed to question the choice of comforts
She couldn't accept the right choice was her comforts.
Even when Bharat pleaded,the comforts of kingdom didn't equal the honour of forest, to Ram.
Rejecting Comfort, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

Few years later her family was split into two. She doesn't belong to our caste or status her parents screamed. But her brother insisted the maid was the girl of his dreams.When you have reservations against reservation , why have reservation against intercaste marriage she dared to ask. And her sister in law, in her support & love basked.
Boatman Guha was also another brother of Ram.
Rejecting Caste, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

It was tough at work to be upright and ignore bribes. But tougher, when inspite of being right she was asked in her personal life, for bribes. Yet she dared to take on those with power.Even when they threatened her & her lover.
Vanar Sena was enough against powerful demons to Ram.
Rejecting Cowardice, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

Work was important to her, but on an important day, she was late at work.
When around an accident victim, others simply gathered and stared; without worrying about legal hassles, she dared to stop and care.
Jatayu's last rites and not just search for Sita was important to Ram.
Rejecting Callousness, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

And finally one day a family banged on her door.Hoping against hope to escape the gore. "Their people killed Our people" shouted the mob.That’s an excuse not a reason to kill, she tried to reason with the mob.
Evil deeds of brother Ravan, didn't affect the goodness of Vibhishan to Ram.
Rejecting clan concepts of evil, choosing conscience, she choose in her mind, to follow The path of Ram.

She was therefore killed in the name of Ram.Though she had tried to live in the path of Ram.
Even an Unfair death didn't make her question Ram.After all life had not been fair, even to Ram.
Many choose the path of flowers sans thorns,
And ignore the pricks of conscience.
But without qualm she ignored the pricks of thorns,
And picked the path of Ram, her conscience.

Sep 1, 2007

Some Deserve to Die

The mother weeped, over her dead child.
But before we grieve we must perhaps know
How the child died..

Was the child kidnapped and murdered by friends?
Or a victim of drunken driving?
Or perhaps washed away by the flood waters?
Or did the child die of a disease, due to contaminated water?

Did the child die because the doctors were unavailable or on strike?
Or because the terrorists decided to strike?
Did the child due to its religion, caste or gender?
Or just one among the 7000 Indians who die EVERYDAY from hunger?

There might be financial compensation in some cases
There might be extensive media coverage in some cases
The child could be the topic of drawing room conversation in some cases
People would, think the child deserved to die and doesnt deserve an outrage in other cases.

Many ways for a child to die
But before we grieve we must know how it died
Unless it could happen to us, they perhaps deserve to die
Though the grieving mothers, wonders, why my child had to die..

PS :Shameful condition of children in Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony went ignored. A child died of hunger and more deaths will likely follow because of the desperate poverty in this semi-urban suburb but for some reason this does not bother us

Voice of India

I am disappointed by Toshi's early exit in Amul Star Voice of India.
The mute button on my remote had been working overtime
And its one of the few programs on TV, I watched and listened:D

Its easy to blame the voters, but lets not forget the voter's profile.
When multiple votes are allowed, its not about wooing the audience but the right audience.
How many Indians can afford to vote online or through smses,
When 836 million Indians live on less than Rs.20 a day
And who cares for the real Voices of India

PS : Pity I had cast only one vote for Toshi.

PPS : People have been performing yagnas for a contestant from Indore! What next?