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Jan 17, 2007

Precious Boy - II

There are many men, who cause despair
But there are still men, who to be different, dare.

Many men and women, might find him abnormal,
Because he thinks women too are human and normal.

He can emphatise with sufferings,
Even if its, by a woman.
Though the culture around him, says he is superior,
He still thinks ,culture is just a circumstance, and none are inferior.

He is not a superhero or a filmi hero,
But the next door, unappreciated hero.

Who doesn't think, its none of my business
When a woman is in trouble and needs help.
Who gives her voice, even when its not his wife,
or any other woman, in his life.

There may not be a woman,who hasn't been groped
But that doesn't mean, all men have groped.

For him, its not so tough to emphatise with her plight
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom, without a lock.
Constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door,
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door.
The quest for freedom, privacy and space,
Which isn't being the right, of half the human race.

Is it such an impossible wish?
Do such men exist in real life,
Can men and women live without strife?
Does Every man think, he can treat any woman as his wife?

While I despair over the, "Gropeway of India" on New Year 2007,
I still respect and remember a Hero who gave up his life,
To prevent an unknown woman, from being molested on New Year 2003.
Bapi Sen, to this world and to me, you will always be a Precious Boy .

You sent out the message loud and clear.
Being a man doesnt stop you from being a human.

It won't be my dead son, but you,
If God gave me the choice of bringing back a life,
Not because I love my son less or think he isn't precious,
But because you gave up your life, to improve for few minutes, a stranger's life.

Jan 10, 2007

Precious Boy

He walks around with his head in the air
And hands in search of flesh to fondle

The women might find him sick yet normal
But there is still a woman who finds him precious.

He is the reward for her sufferings
He will fetch a fair price in the marriage market
To sleep with him, and look after him, a woman would pay
So why bother respecting, women, anyway.

And she needs him emotionally and financially
So why tell or think he can be wrong

Lets find an excuse, to justify his acts.
Even if its a misplaced dupatta,
lets not ask if he would have groped his mom,
if she had a dupatta missing.

Can someone please find a woman who has not been groped.
Can someone please find a woman who has always felt safe.

Is it so tough to emphatise with her plight?
Its just as simple as being in a bathroom,
without a lock, constantly feeling insecure over the insecure door
realising, anytime,anyone would open the door
Little bit of space, little bit of privacy, hey in this wide wonderful world
Is it really a lot to ask?
But why ask for the men to emphatise, when dear mothers forget.

Lets tell these mothers, that being a mother
doesnt mean you should stop being a woman and human.
Let every harrassed woman take a vow
They wouldnt let their children stoop so low.

Atleast lets not allow the victims of injustice
To be the carriers of injustice.

A new low with High

Yesterday I was preparing an investment matrix and had to match the Instruments with the Investment goals. I had analysed all the instruments for investing and written the 10 Investment goals one could have. And now it was a simple job of writing, High Medium and Low, on the matrix.

Half way I stare and pause at the word, High. High is a word? Did I mean to write Height. Is it a spelling mistake? Wont I appear a fool if I wrote all the wise things about financial planning and came with a nonsense word?

Does the Word "High" exist, I ask myself. And realise I just dont know. Its not frustrating or irritating. Just a dull feeling of acceptance. I cant remember and its probably a word which doesnt exist. Next time I would try to google or use the spell check. But its hard many times to question what I accept.

Its tough enough when the dreams are crystal clear and the memories vague, spending 10 minutes every morning, wondering what I had dreamt, and to correct my memory. To put it simply, if I wanted to make a phone call, I would probably dream about it, and the next day, continue to believe I had made that phone call:D, unless I remember, that it was a Dream.
How important is memory? Is Life better as a moment, or a memory?

Perhaps I would enjoy life more, if its just a moment.
But I still prefer the memories, for reasons I dont remember at the moment :)

Forgetting High might be a new low for me,

But when the potential in everyone is infiniteI still believe,
I can reach for the sky
Inspite of the lows, can reach new highs.

Jan 8, 2007

Aargh Diaries - 100 Rupees Raise

The coffee was fantastic,
But I couldnt enjoy it.

The 53 year old looked eagerly, at me
Would he get atleast this year
A raise?
Rs.100 would be wonderful.

I pretended to be busy with the coffee
Then looked him in the eye,
And shook my head..
Thinking,sometimes its better to be dead.

He tried his best to hide his disappointment and be cheerful.
And I walked back to my seat, woeful.

Hey we arent in Software or BPO
And we have 14 branches all over India.
And if we increase his salary
what about the other office boys?

That would be a major policy decision,
And since he is not in sales,
we can afford to lose him.
And even though he works hard,
At this age, it would be tough for him,
to find a new job.

Yet I had pleaded with my Boss
who had pleaded with her Boss, our Branch Manager
And who had made this extraordinary request
To the Vice Presidents, in their annual meet.

Surely we should understand,
the company is not doing well
When for the annual meet, instead of France
The executives settle for, Greece..

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