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Oct 26, 2006

Honey I still have the Sweets

"And what do we do with the sweets?" she asked in a despairing voice. Her husband pressed the mute button on the remote. He realised that he was required to participate in a discussion and wouldn't be able to get away with a nod or a grunt. After all, now it was a week after Diwali, and she had been asking that question almost everyday. He had overestimated the requirement, and now would have to deal with it.

She realised his dread and said, "I want to discuss, what we can do with the sweets, not why we ended up with so many sweets." He brightened. Aah now he could provide a solution.

"Maid." He said promptly.

She shook her head."Its pure ghee and its not spoiled and our neighbours will get upset with us, because then, their servants would be asking them to give nice sweets and not ones with a thin fungal layer."


"We have already given to some. And they will realise that I am giving it to them again, because its in excess. And what if they give their own excess sweets in return?"

"But there were some, to whom you didnt give?"

"But it will look so lame! How can I explain it? They wont be grateful. They will just feel insulted."

"What if we throw a party and invite people? How about a blog meet. The bloggers can blog about your tasty sweets. Surely you will feel wonderful to read it."

"Tempting, but its easier for me, to blog about my own sweets. I dont want to spend on the rest of the meal and I am really exhausted. "

"What if we just let them be, and eat something everyday."

"Already I have gained 1.5 kgs and you have gained 2 kgs"

He winced. "Well dear they were so yummy. Err can I have couple more"

She glared. "No. Do you think we can send it to your cousin in USA? After all they wouldnt know when we sent and we can always blame the postal department. "

"Too expensive. How about some to your aunt in Dubai? But then that too will cost something. How about an Orphanage?"

"Its 50 sweets not 200 sweets. How about just giving them away saying you got a promotion."

"No way. What if people at my office find out? Why not say you have become pregnant? And then fake a miscarriage. You could get some sympathy too."

"Forget it. I will end up getting names of 70 doctors who are simply the luckiest and the best in the baby business and the 80 temples which you will have to only visit, to have your wishes fulfilled and perhaps half a dozen astrologers. Never." She shuddered.

"Perhaps we could send it to some film star. And who knows, we could be on TV. But let the name begin with S. The media loves alliteration. And it could name the segment, Sweets for Sush or Sweets for Shahrukh."

"Great. But what if they think we are trying to poison them and its some form of underworld threat? Perhaps we could do it next year. Now its too late."

"Ok. Lets just throw them away"

"But they represent so much of my hard work. And they taste and smell so good, even now."

They stared at each other dejectedly. Until she had an idea.

Well, now you know the story, behind the internet auction ad "Sweets, starting at Re.1.."

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Oct 17, 2006

Being in Love

Being in Love doesnt just mean wanting to sleep with someone
But being happy, when you wake up that one

Being in Love doesnt mean a relationship forever
But making an attempt, to keep alive the relationship, forever

Being in Love doesnt mean zero sadness
But just being there for each other during sadness

Being in Love is not about feeling good, forever, with one another
But just feeling good about having had the opportunity to meet the other

Being in Love doesnt mean one has found the perfect person
But just that one doesnt feel the need to find another person

Being in Love doesnt mean Love ends without a relationship
But just that it would be more wonderful if there was a relationship

Being in Love never means its ok to put up with abuse
Because Loving another never means, not loving yourself

Being in Love isnt necessary to feel alive
Being in Love is just one of the ways to feel alive

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Oct 15, 2006

Sexy & Attractive

A tag on what I find sexy and attractive in men, from Savy. Well using some well known people to illustrate my point, lets start at the top, with the brain i.e, the personality

Dignity : Nothing can be as attractive as a sense of dignity.

Intelligent and Witty: Intelligence isnt measured by a CAT score, for me its making the best use of the resources available. And witty doesnt just mean the ability to laugh at the world, its important to laugh at self too.

Emotionally competent : Go to fullsize image Dr.Phil. A Secure person with no "issues", who doesnt have the need for alcohol, drugs, porn, abuse, to feel good and, Broadminded.

Ability to make me think : Go to fullsize imageDavid E Kelly (Picket Fences, The Practice, Boston Legal) Stimulating the brain, definitely gives me a high:D

Socialist : Call me old fashioned, but issues, like unemployment matter a lot to me. And oh yes Weight Challenged Guys can be sexy too:D

Having a Passion for Life : (Miss Him)

Ability to reduce things to basics : Jamie Oliver. A logical approach to anything is just sooooo soothing to my mind.

Thats when I meet a person. But lets move on to just the audio - visual stimulant

Chin & Jaw line & Cheekbones: Go to fullsize image This might sound ridiculous, but well, I cant help it.

Cheerful face :

Sparkling Eyes : Eddie Cahill

Graceful : Sigh for the seve and volley style

Ability to Dance : This isnt about complicated steps, but adding beauty to a simple step. Remember George Micheal in Fast Love video, dancing for few seconds in the Rain?

Voice :

Decent Thighs in Straight Cut Jeans : Go to fullsize image

And now even more complicated the Conceptually Sexy

A Saucy Attitude : Jack Sparrow in Pirates.., & Alan Shore in Boston Legal

Raymond's The Complete Man

The awkward, simple guy

And finally Ultimately Sexy
Ultimately no one can be as sexy as the person you love, even if the person doesnt have everything mentioned above. Hmmm perhaps thats why Love is Blind :D

Definitely NOT Sexy :

Go to fullsize imagePlastic Beauties Go to fullsize imageShow offs & Guys who think they are God's Gift to women

Oct 10, 2006

Aargh Diaries - If my neighbour's housekeeper started blogging

Its the right of every Blogger to write Boring Blogs. But my day would be more interesting, if my neighbour's housekeeper started blogging.

1. I would finally have proof of the nasty things, they talk about me, behind my back. And perhaps I could sue them and win something, even if it takes five decades to win it.

2. I could ask them, "Why do you want your housekeeper to be on time, when you dont go to work on time."

3. Next time I visit their house and they are showing off something they got from abroad, I can murmur, "but still you get your stationary from the office."

4. I can ask them casually, "You didnt mention your fourth bank account in your tax returns?"

5. When they crib about politicians, I can say, "But you didnt vote last time."

6. When he cribs about the Ekta serials, I can say "But didnt you cry last week when the hero seemed to have died and whoop with joy, when,yesterday, you found out, he had only lost his memory?"

7. And when they talk about a bad movie I can retort "Well how can we expect good movies, when we watch them on pirated cds?".

8. When he talks about human rights, I can ask, "But why do you insist your left handed child should use the right hand?"

9. When he talks about values, I can ask, "You mean, saying its ok to cheat in exam, to get a good rank?"

10. When we are stuck in the elevator, I can ask, "So you gave the sweets, you got 10 days back, to your housekeeper, yesterday, just when a fungal layer formed on it".

11.Or I could ask, "So you tried to kill a cockroach with a spray. And when you found, you had ran out of spray, you ran out of the room and locked yourself in the kitchen.“

12. I could also say "So last week, when the building maintainence said we wont get water for 2 hours, you filled 20 big buckets with water, and simply threw them away, the next day?."

13. I could ask him, "Hmmm, you didnt come down to the blood donation camp, because you were scared of the needle, and not because you gave blood last week."

14. I could also ask him "The rains were heavy for you to sit at home and watch TV, but not heavy enough for her to get a day off?"

15. And when I have to do the dirty dishes and wash my clothes, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I can be thankful that I dont have a housekeeper who could wash my dirty linen in the blogosphere.

And if my neighbour decides to fire the housekeeper, I can finally be on TV, and say "Not only was the housekeeper terrific, the blog was interesting. And its a shame, that this act against freedom of expression, happened in our nation. And when the entire nation is celebrating Gandhigiri, a housekeeper should be fired for telling the truth".

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Oct 4, 2006

8 boring unknown facts

A tag, from Deeps.

Its 8 unknown facts about me, that no one else knows..Hmmm you got to be kidding, why would I blog about things I have carefully maintained as a secret? But then why waste the opportunity to blog about somethings, which I cant bring up in casual conversation.

1.I think parallely.
You know one background voice, and one foreground voice. You think thats weird, well, think of a song, and then think of something else, and few moments later you will be listening to that song in the background while you are thinking the second thought. So replace the song with another thought, then you will know what I mean. If you cant, practise it...:D. And if everybody can do it, well, what did you expect me to start with, I have 2 horns?

2a. Its not easy to make me watchsomething I decide is stupid on TV (or for that matter a movie or a book).
While I can be tolerant of people (well you have to be if you want to be a psychologist), I cant and hate, watching/reading something I dont like. I think my brain is a sacred and I hate filling it up with thoughts that I dont like :D
b.I cant bear to hear sounds that I dislike, especially the sound of the News Channels. (NDTV -taga taga..SunTV tadatain.. and so on). If I heard the sound throughout the day, I would go crazy. And while a news anchor can look “ugly“, I would hate a false accent. Frankly I live in dread of coming across a news channel while channel surfing. And am eternally grateful for the Mute Button.

3.I dont drive, because I like to drive Fast.
(And dont want to be responsible for someone's accident).

4.The main thing I notice, when I watch a movie, is the screenplay.
I can forgive bad performances, silly stories, if the screenplay is good.

5.I can get pain, by hearing about it.
So if I meet a person with a toothache, I get it too, for few minutes. It has got something to do with emphaty. Thankfully, its only for aches, and if I hear about cancers and heart attacks, I dont get it. (Since I met another person, with the same "problem", I am thankful, for not being too weird).

6.I can understand evil, even if I dont agree with it.
For example, I wont get shocked by a serial killer's mind. (That doesnt mean I want to be a serial killer, or serial killers can pay me a visit).

7.I just hate, yes hate, when others embarass, themselves before me, even if they dont realise it.
And I get verrrrrrrry irritated when the news anchors, fumble with the news or when a star gives a stupid acceptance speech, etc.

8.I can imagine myself on a swing, and feel myself moving, whenever I want to. (Thats some cerebral/spinal fluid flowing back and forth, I think). It started long back, when in 3rd Standard, Ms.Thomas asked, if anyone can feel the earth moving. And I said Yes (dunno why). And she smirked and said oh Ga** can feel the earth moving. Offended, I decided, I would feel it and then felt it. And well, its fun, and I do it occassionally, even now.

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