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Nov 7, 2010

Bright Orange on a Grey Sky

  • Arrived Safely in Chennai. (I hate air travel, for that matter any kind of travel. Thought I was cool and calm during take off, but the kid was rolling with laughter and now does an imitation of me being scared during take off, which involves staring straight ahead, breathing heavily and eyebrows furrowed.) (Now I spend around 10 minutes a day on how I will make the trip back home and the weather and turbulations).
  • Diwali finally over (I hate festivals, wrote a post long time back on appointment with happiness or something like that on that. And Diwali is definitely the festival I dislike the most. I have never understood the hype especially amongst NRIs on Diwali back home, everytime someone gets nostalgic I want to tell them, hey now people just watch TV on Diwali and bigger the family more the number of channels to fight over. Sweets and Dresses are not just reserved for festivals. And the fireworks are more about ego and pollution than fun. But the cynic in me still liked to wish people, especially the auto drivers, sales personnel etc.) 
  • Got Vijayadasami admission for kid. (And thankfully found a school which didn't give a fancy brochure on the skills they will teach. But the kid got unwell and hasn't spent much days at school).
  • Saw Endhiran finally. (Those of you who follow me on twitter would have known I gave up my friday (release day) tickets to my friends because I didn't want to see an important movie without reading the  review first and choose to see Anjaana Anjani, since it was just time pass movie. Saw couple of moives too. And had to seen Endhiran again. And I liked it more the 2nd time. A Satyam loyalist, never thought I would like Kamala. But they have improved drastically. )
  • No time to read the newspapers or catch up with the news. But ignorance is bliss. (One day I picked up the paper and read about tsunami in Indonesia and a flower vendor's boy being crushed to death in elevator. Enough of news for the moment. Btw newspapers seem to be more about offers and promotions than news and analysis.
  • No time for TV too. Saw Neeya Nana celebrations discussion. What sort of research do they do? Why did no one mention, the woman who was behind Mother's Day spent the rest of her life fighting AGAINST it?
  • Read few books. Now want to finish the post to get back to the 2 books I have started reading today.
  • 10 more days to go before I travel and still 100 things to do. My excel list just keeps getting long and longer.
  • I hate change and lack of control. And vacation is in a way my nightmare. But if my life remained stagnant perhaps I wouldn't grow and become wiser. So instead of resisting what I can't change, trying my best to be cool and calm but ending up many times as a dragon. And its not fun being a dragon-donkee.

I was in a dark mood, lightened up after catching the comment and email of 2 bloggers. Thank You so much. The past couple of months have been tough for me. And only I know the difference the bloggers who dropped in to enquire made to me. Reading a book about a serial killer and was thinking how naive I was when I let people into my online life few years back. While the unpleasant experiences helped me grow wiser as a person, the kindness I received in the last few months has comforted me and honestly I can't find words to convey how I feel. Its just been a bright orange on a grey sky.