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Oct 25, 2005

Do U Know - Rosa Parks

She was 42 and on her way home from work as a seamstress.

She took a seat in the front of the "black" section of a city bus in Montgomery, USA. The bus filled up and the bus driver demanded that she move so a "white" male passenger could have her seat

When she refused to give up her seat, a police officer arrested her.

Four days later, she was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $14.

For the next 381 days, afro-americans -- who according to Time magazine had comprised two-thirds of Montgomery bus riders -- boycotted public transportation to protest her arrest and in turn the city's segregation laws.

The mass movement marked one of the largest and most successful challenges of segregation and helped catapult King to the forefront of the civil rights movement.

The boycott ended on November 13, 1956, after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that Montgomery's segregated bus service was unconstitutional

But it wasn't until the 1964 Civil Rights Act that all public accommodations nationwide were desegregated.

Her name, Rosa Parks

Parth Anand Anup, Remus, peshwa, rvi, max, godolphin, Busybee, and oshin got it right:)

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Oct 24, 2005

Onions it will be, this Diwali

Dont know what to buy for others this Diwali
Thoroughly confused and lost at sea?

Onions! Onions! it will be, this Diwali
Oh you dare even now to disagree?

Sweets give diabetes and increase your weight
Onions don't do that, dont you know that mate

Gold is expensive and make bank balance pensive
Onions thankfully are still not so expensive

Perfumes smell good but could be expensive & tough to choose
Onions dont smell good, but less expensive & easy to choose

Two Lives may be good for bookworms
Onions are eaten even by non-bookworms and bookworms

For those who want to send gifts from abroad to wow
We get the phoren stuff in malls,Onions are the coolest imports now.

Clothes might be cool, if you know the perfect size and preferred color
But with onions you dont have to worry about sizes or color

Gals tired of thinking not too many gifts for guys
Way to heart is through stomach, onions the best buy

Well there you are, its going to be satisfaction guarantee
Go ahead on your onion buying spree

Gift onions to a Bollywood Celebrity
And you would be "Breaking News" on TV

Oct 20, 2005

Want to be what you Cant be

When Deeps mentioned this test and that she was like Gandhi, well I couldnt resist it. Though I respect Gandhi, couldnt imagine having the same result. So took the test and the maximum questions. The questions were quite good (from a Psy.student point of view) And the result :))

You are a detached intellectual whoose ideas saved/will destroy the world.You are Einstein. You lead with your mind exploring the unknown and helping to invent the future of mankind.
The other 8 options :Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Che Guevara, Adolf Hitler,Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton, Abe Lincoln & JFK

Poor Einstein.

Amazingly, I would rather be Einstein than Gandhi or Teresa. Hmmm is that a terrible thing? The funniest part, I am terrible in Physics :) So trying to figure out if this should mean anything to me.

Hmmm perhaps some people want to be , what they cant be...

Go ahead have fun and take the test

PS : Took the test few days back but had not published it in this blogsite since the Do U Know and other posts were active:)

Poll - Emotional Health Checkup

At 31, I take the annual master health checkup seriously. Early detection always helps, right.
Mainly it would be a bloodsugar analysis, an abdominal scan and ecg and an eye checkup. But is physical health only important. What if the doctor advised me to visit a psychiatrist for a routine check up?

Oh God Pleassssssse Never.

Its not that the mental disorders cant be cured, but while we can accept and talk about and treat a problem with our heart, its so tough to even think that there could be something even mildly wrong with the functioning of the brain.

But if it comes in the master health check up package, would it be easier for me?

Poll :
Should master health checkup packages, now offered by many hospitals include visits to Psychiatrists for a basic routine checkup?

For our well being its not just physical health, but even emotional health (thats better than saying mental health) is important. And in an effort to break my own barriers, took this test and posted its results. (Sure the test results are not everything and need not be accurate, but it did take lot of effort on my part to take it and to make the decision to post the result irrespective of what it says).

Oct 19, 2005

Do U Know - Schizophrenia

Nearly 6 – 7 million Indians suffer from this brain disorder variously described as the “Cancer of the mind” and the “Greatest disabler of youth".

Its Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia (skit-zo-free-nia) is a term coined by the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Eugene Bleuler in the year 1911 which was accepted later worldwide.

It denotes a severe and complex mental illness wherein the patient loses the ability to think, feel or behave in a normal way. The patient perceives a distorted reality but is usually unaware that of the illness. Patients also suffer from delusions ie. firmly held but false beliefs and begin to act on them. As a result of their faulty thinking and perception, their behavior becomes abnormal. It starts in the most productive period of life 15 - 45 years. It cuts across barriers of gender, educational and social classes. The exact cause of the illness is not known as yet. Research into the illness continues; what has emerged in recent years is a bio psychosocial model of the illness.

And the following got it right ,
the great rambler Navin Rage against the mad dogs spark Busybee vyuha Amit yes-G Parth Anand

Oct 15, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Thank you Saurav

Uh Oh I have to go to Boss Cabin

Boss (comes straight to the point)Do you blog?
Aargh : Yes (aaargh should have said no.)But only during...
Boss : Well its better than watching porn at work
Aargh sighs of relief and puts on stupid grin

Boss continuing : And many corporations in the west are encouraging their workers to blog. Its a good destressing tool too.

Aargh continues stupid grin
Boss : Of course, its not wise to talk about the company, and its implied that its better to not go against the company's stand.

Aargh nods heavily

Boss : So what do you blog about, yourself, your family??

Aargh : Welll its boring to blog about me and my family values its privacy

Boss furrows eyebrows : You blog about issues?

Aargh : No no if I did, people wont read my blogs. True I could win Best Blog on Social Issues (due to lack of heavy competition) but its not worth it

Boss : Politics and corruption?
Aargh : Uh no, if I get into specifics in politics, goons might knock on my door and break my bones

Boss : But I thought you were opinionated..

Aargh nods automatically and then realises the trap and takes off the stupid grin.

Sweetly Boss continues : One has to be careful what one blogs about these days otherwise one can be sued. One should be careful when writing about mediah or institutions. Of course its not as bad as being jailed like Mojtaba SamieNejad

Aargh : Well I agree that if someone wrote slanderous about me, I wouldnt be pleased and be tempted to sue. Hey thats a democratic thing to do. After all, I am not sending goons or giving a supari. But its always a bit tough to understand the law.

I tried to understand the law through films (just like I try to understand about sex and the opposite sex through them) but no one cares if they misrepresent the law in the films. But people care if they misrepresent an institution or a person. They care if people misrepresent a perception, leave alone a fact.

I dont earn enough (cue for Boss to pick up phone) to hire a lawyer to go through my blog posts before publishing it. And even if I do,
And what is legally right? I mean a Supreme Court judge can disagree with a High Court judge. So if a High Court judge cant understand the law, how can I or my lawyer understand the law. And if I dont understand the law, how can I make sure that I dont break the law?

Boss has finished talking on the phone. : Hmmm what were you saying.. well never mind. IBM could be understanding and supportive. But I dont like the idea of you blogging about something, and our clients burning *********(hey Boss cant say I divulge corporate details).

Aargh : Well trust me I wouldnt risk that. (though no one would be idiotic enough to burn *****)

Boss : But you admitted you are opinionated. So do you write about religion?

Aargh : No. I am aware there is a law on that. And if I try to be popular, I will go against it. And if I try to have a practical perspective, no one will read it.

Boss : So what do you write about?

Aargh : Saurav Ganguly

Boss in suprise : Saurav Ganguly !

Aargh : Yes he is the only guy I can write anything about and not worry about being sued. In fact nothing I write can be offensive to him, since something worse would have been written by the media or the coach. Bloggers never get tired of the topic. And so I can be popular and feel good and destressed and thus work in a more effective manner for the company.

Boss slowly : Interesting that you blog about Saurav Ganguly..Did you write the post Axe Saurav Performance is Everything last month

Aargh laughs : Of course, and there was lots of support for it , except for one blogger.

Boss softly : You mean the blogger you called Joker.

Aargh nods and then realises must stop nodding and realises the meaning of the menancing look : But.. But... you are not Bengali..(aaaaaaargh shouldnt have said that too)

Boss : Saurav is Indian, I am Indian. Of course its the freedom of expression. And you are entitled to blog about your views and I am entitled to blog about my views... You may go. Just make sure you dont get sued.

Hmmm so guess this should be my next blogpost.
Saurav Oh Saurav, Thanks for being you
Thus enabling me to be offensive to you
Without worrying whether I will be sued by you
When clueless on blog topics, thanks for coming to my rescue.

Actually you are not that bad,
and hey my perfomance Sometimes too can be sad
But my Boss is warm and understanding, unlike Greg to you
Just like your supporters these days few, Good Boss too are few

And if I called anyone a joker for supporting you
I apologise sincerely for that too
Boss if you are reading, this is not just for you
In my own way I have apologised to Saurav too

If only we can blog without worry of being sued
Saurav, I wont be writing just about you.
Saurav Thank you , Thank you , for being You.
Boss remember this post too, during the performance review.

Note : Aargh Diaries is a fictional series

Aargh Diaries - Help I dont have a girlfriend

Dear Aargh

I was too busy studying in college. And for the past couple of years too busy working.Now everyone is asking me about a girlfriend.Its not that I dont want a girlfriend, its just that I am not desperate to have a girlfriend and am not keen on the girls I have met so far. So what do I say to people who think I am a lousy loser because I dont have a girl.

PS : Give me a serious reply and not "tell them you are gay" reply.

Aaargh Advises

Mate heres 12 stuff you can say
and none of them say, hey I am gay.

1."She is in Russia. She is helping the Russian children, after the terrorist attack last year. She was in BBC for half minute last month. Didnt you see her?" Start talking about Russia and the weather there etc.

2."We have split up and I am still recovering." And give a distant look. Write a few sob blogs, and send the links to all your friends.

3."Oh I will have one as soon as she dumps you. “
(Its worth the look on the "friends" face. But you cant tell that to women, unless they are lesbians)

4."Why should I tell you about her?" (Puts the guy on defensive, use it if you dont want a relationship with that person)

5."She is busy with her career and doesnt have time for fun."(Keep it vague)

6."Who needs a girlfriend, would you get a cow for milk." (Dont use it with women around. Otherwise they too will start saying that, and other guys too wont get girlfriends)

7."Statistically its impossible for every Indian to get a girlfriend." And talk about the declining sex ratio and that in many states the child marriage ratio is above 50% You can always use wisedonkey's blog for additional information.(For heavensake unless you want others to avoid you like a plague, dont say it)

8."She is a police officer, so busy."(Thats just for intimidation)

9. "Well she is a coworker so wants to keep it a secret." (Works if you have 15 single women at work not if you have just a couple)

10."She died last month." Look distraught, no questions will be asked. If they dig, mention a long battle with cancer (dont say HIV)

11.“She is a celebrity and thinks if I talk about her, tabloids, will immediately pay you and publish it. She wants to introduce me in a press conference, not through a tabloid.

12."She is a Saurav Ganguly fan and has kept a vrath with Durga Ma. She will come out with me only when Saurav scores a double hundred in a Test match against a strong team and proves his critics wrong."

Any other suggestions???

Aargh Diaries is a fictional series.

Samy : " My girl friend is an agent with you see her, now you dont!!"the asker will run a mile:)) neways , ppl always accept what we say with conviction, isnt it??

R.Subramanian : she has gone to act in a megaserial and would return after completing it...

Sunny : She is Ms.India! She's by my side alwayz!! 'U' need red-coloured glasses to see her!"....or..."We are waiting for Halley's comet to appear next, before we get engaged! Will definitely invite u to my engagement if you are around then, pal!" ;))

Idiot : well she knows you but she doesnt like u .she kinda hates u, she thinks ur a dumb fellow and actually hates me for talking to you!

Idiot : my girlfriend? ohh she has just taken up shooting and practices using the good old method of placing a apple on ones head and aiming for the apple. but she is new as i told u so am afraid to see her or talk to her u wanna meet her ? go to the shooting club an don forget the apple

Dinesh : She's from a very pious/ orthodox family and her parents aren't cozy abt party/ going out. (Been There :-(

lust4life " My GF has been promoted last month and is living in USA since then "

Wisedonkey : Told her I am a blogger and could get sued. She has dumped me, in order to avoid being sued too.

Prasad hey dint u know ur gal is actually 2 timing...

ramses : "i have a life!!!!":D:D

ramses : "can't manage expenses, live on a limited income"!

idiot actually am dying to tell her name. but she happened to be a nun and she is cursed that the first person who is goin to know abt this gonna die. i think u wont mind dying for a freind like me

idiot i will tell if u promise not to hurt her!!!(can be risky)

idiot she is trained by wisedonkey ;) ;) ;)

metallica:just_4_geeta "My previous GF was stolen by a friend like you and so, I don't want to lose my current one by telling you about her." ...

mountainaura My girlfriend hails from the infamous aborginals tribes of Australia (austrailia) !! Her folks are always hungry for a kill you, do u still wanna meet her !!

yes-G "She's Pakistani. The govt. is delaying her visa."

Gopala_G0pala Wear a t shirt that says, "Others have girlfriends but I get all the ***"

BangaloreGuy said...
1) she really cant stand single people(men) anymore!2) she's taking care of our infant.3) she's probably making out with my other gf at her place4) she's obsessed with black magic - and spends time casting spells on people she thinks are my pals, and she knows you're a good pal of mine!thats all I could come up with, right after work

Oct 13, 2005


Her heart was beating
Yet it was waiting
She heard there were visitors
Her husband, or parents or her now grown up child, she was hoping

She went about her routine
and still waited with bated breath
After all she had prayed hard yesterday
Perhaps God finally decided to answer her prayers today

But like the sunset, slowly the rays of her hopes vanished
And her future once again seemed dark as she accepted, from her family, she was banished
She had handled this for years and this was nothing new
Yet nowadays why did she feel,if this continued, she wouldnt be able to make it through

She was supposed to be crazy
When was she crazy, then or now
Hoping against hope that they would come
Even though the false address in the register meant they would never come

The doctors and counsellors could cure her illness
But the society still couldnt cure its illness
They can believe cancer can be cured
But, once termed mad, for lifetime, the stigma to be endured.

The visitors had admitted another woman
She should have known that people come here to dump
Not to check back, leave alone take them home.
So what would be it, they started speculating

Was she harrassed a lot to become crazy
Was she not worthy due to lack of enough dowry
The new patient seemed calm and resigned
Perhaps she knew who were really crazy.

Based on Women wait in vain to go home

Oct 11, 2005

Do U Know - Child Marriage Percentages

In March 2005, the Supreme Court issued direction to the Collectors and Superintendents of Police (SPs) in every districts to take immediate steps to prevent the illegal practice of child marriage in response to a PIL.

Quoting the figures from the National Family Health Survey, the PIL said the percentage of women who married before attaining the age of 18 years was

71 % in Bihar,

68 % in Rajasthan,

64 % MP,

62 % Andhra Pradesh,

47 % UP,

Maharashtra (46 per cent), Karnataka (45 per cent), West Bengal (41 per cent), Haryana (40 per cent), Gujarat and Assam (37 per cent). Percentage figures ranged between 10 to 24 in Himachal, Punjab, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu.

forbidden came close and idiot got it right

Oct 10, 2005

Polls - Liar or a Hypocrite

Is it ok to assume and write on the blogs, a man is a liar/hypocrite, if he says, looks are not in the 7 things that attract him to the opposite sex (assuming he is hetrosexual, and same sex assuming he is homosexual)

Poll on till 11.10.2005 midnight:)

Poll Results : No : 3 Yes : 0
(Slogan Murugan assuming the rare ones you mentioned didnt include the blinds)

Bias doesnt have a gender. Its not that only males are biased or only females are biased.

The objective of the question was to point out about social sterotyping.

Its not about what is right and what is wrong about the stuff that attracts us. But on this being questioned, because they dont fit in a sterotype.

Looks is not the equivalent of money. Women can be financially independent. And there are men to whom the status and the wealth of the girl makes no difference. It doesnt mean they dont value money, but just are able to distingush between need and greed.

So looks not important to women, or more important to men then it is to women? Well ultimately it depends on the person.

In earlier societies women were not that independent and it was presumed all she could offer was her looks and housekeeping skills and a dowry. When women can change now, why cant men change.

Its easier to accept a woman in pants, and tougher to accept a man in skirts.

Its easier to accept woman are not saints but humans, but tougher to accept that men need not be devils but can be humans.

Just because a human is born feminine doesnt make that person "good and pure"
and just because a human is born masculine doesnt make that person "bad and barbaric"

To point out that men can suffer as much as women from bias was the objective of the poll.

The results are not indicative of the society or even blogging community. But was presented in form of a poll, to communicate a point. Thanks for participating and reading this post:)

Aargh Diaries - Men Money and Moms

The new kid who has joined the office was grumbling to the yuppie guy. "I dont have a girlfriend because all women care about is money. They are liars and hypocrites when they say they look for character humour and intelligence etc"

Well on a Monday Morning I have work to do. But couldnt help wondering, how many wives have been burnt to death for not bringing in the money and how many husbands have been divorced and killed because they have stopped earning in India. Let a homemaker stop doing her job, there would whispers and suggestions of death or a divorce lawyer.

*Based on this, how much would it hurt the men, if all men were labelled as animals, yet few men dont care if they label all women as Golddiggers. Perhaps I should ask, are you speaking about your mom. Aaargh men hate it when I involve their moms in the discussion. But if they think so highly of her, then why do they think other women cant be like her, or that their mom too was young at a point of time, and other guys could have insulted her the way they are insulting women now, that, their mom would have hoped their sons, would be different..

To say the few girls that I have met, care about money is not the same as saying all girls care only about money and they are liars and hypocrites when they say they dont.

Well why should I care, many women today can earn the money and take care of herself, but there are some men who need dowry to supplement their income and boost their ego, and a wife to wash the vessels. And thanks to society thinking they are less precious, numerically atleast women have become more precious.

Hi guy when you say money is all that all women are looking
And when they say no, they dont, all of them are lying

If he stops earning, many wives dont think of killing
But there are husbands who kill when their wives stops bringing

All men are not same, just like all women arent, is my thinking
But when you generalise women, exactly about whom are you thinking

Did you pause to think, when young, the same of your mom too others would have been saying
And after couple of decades too, many men havent changed their thinking

Aargh I better stop this pondering and get back to working
Since towards me, my Boss is now looking.


*To me to imply that because of dowry deaths, to think all men would have money in their priorities is as stupid as to think that because of some golddiggers, all women would be gold diggers or liars if they say no they arent.

PS : Its not easy answering personal questions, for me, I think it could be equally tough for others. I do think it makes one vulnerable, and feel it shouldnt be used to form judgements and generalisations. There might have been 2 posts in O3 by bloggers who happen to be male, taking swipes at female bloggers preferences in tags. But I must admit I am disappointed when I realise that therent have been protests by male bloggers against generalising women. And if a blogger (male or female) generalises men based on tags, do leave a link, I wouldnt hesitate to argue against it.

Tommorrow if a blogger writes men are wrong when they mention in their tags that money is not important to them. of course money is important. Look at the dowry deaths and how many guys would share the wedding expenses, and that the male bloggers in o3 are perhaps from another planet.

I wouldnt type
or hmmm perhaps you have a point
or interesting/great observation
or ok lets have fun with this fight
or lets see what the guys say about this
or well we cant expect bloggers to be honest in this forum
or men will never tell the truth and will argue throughout their lives that they never tell the truth, etc.

Even if the post is written by a dowry victim. And just women are not dowry victims.
Men can be victim of this system too.The bride's father, her brothers, her male friends, and her son if she has one, all are victims and get hurt when she is hurt.

I am against generalisations, not against men or women.

Oct 9, 2005

More to Man than Money for Me

There are perhaps some who think all women look for when it comes to choosing a soulmate is money and status and all that men look for, when it comes to choosing their soulmate is looks. Prince Charles and Princess Diana wouldnt have seperated if one goes by this "wisdom and logic".

Its not about what a person is, but a what a person makes you feel, according to me, which determines the success of a relationship.

In my tag, I had to mention 7 things which would attract me to the opposite sex. And well money and looks didnt come in that. Surely they will have to feature in the Top 7?

Well perhaps to some, but not to me. I dislike writing about myself, but since I wrote the tag, and since I came across this post, I want to share something personal.

My husband was related to me befor marriage.

I was brought up in Mumbai and he in Chennai and while growing up we didnt have contact with each others family.

I came to Chennai after studies, but he was working elsewhere and his family in Chennai.

When he had come down for his sister's wedding the proposal came along from .... (Well... ours is not the typical arranged marriage:D)

All I knew about him was he helped his mom in the kitchen when he came down for vacation and that he would write encouraging stuff, filled wiht humour and inspiration to his younger siblings.

Of course there is more , but I dont want to go into more details, since its personal and it involves both of us.
and he doesnt like me blogging about him even if they are pleasant stuffs (well he is not a Leo :D)

I said yes in Feb and the marriage was in Nov. He went back. But I didnt know what his educational qualifications were and what his line was and how much he earned. And only 4 days before the wedding, when I was in Mumbai on official duty and when I caught up with my best friend, and when she asked, did I realise I didnt know these things.

Everyone had assumed that I would know. and I didnt ask because I thought it wasnt important. Only after some months after marriage did I get to know about it, casually.

So to the question of can there be something more to a person than money and status the answer is yes, character.

As the eldest he had struggled a lot for his family and I felt perhaps in times of trouble, he would have courage.

He helped his mom instead of expecting his mom to pamper him, when he came home tired, and I thought it showed his sensitive side, and the respect he has for homemakers and women.

He encouraged his siblings and was humourous and inspirational and witty. Even though he didnt get time to write long letters , he wrote these poems on pics and postcards. To me it showed how much he valued relationships, and well I am attracted to a person who can be humourous and intelligent.

There were some tough times, like he was out of work while I worked, and when our kid died even after a surgery, and the miscarriage and few more problems, which I dont like to talk about in blogs.

Money and Status and Looks can come and go. He doesnt have the 7 qualities I listed, but he is more than the seven wonders combined to me. Thats Love. And who said, its only love when he has all the things I want and I have all the things he want. We both have our minus points, and it does drives us crazy when one cant see the others point of view.

But we love each other inspite of what the other person is, not just due to what the other person is.

I was 23 then and now 31. But if I had to go through the process again, I would still do the same. When I have to search for a mate for others my advise always had been to go beyond the matrimonial ad sterotype of “fair well educated homely working girl and handsome engineer looking for fair beautiful slim and understanding homely career oriented girl“

And I am honest when I wrote in the tag, of all the words i say, "love you" is what I say frequently. and looks like this is one more post where I dont mind sounding weird and cliched, for being honest. :)

PS : Thanks bloggers for voting me as Ms.Cool based on that tag. Behind every successful man perhaps is a woman. And behind this "cool" blogger is a man to whom blogs mean many a times burnt food and my mood variations, based on whats happening in my blog world:) Hubby dear thanks and of course, love you :)

Oct 2, 2005

10 things your followers could have said but didnt

Last year I wrote on your birthday 8 things you could have said but didnt

What amazing is not just your conviction, but the character of the millions of people who followed and perhaps even now follow your path.

Here are 10 things your followers could have said during the struggle but didnt

1.I dont see why I should protest against the government, in fact it would upatriotic to do it.

2.The king should worry about the country , I should worry about myself and my family

3.Gandhi doesnt belong to my caste/religion/province

4.He has probably taken money from the French or Germans to destabilise the fine British Government

5.Let my neighbour follow him first

6.I will follow him after I earn money

7.My grandchildren need wealth not what he calls freedom. Someone is always going to rule, there is no guarantee my granchildren will become the Prime Minister in future. They will need me and my money.

8.We are brave people and warriors, lets throw bombs and kill. Whats this about violence is better than cowardice but nonviolence is better than violence.

9.We are more developed now, and socially all sections have better rights, and British united and brought this concept of India, why go against them .

10.It will be more fun if he said, lets burn the goras and rape the goris. This fasting , getting lathicharged, going to prison , etc ..I will be an idiot to get into this.

Perhaps its not in me to become you, but I would be more than happy if I could make iota of contribution the Freedom Fighters (and not just your followers) did for this country.

To throw away your lifestyle and life, for the concept of better future not for your children but for the children of the country without the expectation of praise, and perquisites, and post, is perhaps the most unselfish deed.

Hoping on your Birthday, that I would discover the spirit of the Freedom Fighters who were non violent in their struggle, Today and Everyday.

Eggshots - Ban women from Driving

Posted earlier in now transferred with comments to this blog

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ban women from driving!!
writeItemStatistics('111423881375865400', true);

savePostInfo("Ban women from driving!!","");

A blog post contains
"Yes, this post is about why women should be banned from driving or riding?
I feel that, all those men, who allow their Wife’s & Daughter’s to drive, should be arrested for attempted murder.
If tomorrow a man is fed up of his wife, I think he should tell her “Honey, I think its time you start driving”. Because she’ll kill her self while driving.
Women are only meant to either sit at the back of her guy on a bike or in the passenger’s seat of a car. And of course the back seat can be used by both
Why are women bad? Well it’s because they are just not confidant. They don’t understand rules and regulations.
If you notice women driving cars, bikes you will notice that they stick to the steering wheel or the handle bar. Sometimes it looks like their Tits are driving/riding the vehicle. "
If you want to join me in throwing eggs at this post, *Of course if you disagree with me and want to throw eggs at my blog you can Click here* 30.4.05After discussions on blogs and through email, happy to mention that the post has been updated and the author has mentioned the opinion is wrong.So I have deleted the earlier eggshots at this post.

# posted by wise donkey at 12:06 PM 5 comments

updateComment('7:20 PM', 'Sray');

Sray said...
Stupid, stupid fellow. Such people should be banned :D.
7:20 PM
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wise donkey said...
:)) sray (the blogs in o3 are not working for some reason)
7:31 PM
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KL said...
This post has been removed by the author.
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Sray said...
WD: I wonder how you will respond the filthy comment on your :-).PS: The previous deleted comment was mine.
7:53 AM
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Eggshots - A clarification rage

Appeared in my on 9th may 2005 and now transferred to this blog

There seems to be some confusion on the Rage Fan Club post, which I made some months back in
Well rage, click on this link, and you will hopefully realise the essense of that post :)
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Eggshots - Indiatimes

Appeared on 21st April 2005 in my now transferred to this blog. main page has a photo gallery. And everyday its a woman.Hello, Men are not beautiful and inspiring?There cant be other nature scenes which can be beautiful and inspiring.Do I need to see the women being objectified everyday.I thought no. So the egg at the website I throw. Click on this 2 Throw eggs at Indiatimes

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Oct 1, 2005

Vulgar to Someone

Salwar Kameez without dupatta might be vulgar to someone
Showing off your waist in a sari, might be vulgar to someone
Blouse or kameez without sleeves might be vulgar to someone
Jeans which reveals the shape of legs might be vulgar to someone

Tops without scarves might be vulgar to someone
Skirts which reveal the calves might be vulgar to someone
Skirts or shorts which reveal the thighs, might be vulgar to someone
Halter tops, plunging necklines, might be vulgar to someone.

One piece swimsuit might be vulgar to someone
While only Bikinis might be vulgar to someone
Pamela's dresses might be sexy not vulgar to somone
But could become vulgar to the same someone, if worn by a close one.

The list I have said from the first line might be vulgar to someone
Or the last few lines of list might be vulgar to someone
Or none from the list might be vulgar to someone.
What is vulgarity for someone need not be vulgarity to everyone

In Taliban era even women exposing ankles was vulgar, no?
But even there, she could be raped inspite of covering herself from head to toe.
Whats vulgar to someone might be sexy to someone or inviting to someone.
But eveteasing, molesting or raping is the right of NO ONE

Vulgarity cannot be an excuse for eveteasing,molestation or rape.
For these incidents happen, not because of the dress, but because the offenders, fail to see the human wearing the dress.

Our sense of decency and the right to protest against vulgarity by Someone
Shouldnt mean we support Outrages against Anyone.

The above post had been about vulgarity and women dress
But surely some men too dress vulgarly.

Would it be "understandable", if a guy got molested or raped because of it by a woman (there are other ways a woman can rape a man other than an overdose of viagara, read the law on female rape to know more about its equivalent) or by a bisexual or homosexual man?
To my knowledge, there isnt a law, to deal with it, so its not even illegal. (In case of sex between 2 men its illegal for both and so the onus lies on the victim to prove it was forced)
And just curious to know if "understandable" if lesbians molested women who dressed vulgarly.

While many can be sympathetic to women getting molested, the same is not extended to men. Since many think that every man would enjoy anything related to sex (perhaps an exception would be made in case of a man raping another)

Still we dont have neither the law nor the social support for men who would come forward to complain against rape/molestation by other men.

I am sure the readers are not molestors and rapists.
But there are many who think, while they are capable of controlling themselves when someone dresses provocatively (which is not the same as vulgar though colloquially both imply the same), who believe its the responsibility of the women to see that their attire doesnt provoke anybody. And many rapes and molestations can be prevented if the women dressed in a way that wouldnt attract or ignite the rapists mind.

The rape laws go into the character of the victim but not the accused. Added to it the prejudice that a woman can provoke the action, puts the onus on the victim. This combined with the other anamolies in the law and its execution, leads, to victims not complaining and provoking the abusers to abuse further.

The attitude of the society which doesnt put enough responsibility on the abuser and implies being molested or raped is a stigma, and the loopholes in the law coupled with faulty execution are more provocative according to me, than just the dress of a woman or a man.

International Standing

Colors for you, our PM in the pic you had given Have circled him in blue :)

tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun

Will it be Mission Impossible 3
Thankfully it wasnt, not when Agent Donkee at it.

Mission : Find our PM in the recent UN General Assembly Picture
Mission Assigned by : Colors
Clues : The pic posted in her blog, reproduced below

Status : Mission Accomplished

tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun

It may seem no big deal, but hey shouldnt we know where we stand internationally (hmmm stupid pun).

Perhaps it was alphabetically or some other order. To cut the short story which I am trying to make long, short,
After going through the pic 9 times, decided to use Google images for a better resolution picture. But was unsuccessful and so went to
Went to their Special Events,
Seems this wasnt an special event
So checked the General Assembly
and yes there is a pic 88889.jpg with a better resolution.

So for those who dont care to find him, because he has already been found and who have patiently read this post, he is
in the 5th row 8th from the right.

Thats tough? Well check the lady in red in first row and the lady in white in the 5 row 2nd from right.
Draw a line from the lady in red and tilt it Slightly to the left. Draw another line from the lady in white.
And Eureka, where the line joins, you will find Dr.Singh.

Now who is going to find The General in the General Assembly Pic?