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Mar 31, 2005

Do U Know- Sexual Harassment at Work Definition

Which of the following would be termed as sexual harassment at work for women, in India
a) physical contact and advances;
(b) demand for sexual favours;
(c) request for sexual favours;
(d) sexually coloured remarks;
(e) showing pornography;
(f) any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

ALL of the above
Quetzal, Sray and Pinks got it right

A. Constitution of India, Articles 19(1)(g), 15, 14, and 21 - Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, Section 2 (d) - Sexual harassment to working women - Meaning of sexual harassment - Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexually determined behaviour such as (a), physical contact and advances; (b) a demand or request for sexual favours; (c) sexually coloured remarks; (d) showing pornography; (e) any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

for additional information

Mar 26, 2005

Million is meaningless

Dear God,
From the link i came across the following stats re children in India.
•About 60 million Indian children under the age of 6 live below the poverty line.

•Almost 2 million children in India die every year before reaching their first birthdays.

•.7 to .8 million children die every year from easily preventable diseases like diarrhoea.

•Children from 100 million families live without water at home.

•Children from 150 million families live in households without electricity.

•Every year 27.06 million children under 5 years die in India. And the deaths of girl children are higher than those of male children.

•100 million child labourers in India work in hazardous or exploitative conditions.

•15 million of these children are bonded labourers.

•There are 11 million homeless children, living on the streets.

•There are approximately 2 million child commercial sex workers between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between 15 and 18 years

in my quick find these are the stats with millions in it. Of course there are more, but i think like me you also won't care to read the entire contents.
As your ardent devotee, i am sure that :
a. if they really deserve a better life you will directly do something about it
b. they probably dont belong to my community, so u wouldnt want me to worry or care about them. (did u check i made 5 posts today telllin those who don't believe in you should be killed?)
c. I think NGOs just make stuff like these so that i will feel guilty and donate Rs.100 and let me see, ten thousand people like me and they will have a million. it makes sense to go for a life saving surgery even if there would be risks. but that doesnt mean i should take a similar risk with donations right? i think i wont make a difference. no i havent yet tried to make a difference.
d. Even though i can make a difference, if i talk more about these issues, u created me to enjoy life, not to also bring joy to other lives.

Well i think i have strayed from the reason i am writing to you. Millions do count you know. It would be a nice miracle if u deposit a million in my bank account.

PS : I am writing in Sulekha, because i am sure u read it. (u can ofcourse read everything and everyone). But there might be comments from those who think i am insensitive and taking advantage of these stats to write a blog. and its absolutely unethical to put in humor category (they wouldnt have come across it otherwise).
well dear God please dont be fooled by them. They may express outrage but unless they do something, they are just like me. i am just being more honest.
i have a challenge for them. let them visit or still they wont do a thing. if they do something, u can give the million to them.
but i am confident they wont do a thing, because, like me they think millions are meaningless. but they just wont admit it online.
PPS : while on the million in my bank, please make it million pounds thats the strongest currency at the moment.
gayathrie on Sep 30 2004 4:31AM in HobbiesFun

Polls - Justice Delayed, Justice Denied??

Saturday, April 16, 2005 Justice Delayed, Justice Denied?? earlier in
now shifted to this blog.

Today, Chief Justice R C Lahoti today turned down a request from the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) to declare Monday,a holiday on account of Ram Navami.

Justice Lahoti said one adjournment of a case due to an unscheduled holiday would result in pushing back its hearing by at least six months.

The apex court will function on Monday, although the Central and Delhi governments buckled to demands and have declared a holiday on Monday.

The Parliament, earlier scheduled to meet on Monday, will now meet on Tuesday. The Delhi High Court and the subordinate Courts would also remain closed on Monday.

Should there be a restriction on the number of Court Holidays
a. Yes
b. No
c. The present situation is fine
d. Depends on the reason, region and court
e. Dont care
f. The question indicates you are probably a pseudo secularist.
g. None of these (Please elaborate if possible)

Mar 25, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Men Mars, Women Venus & Eunuch live in hell..

Lunch time at work, one is supposed to eat in peace. But becomes tough when people start discussing their problems and issues with me.

Yesterday a guy was cribbing about tax concessions for women. Well its his money, so if he wants to crib, his choice. But he was cribbing to me, so it was my choice to give him advise:D

And so I said, If you think being a female has more advantages, get yourself castrated, then undergo hormone therapy and become a female and get tax concessions or just remain an eunuch say, its worse for them and get more tax benefits than the females.

Needless to say, he didnt find it funny and thought I was being insensitive to the third sex. And (thankfully) walked away. And I thought, aaah peace atlast.

But then minutes later a female was saying to me, she wanted to find out who her true male friends were. She wanted a friend not due to her looks, but for her mind.

Yeah you guessed it, since the concept was fresh in my mind, I told her, tell them you are an eunuch and say you are the marvel of surgery and hormone therapy. I thought it was not a bad idea, but she thought I was being horrible and insensitive.

Yes, now the guys and girls both hate me, at work. And I dont have to worry about anyone disturbing me at lunchtime.

All are busy gossiping on my sex and sexual preferences and which feature of mine, could be the result of surgery etc.

But life sure would be better if people didnt stare too much:)

Aargh !!

Aargh Diaries - A question Salman

" How can they (India TV) take a risk by putting a girl, without any security, in Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma's rooms? How risky can this be? If they had locked the door then imagine what would have been the consequences! How can they take such risks with the life of a girl?

- Salman Khan in "support" of Aman Vemra in

Aargh ! Salman, do you mean if the girl had said no to sex, Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma would have raped her??

Aargh Diaries - National antinational

Ok so I wasted 5 days following the scores and 2 days grumbling about the performance and then will spend 2 more days talking about team selection etc.

And now Mr.C tells me that while I spend so much time on cricket I am ignoring the national game , hockey. Cricket not our national game??? Yeah maybe the persons who decided thought, hey cricket is our national obsession, lets make hockey the national game.

Hey I will be glad if the hockey team wins, but it just happens that I like cricket more. And yes if the team comes in some big match (Olympics , worldcup etc I will watch it on TV)

But does Mr.C buy it? No. Its as if me and the millions of others like me are responsible for the downfall of hockey, our National game.(Emphasis his not mine). And as if I am the symbolic representation of the Enemy within. Yeah ok, Mr.C if in your books I am unpatriotic, fine.

And there I was still wondering how I could get back at Mr.C, when he calls me and asks who is the captain of Indian Women's Cricket team. And when I stare at the ceiling in silence, softly swearing to self, he sweetly asks, "So you like cricket and yet you dont know even this??"


PS : I am hoping to catch Mr.C eating some fruit other than mango and ask him why arent you eating mangoes, our National fruit.

Mar 23, 2005

Do U Know - Safe Water & Sanitation

Around 1.1 billion people around the world lack safe water, and 2.6 billion have no access to sanitation, ( leading to over 3 million deaths every year. )
Based on

This year's World Water Day on 22nd March marks the launching of the "Water for Life" decade, during which the United Nations and governments are seeking to halve the number of people without access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015, under the slogan "Water for life, water for all"

Spark,Quetzal,Maaya,Amita got it nearly right

A Clarification
The original Do U Know mentioned "The United Nations says more than _____ people around the world lack safe water, and ______ have no access to sanitation, leading to over 3 million deaths every year."
And in some websites, for eg the Article on World Water Day 22nd March 2005 says"The United Nations says more than 1.1 billion people around the world lack safe water, and 2.4 billion have no access to sanitation, leading to over 3 million deaths every year. ""After some research, I gathered that 2.4 billion is an earlier figure mentioned in UN stats on sanitation in 2002, 2003 etc. And the current figure seems to be 2.6 billion.

Mar 22, 2005

My Favourite Love Stories

This post is just my personal opinion, and not necessary, that its right:)

Two Mothers & King Solomon.
Two women went to King Solomon both claiming that a child belonged to them. Since he didnt live in today's age of DNA testing, or perhaps he thought that the child deserved to live with the mother who cared most, said let the child be cut in two and each mother would get a half. While one woman agreed, the other refused and withdrew the claim, hoping it would be better if the child stayed alive, even if it was with the other woman. The King gave the son to the woman who wanted the child to live.

Personally, dont think its necessary that the woman who withdrew the claim was the natural mother. We have come across too many cases of mothers killling their infant girls, and agreeing to sell the daughters to believe that the love of the woman who gives birth is supreme.

Possession many think is the first principle of love, or rather the aim of love. I disagree. Love is an expression of affection without expectation. And just because love doesnt result in marriage, doesnt make the love or the person is a failure.

Hmmm marriage. And hmmm, choice in marriage :)
And that makes me remember the second love story
Yashodha,the mother who took care of Krishna. Would she have loved Krishna more if she had given birth to him.
Makes me wonder, if mother's of adopted children, love them less or more or equally compared to those who birth give to their children.
Many would think they would love them perhaps less, since not related by blood, but then, when we give birth to the child, there is no element of choice. But when it comes to adoption, there is an element of choice. Surely if we choose to love someone, we ought to love them more. Well I think ultimately it depends on the person, and the process of adopting and giving birth has nothing to do with it.

How many think arranged marriages will never work, and love marriage always work, because in arranged marriage there is no question of choice.

How important is choice in love. Yes a love towards a child is not the same as love towards spouse.

In future, if advances in genetics, enables a parent to select even the personality of the child, will they love the child more , than the parents of today?

Well choice is important, all I wanted to point was, that it depends on the person, not just the choice or the lack of choice.

Just because the marriage was arranged doesnt mean that in future there would be no love in the marriage, And just because the marriage was arranged after a series of dates, which for many is a love marriage, doesnt mean that in future too there will be love in the marriage.

But enough of the mother angle, thankfully I will not write on another brother sister one :D And come to the words of love which shook me to the core a year back.

Ashtapathi, written by Saint Jayadev about Radha and Krishna. Its believed that whats described in it has more to do with the imagination of Jayadev then mythological basis.

Had gone with my mother in law to Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai to listen to bhajans. And on that day, they sang the stanza wherein after the marriage, Krishna tells Radha that he has to leave. And Radha instead of getting disappointed, smiles and tells Krishna, do you think I fell in love with your body? And doesnt get disheartened, suprising even Krishna.

Many think the best way to prove love is to die, or sing songs like "How am I supposed to live without you". But in my view ,hey, everyone has to die , living is tougher. And love for another is not a person's weakness, but strength. Sure its more fun when a person we love, loves us and we can spend our life with that person, but just because that cant happen doesnt make us or our love a failure and our life a misery.

And my final favourite.
Sita's love for Rama. (please just mentioning about Sita, and not Rama).
This princess, left the pleasures of the kingdom and decided to accompany Rama to the forest. After coming back to the kingdom, when a washerman questioned her chastity, Rama once again sent her to the forest. Though his father had 3 wives, he didnt choose to marry another woman after this. And Sita too didnt marry another.
But at the end, when Rama asked her to come back with the children, she refused.
The princess who gladly came with him to the forest, refused to come back to the kingdom. Being in love doesnt mean agreeing that whatever a person does is right or losing one's dignity.
Other Posts on Relationships

Do U Know - India NeoNatal mortality Rate

Almost One in every Three babies in the world, who die before they are four weeks old is in India.

Of these, over one-fourth happen in Uttar Pradesh alone, reveals ‘State of India’s Newborns’, a report prepared by Unicef in association with the World Health Organisation, World Bank, department of health and family welfare, Government of India, and the National Neonatology Forum.

The report, released recently at the National Conference on Child Survival and Development in New Delhi, claims that of the roughly 26 million children born in India each year, 1.2 million die during the first four weeks. That’s 30% of the 3.9 million global neonatal deaths.

According to the report,the current neonatal mortality rate (NMR) of 44 per 1,000 live births accounts for nearly two-thirds of all infant deaths (death before the age of one) and nearly half of under-five child deaths in India.<

“In the 1980s, India’s NMR dropped significantly -- from 69 per 1,000 live births in 1980 to 53 per 1,000 live births in 1990. But in recent years the NMR has remained static, only dropping four points from 48 to 44 per 1,000 live births between 1995 and 2000,” says the report.

The report also highlights state-wise disparities in NMR, with Kerala boasting a NMR of 10 per 1,000 live births. Orissa and Madhya Pradesh are among the worst off, with NMRs of 61 and 59 respectively. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar together contributed to over half of all newborn deaths in India in 2000.

While elaborating on inequalities in the country’s healthcare system, the report says almost two-thirds of pregnant women delivered at home and only 42% of these women received care from skilled birth attendants. It also maintains that a strong gender bias in care-seeking against female newborns is conspicuous at all levels of the health system. For example, for every two sick male newborns admitted to a facility, only one female infant was admitted.

The report also draws attention to the fact that about 47% of children under the age of five in India are malnourished, and around 30% of babies are born underweight. Forty-six per cent of children under the age of five are reported to have stunted growth. All these factors, says the report, contribute towards the increase in the country’s neonatal mortality rate.

“Basic strategies such as oral rehydration and equipping parents with better knowledge about the value of immunisation are all keys to reducing childhood mortality,” says Dr Pascal Villeneuve, Unicef’s chief of global health.

The Indian Express, November 30, 2004

Mar 20, 2005

What do I say to this??

A blogger was stumped by Sardarji Virus.

Wonder what I should do regarding this one:)

Mar 16, 2005

Do U Know-Legal Notice agst Indian Blogger

An Indian blogger, Pradyuman Maheshwari, who started a blog on Indian Media

A legal notice from a leading Indian media group due to the blog contents

The blogger deletes all the post saying he cant afford to fight.

And therefore a petition to this prominent media group, by other bloggers.

The petition link

Pradyuman Maheshwari's blog was Times of India group, sent the legal notice. Though the contents have been deleted, the blog contains the deleted posts.

So do you want to ignore, support or speak against it, You Decide.

And if you want to support a blogger, click

Mar 14, 2005

Do U Know - Cash Incentive for Girl Child

  • This state in India has a sex ratio of 943 females to 1,000 males
  • And in an attempt to correct this, it is offering Rs 100,000 in cash to families who opt to have just one daughter and no more children
  • Under the scheme, the government will pay the money to the daughter when she reaches the age of 20, provided her parents have no more children.
  • Also, both parents will have to undergo verified birth control operations
  • Effective from April 1, 2005, the scheme includes additional cash incentives -- parents will receive Rs 1,250 a year towards the girl’s education from Classes 9 to 12 (ages 14-17).
  • Also, in the event of the death of either of the girl’s parents, the family will immediately be given Rs 50,000.

The state is Andhra Pradesh

Quetzal got it right

It was announced by the Chief Minister on Women's Day this year. India, with 927 females to 1,000 males as per the 2001 census, has one of the lowest sex ratios in the world, according to the UN population agency (UNFPA). This is down from 945-to-1,000 more than a decade ago.

Link :

Mar 11, 2005

Do U Know - India 5 minutes - maternal mortality rate

Every five minutes, an Indian woman dies due to to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, adding up to more than 100,0000 deaths a year, one of the highest rates in the world.

Quetzal & Pinks got it right


  • Every Day, Every Minute a woman dies while giving birth in the world
  • 1 among every 13 women in developing countries die during pregnancy or childbirth due to complications.
  • 1 in 4100 it would be in a developed country,
  • And more girls and women die from the complications of childbirth in developing countries than from any other cause.
  • Maternal deaths alone do not reveal the full scale of the tragedy. In fact, for every woman who dies from complications related to childbirth, approximately 30 more suffer injuries, infections, and disabilities which are usually untreated and unspoken of.
  • An estimated 300 million women today - or a quarter of the women in the developing world - have sustained problems in pregnancy and childbirth that have profoundly affected their lives.

Almost two-thirds of Indian women, mostly living in villages, give birth at home.

More than half of this country’s women are anemic and only 20 percent of mothers receive all the required components of prenatal care.

Motherhood should be about life not about death, right?

for more my post

Mar 9, 2005

Do U Know - Human Trafficking 3rd most profitable crime but

It is the third largest source of profit for organised crime after arms and drugs trafficking

India is one of the worst affected countries

Yet, according to the report, based on a study conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences with financial support from the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), in India one out of two police officers do not think it is a priority issue; only 7.7% of the police agree that it is a high priority issue.

It is Human Trafficking.
e.v.a.n.e.s.c.e.n.c.e, quetzal got it right

A recently released report reveals that 40% of police officials are unaware of the growing trade in women and children. Every year, at least 11,000 women and 5,000 children in India go ‘missing’. The Hindu, August 24, 2004
This doesnt take into account those forced in the trade through other means.If you recollect the earlier Do U Know on child commercial sex workers - 500,000 children enter it every year .

Mar 7, 2005

Women's Day

March 8th Women's Day.
Women's Day & women's issues need not be the concern of only women.
Women's Rights doesnt mean taking away Rights of Men.

On Women's Day would like to pay my tribute to Raja Rammohan Roy and the men and women who share his spirit.

Happy Women's Day to

xxx wgaf wcm westminister techj terrific talktome sunny strength spark shady sapphire rage quetzal preppy pramod poonababe pinks pearl o3blogs nkotb nisha neelima my space mrs em miseema mflying mezzanine metallica mehak maria maya max maverick mausmi mann leonnerd kalpesh idiot happygrl gurlinluv gladiatrix gladiator geminidoc fantababy das_w doggy dj downtoearth dinesh commonsense colors busybee aztec arsd amuiscute amita and other bloggers:)

I wish even the male bloggers because I believe Women's Day is now observed to highlight Women's Issues. But since there are plenty of men who support these issues, would like to wish the men too. But if anyone wants me to remove their name, will remove it with apologies.

Do U Know - UN Online Volunteering

This "online matching system" was launched in March 2000

The majority of host organizations are based in the USA, followed by India. In Africa, the largest number of host organizations is located in Nigeria and Uganda.

Most of the applicants are from the USA and Canada, followed by India, the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. Among African countries, Kenya has most applicants (rank 10). In Latin America, it’s Mexico with most applicants (rank 14).

Most assignments posted are in support of “Community Development”. The most frequently requested task has been “Translation”, followed by “Research”. The areas of expertise most commonly looked for have been “Internet”, and “Social Science/Social Work”.

Their current url is
Spark Scorcher Sunny got it right

In March 2000, the UN Volunteers (UNV) programme launched the Online Volunteering service in partnership with NetAid, at the NetAid website. In February 2004, the Online Volunteering service moved to its own website, It continues to be managed and is now exclusively developed by the UN Volunteers, while NetAid has pursued complementary volunteering activities.

Mar 4, 2005

Do U Know - Rape - Marital status & Age & Gender

a.Sexual intercourse between husband and wife, Without the consent of the wife
Not a rape based on the Exception to Sec.375 of the IPC

b.Sexual intercourse between husband and wife, Without the consent of the wife, during seperation, pending divorce
Rape based on Sec.376 A of the IPC But the punishment would be Maximum 2 years imprisonment and fine.

c.Sexual intercourse between a man and woman, who are husband and wife, and Without her consent, the age of the woman is above 15 years
Not a Rape based on the Exception to Sec.375 of the IPC.

d.Sexual intercourse between a man and woman, who are husband and wife, and Without her consent, the age of the woman is above 12 years and less than 15 years
Rape But the punishment would be Maximum 2 years imprisonment and a fine.

e.Sexual intercourse between a man and woman, who are NOT husband and wife, with her consent, wherein the age of the woman is less than 16 years
Rape based on 6th clause of Sec.375 of the IPC and the punishment would be Minimum 7 years, though judge has a discretion.

f.Sexual intecourse between a man and woman, who are NOT husband and wife, wherein the age of the man is less than 14 years, with the consent of Both the parties.
Not a Rape. No provision for it.

When the age of the man and woman is not mentioned, please assume it to be above 21. And need not take into account, the amendments for Manipur state. Background : IPC Sec.375 & 376

As per Indian Penal Code, which of the above cases would be rape : b,d,e

Quetzal got it right and got it right even with re. to Manipur amendments
(D - would be rape except in Manipur where the upper age limit would be 13 instead of 15. E - would be rape except in Manipur where the upper age limit would be 14 instead of 16. )

Rape-Marital Status & Age & Gender

The present law on Marital Rape is a contradiction of the unanimous resolution at the UN conference in Beijing, September '95. The resolution guarantees every woman's right to say no to sex as she wishes, specifically wives. India. had signed in the Bejieng convention to make marital rape a crime in 1994. Yet even now a married woman has no right to say no.

Even with her consent, sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl will be rape, but even without her consent, sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl will not be a rape, if the rapist is her husband.

Punishment for raping a wife who is 12-15 years old and for raping a wife during seperation is far less for the husband compared with any other person raping her.

Though the Child Marriage Restraint Act says the minimum age of the wife should be 18, when there is lack of punishment if the victim is above 15 or when the punishment for raping even a 12-15 year old is less, just because she is married to the rapist, the Rape laws goes against the spirit of action against Child Marriage.

Even though a man can be raped by a woman under the clauses 3,4,5 & 6 of the Sec.375, IPC, it doesnt take this factor into account.

from Chapter xvi : of offences affecting the human body
375. Rape
A man is said to commit "rape" who, except in the case hereinafter excepted, has sexual intercourse with a woman under circumstances falling under any of the six following descriptions:-

First- Against her will.

Secondly,- Without her consent.

Thirdly- With her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person in whom she is interested in fear of death or of hurt.

Fourthly- With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes herself to be lawfully married.

Fifthly - With her consent, when, at the time of giving such consent, by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication or the administration by him personally or through another of any stupefying or unwholesome substance, she is unable to understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent.

Sixthly - With or without her consent, when she is under sixteen years of age.

Explanation- Penetration is sufficient to constitute the sexual intercourse necessary to the offence of rape.

Exception- Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.

376A. Intercourse by a man with his wife during separation
Whoever has sexual intercourse with his own wife, who is living separately from him under a decree of separation or under any custom or usage without her consent shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to fine.

Note : I dont have any legal background and additional information, explanations,clarifications etc would be welcome.

When it was posted in o3, and when i was discussing it there, there was a discussion, in which i talked also about need for rape laws for men etc. And therefore posting the discussion in the comment section

Mar 1, 2005

Do U Know -Devendra Singh - Paralympics

  • A quadrennial sports event which was formalised in 1988
  • He became the first gold medallist for India in this event, in September 2004
    He is Devendra Singh
    An Anon in blogspot,Spark,Quetzal, Scorcher, & Idiot got it right :)
    Wise donkey got it wrong while writing the line “ A quadrennial sports event which was formalised in 1988 “ which has been corrected by other bloggers in the comment section. Sorry bloggers.
    Link :