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Apr 29, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Akshaya Tritiya Plan

Today at work, its not "Whats your weekend plan?" but "Whats your Akshaya Tritiya Plan?"
So while most of the colleagues have made a booking with their jewellers and bankers (who are smart enough to be open on Sunday), there are still a couple of colleagues who are still trying out to figure the best deal from few hundred brochures.
Of course its not just gold, one colleague has decided to buy a car and has received 28 suggestions and offers for 5 car loans till now.
One is going to give to charity. And the rest of the office is advising her against it. After all what if she would have to spend the rest of the year giving to people? So she has decided to buy something and then think of giving.
And aargh now its my I stammer"Hmmm well you know actually Akshaya Tritiya is also celebration of Parasuram's birthday. You know the avatar of Vishnu where he had an axe and so uh, I am going to get an axe.."Stares from every corner, and then a voice asked "Gold Axe?"
"No" my conscience replied. But then I dont want to be the Weirdo at Work so added "in Platinum. Miniature of course.. but you know platinum is now in. And in platinum is mentioned as the blessed metal."
Well now its gold vs platinum discussion and I am not a pathetic loser in the eyes of my colleagues..
As for my akshaya tritiya plans.. I know its going to be crowded. And I dont want to come back with a lost wallet (Would it mean I would keep losing something everyday?). Sure I could buy online but then even thats bound to be crowded. And who wants to spend hours before a screen.
Will have fun with my friends and hope the entire year will be filled with fun. But then, my friends have their own Akshaya Tritiya Plans....Hope they have something good on TV tommorrow..
Aargh Diaries is a fictional series.

Apr 24, 2006

Fly & I - More stupid than a Fly

I try to make the best of this moment,
though there is a fly buzzing around me
And while I am absolutely irritated with it
It seems truly delighted to be around me

Yet if an earthquake happened now
How silly would it be, to not enjoy the last moments of my life,
Just because of a fly?

I try to duck the fly and oh God, thats a trial
Errr God wouldnt the world be better if while creating the fly, you had paused for a while..

Well its just a fly not a bee or a mosquito or aargh a cockroach..
So perhaps I should try to be thankful and smile
And though life isnt great, this post isnt great
I will be thankful for it being not worse, and still smile for a while

Because even if its not a earthquake, ultimately my life is going to be only for a (long) while
And my life includes the time I spend sulking over a fly
Time has a funny way of flying even when you dont want it to fly
And ultimately, I dont want to be more stupid than a fly.

Blog post no.270

Apr 12, 2006

Just Smile

You don't have to feel great to smile
You don't need an excuse or reason to smile.
Yet if you feel you do, just smile for a few seconds at yourself
And you would feel good
And what better reason do you need?
Just to feel good, many abuse their bodies
Why go for that when you can achieve it with a smile.

Think of Smile as a Single Run
And a Laugh as a Six or Four.
You need not hit a Six or Four with every ball
Even singles count.

Be glad you are not out,
Instead of waiting for a stimulus to make you smile.
Stimulate yourself with a smile :)

Apr 1, 2006

Bloggers in Action during Elections

There was a Bloggers meet in Chennai, in view of the forthcoming Assembly Elections. It was attended by B,A,J,P,I J2 and of course Wise Donkey. (Ids protected to avoid harrassment and unnecessary solicitation/)

Though it was a lunch meet, more than the menu, the manifestos of various parties were scrutinisied deeply. It was agreed that bloggers should extend support to only one political party and blog only about that party till the elections.

One blogger wondered if it would be feasible to start a new political party, but that was rejected by other bloggers , since many felt it was too premature.

J2 was not too keen on the idea, since he was not that comfortable with Chennai and suggested the bloggers could just boycott the elections, and like Delhi bloggers have fun at the blog meets.

Wise Donkey now in the avatar of Insurance Advisor suggested that the best way to have fun would be to have a secure future and the best way to have a secure future would be to buy some insurance plans.

Everyone got up, but the food arrived, so had to sit down after assurances from Wise Donkey that they there would be no deviation from the main agenda. After few minutes, B pointed out that while a political party could promise color tvs , none had promised a computer. J wondered if it would be possible to convince their rivals , into saying they would give free set top boxes. I (not wd, the blogger I..) pointed out, that these freebies would be from tax payers money. And there was a minor discussion on Income Tax and Service Tax. It was more of a moan, since at the national level, bloggers have not seized the initiative to demand tax rebates for blogging.

After intense discussion (B kept the minutes and would be posting the transcript), it was decided by all bloggers almost unanimously to support, Captain Vijayakanth. As a gesture of support, all bloggers would be viewing his latest film Sudesi atleast once a week in theatre (not pirated cds) and also would be visiting his constituency, to canvas for his victory.

There would be hopefully more lunch meets, hopefully sponsered by Captain.

PS : Hmmmm well this is an April 1st post. There was a meet, to find out what really happened, check out Bard's post

Just an Update

Tingling All Over
You read about it , but when you experience it, its actually quite unbelievable. Well thats what happened for a few seconds when I read an email today. A blogger, whom I have never met , is going to get married and most importantly sure and happy about the decision. (More than the marriage, the reason for marriage is important).

April Fool?
And talking about bloggers, going to attend the Chennai Blog Meet today. And hopefully its not an April Fools Joke on me. And hopefully I dont spoil the fun..Bit nervous on that.

5 things Bloggers would know about Wise Donkey after meeting her in person.
1.She has atleast the wisdom to call herself a Donkey.
2.She is clumsy
3.She never combs her hair
4.She is poor in conversations. Either she keeps quiet a lot or never stops talking
5.Next there is a blog meet, please lets not invite her.

Will update later and have a wonder April Fools Day