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Apr 12, 2006

Just Smile

You don't have to feel great to smile
You don't need an excuse or reason to smile.
Yet if you feel you do, just smile for a few seconds at yourself
And you would feel good
And what better reason do you need?
Just to feel good, many abuse their bodies
Why go for that when you can achieve it with a smile.

Think of Smile as a Single Run
And a Laugh as a Six or Four.
You need not hit a Six or Four with every ball
Even singles count.

Be glad you are not out,
Instead of waiting for a stimulus to make you smile.
Stimulate yourself with a smile :)


  1. :( i wish i cdda wrtten so well abt that relex and muscle contraction..


    how are u gaya?how's work goin?

  2. nice one...:-)

    see, u managed to make me smile too..

  3. leavin from chennai next week ramses, work... well not that active this week..and how are you doin ramses, sorry i havent caught up with ur posts recently

    thanks @$#!$# :)
    and hopefully its not just one smile. i am practising 60 smiles session, and if the auto driver thinks i am crazy for smiling even after bein looted by him.. who cares i am still going to smile.
    life is precious so is every second in it.. so why waste even a second brooding when i can just smiiiiiiiiiillllllllllleee

  4. Hey Gaya, I am smiling now....:)) However tensed we are, a smile has the ability to relax it. And I read somewhere "Keep smiling...You never know who falls in love with it "..:DDDD

  5. Nice word Gayatri,
    simple and understated yet effective :)

  6. Oh btw... that anon commenter was me. :p

  7. :DDDDDD

    can u c my teeth :DDDD

  8. Archie Yeah!

    vaibhavthanks :)

    prasad now was that a line from little red riding hood :D


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