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Feb 27, 2005

Do U Know - Manual Scavengers

A 2002 report estimates that there are approximately one million of them in India.

They are exposed to the most virulent forms of viral and bacterial infections that affect their skin, eyes, limbs, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Tuberculosis is rife among them

Karnataka became the first state in the country to ban their activity, though even now, Bangalore alone is said to have around 10,000-15,000 of them.

Their activity has been banned since 1993 in India.

Though government offices and buildings in a State employ them.

The Indian government has spent Rs 6 crores in "liberating" and "rehabilitating" them since the mid-1990s.

A survey revealed that 95 per cent of them are women and girls.

They are Manual Scavengers.
pramod,idiot,busybee,downtoearth got it right
Scorcher,spark got it partly right.

Manual scavenging involves the removal of human excreta using brooms and tin plates. The excrement is piled into baskets which scavengers carry on their heads to locations sometimes several kilometres from the latrines.
Refusal to perform such tasks leads to physical abuse and social boycott.

They live in segregated colonies and are denied access to the local temple, religious community events, hotels, public water taps, and interpersonal social relations.

The scavengers belong to the communities like Valmiki in North, Bhangis in Gujarat, the Pakhis in Andhra Pradesh, or the Sikkaliars in Tamil Nadu. A survey found that they face severe discrimination even from other Dalits.

Legally, cleaning of dry latrines and transporting of human excreta has been banned since 1993. Under the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993, the employment of scavengers or the construction of dry latrines (which are not connected to a drainage system) can result in imprisonment up to one year and/or a fine of Rs 2,000. Offenders are also liable to prosecution under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

Further, some of the initiatives taken up by the central government have misfired. For example, the welfare scheme offering educational scholarships (Rs 750 per child annually) to vulnerable families (those families involved in unclean occupations) has not been successful in MP. The scholarship stops the moment the family leaves manual scavenging - as they don't come in the vulnerable category.

Links :

Will this be just another data?

Why is the system in place even in Government offices? (Almost 94 per cent of village latrines in MP are dry. Therefore many goverment offices too use them)

And what about the utter callousness of the local governments? (In Ranpur gram panchayat in Gujarat, the manual scavengers had to agitate to get the authorities to replace their broken brooms.The panchayat, whose revenue at that time from octroi alone was Rs 13,00,000 per year, had replied that they did not have a budget to buy new brooms! )

What none of us wouldnt do even for 1 second, 1000000 do it Everday.

For none, can be this a career and life of choice
But if they have no choice,
Is it because the governments dont care?
Or because, we dont care?
To care or not to care is our choice,
Our choice - to give them voice

Feb 26, 2005

Worthless not Priceless

Two pegs of whisky - 500 rupees , Four tequilla shots - 1000 rupees, Six cans of beers - 300 rupees
Driving home the girl who drank all this - WORTHLESS!!!

Muse : Hold on, you are writing an old internet forward the wrong way.
Self : I know, but this is the way scientists would write it.

Muse : Stop talking in riddles
Self :,curpg-1.cms
The results of a research showed that, generally speaking, the greater the amount of alcohol drunk, the less likely a woman was to initiate sex. While alcohol appears to have a sexual lubricant effect in men, quite the reverse seems true for women.

Muse : Interesting but surely there is a broader issue to think about.
Self : Well John Gray had already written in "The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution" the same food brings about different reactions in men and women.There has been studies, on how the same intakes has different effects for men and women and perhaps in future, some medicines too could take into account these factors..

Muse : Stop, bettter just rewrite the internet forward only.

Feb 25, 2005

Do U Know - Artificial Fragrance can be a Foe

  • Symptoms might be headaches, sluggishness, streaming eyes, itching skin .
  • It has also been linked to astham, depression & hypertension.
  • A Canadian city became the first major center in North America when it introduced a (drastic?) policy, in public places including municipal offices, libraries, hospitals, courts , classrooms,buses...

This syndrome is ________

This syndrome is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) syndrome.

Nisha,Wgaf,Spark got it right

Clinical research and anecdotal evidence suggest that our overuse of artificial fragrances makes them a major suspect in Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) syndrome, a catch-all term to describe a range of allergies and maladies thought to be caused by the increasing concentration of man-made chemicals in the atmosphere. And they suggest that what many of us dismiss as symptoms of everyday life - headaches, sluggishness, streaming eyes, itching skin - could be symptoms of fragrance-sensitivity, as chemicals are absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

Like cigarette smoke, the effects of fragrance chemicals are not restricted to the wearer

Canadian city Halifax, had instituted a policy of "no scents makes good sense", discouraging the wearing of cosmetic fragrances in municipal offices, libraries, hospitals, classrooms, courts and buses while Santa Cruz, in California, has banned fragrances from public meetings.

Feb 24, 2005

Do U Know - Visually Challenged Dr from AIIMS

Selected for admission in the MBBS course at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1989 and was to take his final examinations in 1993 when a problem developed.

Denied permission to take the exam for want of approved guidelines by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and hence disallowed by to take exams by AIIMS.

This doctor-aspirant approached National Human Rights Commission in May 2001.

Discussing the case with the AIIMS authorities, NHRC cited instances from other countries of people becoming doctors despite this condition.

The examination procedure was amended and AIIMS began working out a methodology for similar cases in future

Internship was also rearranged to suit his talents. He completed his internship early in 2004

The NHRC has also asked the MCI to undertake a similar exercise to be in a position to deal with such cases in the future

His name is Anka Toppo and the reason he was disallowed earlier, he had become Visually Challenged.

Max,Spark,Wgaf,Idiot, & Preppy got it right.
For more info :

Feb 23, 2005

Apology - NASA ISD exam

On 17th Feb, I came across an item in on a boy from UP topping Nasa's ISD exam. And got the news confirmed from

Though it wasnt in tone with my other posts, I posted the feel good news the same day.

A non regular blogger questioned me on the authencity in a blogsite on 21st and therefore I tried to verify it with NASA website

It proved little difficult. And I couldnt find a press release, though its possible that the news item is there in the site, and my search faulty

I have used google and rediff search engines too to gather more details about this exam. But other than this item, couldnt find more on the topic.

Its possible that the exam exists, but i havent come across the links on it yet.
Today 23rd, there has been a press release from the President's office mentioning that Dr.Kalam had not appeared for the exam .

Of course though its possible that, even though Dr.Kalam had not appeared for the exam, the boy could have passed the exam.

And I am still trying to find more details on the same.

My sincere apologies to all the bloggers, for posting a news item which may not be true in part or in whole.

original post
17 year old Saurabh Singh from Narhai in Uttar Pradesh has topped NASA's International Scientist Discovery exam. Amazingly Saurabh had never heard of NASA ISD exam till he began preparing for his IIT entrance exams. Indian President.APJ Abdul Kalam, finished seventh in the test in 1960 and Kalpana Chawla, had stood 21st in 1988.

Congrats Saurabh Singh. We are proud of you.

Do U Know- Female Foeticide, Infanticide laws

In India, the child sex ratio (0-6 age group) which was 945 in 1991, decreased to 927 girls for every 1000 boys in 2001.

The 0-6 sex ratio was 976 in 1961, it declined to 964 in 1971, 962 in 1981 and 945 in 1991 and 927 in 2001.
In Punjab, the child sex ratio declined from 875 to 793 (a decrease of 82 points), in Haryana from 879 to 820 (59 points) in Himachal Pradesh from 951 to 897 (54 points), in Gujarat from 928 to 878 (50 points), in Chandigarh from 899 to 845 (54 points) and in Delhi from 915 to 865 (50 points).

This sharp decline in the states must be the consequence of female foeticide on a massive scale if not female infanticide and higher female child mortality rates.

The punishment for female foeticide and infanticide for the parties involved _________ and related laws _________.
Technical words not required. Gist will do.

In 1976, the Centre banned sex-determination tests in government facilities but not in the private ones

In 1988, Maharashtra Government enacted the Regulation of the Use of Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act. Following this, the governments of Punjab, Gujarat and Haryana passed similar laws.

In 1994, the Centre passed the Prenatal Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act covering the entire country.
On January 1, 1996, the law came into operation. Under the Act, pre-natal diagnostic scans are permitted solely to detect genetic abnormalities. The Act forbids sex determination tests. It also prohibits any advertisements relating to Pre-natal determination of sex and prescribes punishments for its contravention. The person who contravenes the provisions of this Act is punishable with imprisonment upto five years and fine upto Rs.50,000

In 2001, a PIL was filed with the Supreme Court. The Court directed the State Governments to enforce the PNDT Act and file an affidavit indicating the status of action taken under the Act. It also directed nine companies to provide details of ultrasound machines (11,200) sold to clinics in the last five years. It asked medical associations such as the Indian Medical Association to furnish details of the members using the machines.

Only in 2002, eight years after the PNDT Act was passed, that the Medical Council of India (MCI) -- authorised under Section 23 (2) of the Act to take action against any erring medical practitioner -- recognised undertaking sex-determination tests 'with the intent to terminate the life of a female foetus' as professional misconduct. According to the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002, published in the Gazette of India on April 6, 2002, sex-determination without 'proper indication' can lead to de-registration and criminal prosecution.
The MCI code of conduct, while recognising sex-determination as a punishable offence, allows a huge leeway, since it is only sex-determination 'with the intent to terminate the life of a female foetus' (who will question the doctor's intention?) and sex-determination 'without proper' indication that is unacceptable. There is already enough evidence to show that doctors are getting around these regulations, as well as the letter of the law prohibiting the communication of the sex of the foetus.

Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act 2003
Bringing into the ambit of the Act emerging techniques for pre-conception sex-selection, such as sperm separation and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, increasing the fine and additional provisions for the suspension and cancellation of the registration of violators, the law targets the medical profession: the so-called 'supply' side of the practice of sex-selection. Manufacturers of ultrasound equipment are now required to sell their products only to registered clinics, and all ultrasonographers now have to maintain records of all tests conducted by them.

Female Infanticide is treated as homicide under IPC.

To my knowledge,none in the medical community have been convicted for assisting in female foeticide. Not able to access data at the moment on those in non-medical community convicted under the Act.There have many cases of people being convicted for female infanticide (the punishment term has varied no fixed period of imprisonment).

Since the topic is big, will write a seperate post on it.

The answer was partly given by Wgaf,Busybee,Idiot,Quetzal,max,Mausmi.

Feb 22, 2005

Do U Know - Delhi female foeticide figures

Birth registration figures recently released show that at least one in seven girls in this town/city is eliminated at the foetal stage. The statistics using a model that took into account biological principles, said the 80:100 sex ratio of the 3 lakh births recorded during the first six months of last year indicates at least 30,000 ‘missing’ girls.

The birth records January and June 2004 only 819 girls were born for every 1,000 boys.

In some of its localities, its 762 girls to 1,000 boys, 784 girls to 1,000 boys, 792 girls to 1,000 boys.

According to Census of India 2001, child sex ratio here was 865 girls to 1,000 boys -- well below the all-India average of 927

The statistics for the last three years is worse than the ones for the last 15 years

And this city/town in India is Delhi

Preppy,Rage,Idiot,Mausmi,Busybee,Spark,Mahesh got it right.

The city’s most elite area, south Delhi, is the worst . In south Delhi, the figure is -- 762 girls to 1,000 boys. In Rohini, northwest Delhi, the ratio stands at 784 to 1,000, while in Najafgarh, in the southwest corner of the city near the Haryana border, it is 792 girls to 1,000 boys.

from and

Feb 21, 2005

Black - No Filmi Formulas

I am sure everyone by now has seen the movie Black or read its review.
I liked it. Because it didnt make use of :

The Standard Film Formulas for Blind. I can think of 12 but I am sure the creative directors have more in store


Romance Formula : A person falls in love with Rani and deliver dialogues about love being blind.

2.Good Ending Formula : Rani gets eyesight in the end, wants to thank Amitabh, but realises that Amitabh had given his life while saving her from some goons and had donated his eyes to her. (I dont why the films say its both eyes, when it will be one eye.)

3.Songs & dance in fun locations, whenever possible Formula : Songs from mother in agnoy, father in agony, heroine in agony or a dream in Swiss with songs to match

4. Unnecessary relations with a twist Formula : Amitabh doesnt have a son who marries Rani. Rani is not Amitabh's daughter who had been adopted. Or Amitabh isnt her long lost uncle. (Would require extra cast of grannies and grandpas and host of uncles with their wives).

5.Rape is a must Formula : An attempt to rape scene, Amitabh rescuing her in the nick of time, by bashing the goons.

6.Family oriented Hero Formula : A brother who lives for her (in between he will dance with the heroine, bash the villains, cry in agony after her rape and suicide and swear revenge and kill the badguys and tell a lengthy courtroom dialogue and then get released due to public support or if punished,get released after couple of months)

7.Revenge Formula : Someone to blame and avenge. Perhaps an enemy of her honest father who got killed, who is responsible for her medical condition. She swears revenge and with Amitabh's help avenges her medical condition. Formula no.2,5 etc can also be combined with it

8.Success feels good Formula : She succeeds at college immediately, scores the top rank and a song follows

9.Song is always a good Climax Solution Formula : Amitabh teaches her a piano tune. And in the climax in a party, she plays the tune and it all comes back to Amitabh and he sings a song.

10.Blackmagic Formula : She becomes blind because of some evil powers. And there is a quest for a diamond which will enable her to get sight and hear. Amitabh is not just a teacher but a vampire slayer in disguise as a teacher :)

11.Blind Person's best friend Formula : Can be adapted with other formulas. Has a dog which helps her in revenge or romance etc.

12.Go Tech Formula : Amitabh is an alien who gives her eyesight and hearing capablities, before leaving for his planet

By the way, I think many forget the other black, Its black not just when there isnt light, but its also black when you dont have your life, your memories. Lets cherish the gifts we have, and appreciate the responsibilities that go with it.

For those of you touched by the movie, sure we cant bring light to every visually challenged person. But after our death we can make a difference for two persons.

If its irritating, just to find a post in black, imagine how it would be to spend the life in darkness or in silence.

Please dont hurt the eyes

Decide to Donate Today

Do U Know - Ewaste

This waste contains more than 1,000 different toxic substances harmful to human beings and the environment.
Some parts from the products are resold by the recyclers and the rest burnt in illegal dump yards near residential colonies by these recyclers or dumped along with the municipal waste and then burned, releasing toxic and carcinogenic substances into the air.
Barium found in this waste could damage the heart and liver while other chemicals such as beryllium cadmium are poisonous and could lead to cancer. Chromium, lead and mercury also pose severe health risks.
At present the environmental laws in India do not specifically cover this waste regulation
And this waste is ewaste.

Chemicals such as beryllium found in computer motherboards and cadmium in chip resistors and semiconductors are poisonous and could lead to cancer.
Chromium in floppy disks, lead in batteries and computer monitors and mercury in alkaline batteries and fluorescent lamps also pose severe health risks.
Computers and mobile phones are known culprits but tubelights and children's toys are others
Import of e-waste, mainly from the US, under the garb of donations is adding to our woes. Obsolete computers are thus dumped in India.
India is a signatory of the Basel Convention On The Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal, which came into force in 1992 and has been ratified by 159 countries. But the convention allows import of such waste from nations such as the United States which has not ratified the treaty.
Bangalore home to 1,422 foreign and domestic technology firms is one of the key cities which could be affected.
Central Pollution Board, has formed a working group to tackle the problem


Feb 19, 2005

Saurabh Singh

17 year old Saurabh Singh from Narhai in Uttar Pradesh has topped NASA's International Scientist Discovery exam. Amazingly Saurabh had never heard of NASA ISD exam till he began preparing for his IIT entrance exams. Indian President.APJ Abdul Kalam, finished seventh in the test in 1960 and Kalpana Chawla, had stood 21st in 1988.

Congrats Saurabh Singh. We are proud of you.

Do U Know - Compulsive Shopping Disorder

  • Its a disorder. Its not an addiction or an obsession.
  • It is part of a group of disorders called Impulse Control Disorders. These include Kleptomania (the impulse to steal) and Pyromania (the impulse to burn things).
  • People with this Disorder actually feel aroused or anxious to do it. The problem is that they feel relaxed while doing it, but feel remorse afterwards.But in moderate amounts the same activity can actually act as a therapeutic activity to cope with life's tensions
  • An estimated eight per cent people in the United States are affected by this disorder.
    The number of cases of people suffering from it is less in India because it is not a very common disorder. Also, it is not a very defined disorder; cases of specific diagnosis are not common.
  • It could happen to anyone, but is found especially among those suffering from frequent spells of depression
  • This disorder is also common in people who suffer from a mania, commonly described as being on a high. People with manias act in extremes -- they love more and hate more. (Huh?)
  • More women than men tend to fall prey to this disorder. (Hmmm)

And its called Compulsive Shopping Disorder for more info:)

Do U Know - Child Commercial Sex Workers

In India,
•There are approximately 2 million children between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between 15 and 18 years in it.
•They form 40% of the total population in it
•80% of the children in it are found in the 5 metros
•71% of the children in it are illiterate
•500,000 children are forced to enter it every year
And its Commercial Sex Workers
from For the remaining data, my post, Read This Challenge

Other Links The busting of a group that used to kidnap children and push them into flesh trade in Agra has brought with it a shocking story. For over five years the girls were given hormonal injections on a regular basis to hasten their physical development. This was done to facilitate their sale to pimps and sex workers in Mumbai.

Discuss :
Punishment for keeping a brothelfirst conviction - rigorous imprisonment 1-3 years, upto Rs.2000 fine.2nd and subsequent conviction, 2-5 years, or upto Rs.1000 fine or both.If that victim is a child (less than 16) or a minor (16-18) prison 7-10 years
For living on earnings from prostitutionupto 2 years imprisionment or upto Rs.2000 fine.If due to child (age less than 16), 6-10 years imprisonment.
Procuring, inducing or taking person for the sake of prostitution 3-7 years and Rs.2000 fine.if against will of the person 7-14 years imprisonment. If a Child (less than 16 years) and against will, rigourous impriosonment 7-life.If a minor (16-18 years) and against will 7-14 years
This is what I gathered from Welcome other information or clarification. Is this punishment enough?

Social aspects
So what happens when these 5 lakh children who are forced into this every year when they grow up, would we prefer if they got rescued but never come across us? Will we react differently if a friend or a sibling decides to marry that person? When it comes to the marriage prospects of ourself or our near and dear, would we feel they carry a stigma? Perhaps we cant change the world, but surely we can change ourselves if we want to:)

Do U Know - Diabetes

  • A non communicable disease
  • Almost 3.2 million die from it every year
  • India has 30 -33 million patients suffering it
  • Every 4th patient in the world suffering from it, is an Indian
  • Indians are genetically more susceptible to it
  • WHO predicts the figure will be 40 million by 2010 & 74 million by 2075
    And India is going to become the Diabetes capital of the world.

    WHO chose India to host the fourth World Congress on prevention of diabetes and its complications recently. A study conducted in India by the Diabetic Research Centre team lead by Dr.A. Ramachandran in Chennai, has found that a change in lifestyle could prevent diabetics. A change in lifestyle meant regular exercise and proper diet as the study found that a sedentary lifestyle, stress and improper food habits accentuate the chances of contracting diabetes. WHO also decided to have India and Africa as sentinel sites for the campaign based on the `Diabetic Action Now' programme. for more

  • Diabetes and YouDo you think you could get diabetes.What do you think you should do to decrease the chances of getting itAnd most importantly, WHEN do you think you should think about it

Feb 17, 2005

Do U Know - Gold aint great

  • The industry consumes a tenth of the world’s energy,
  • It spews out 30-50% of the globe’s toxic emissions
  • It imperils 40% of the frontier forests
  • It is the world’s most polluting industry, in the conventional sense of causing waste and toxic effluents.(The top prize could go to the nuclear industry which, while admittedly not causing global warming, produces the most harmful waste, which remains radioactive for thousands of years and is virtually impossible to store, not counting the omnipresent risk of catastrophic accidents in power plants.)
  • And its Gold

Seems a single gold ring generates a staggering 20 tonnes of waste!

Due to copyright reasons dont want to post more, the above information is based on So please refer to it if you want more information and comment. Frankly I am suprised. So if anyone has any contradicting data, do give the links :)

Feb 16, 2005

Do U Know - Coffee

  • Its the the second most highly traded commodity in the world after oil. (Third if we count narcotics.)
  • Wayanad produces 82 per cent of it in Kerala
  • During the last 10 years Wayanad has earned the country foreign exchange worth Rs 4192.48 crore through the export of it alone: an average of Rs 381 crore per year
  • Around 120 farmers in this area, committed suicide in 2004 due to falling prices
  • Wayanad's growers have lost over Rs.800 crore on it since 2001
  • Its retail price has not fallen but the producer's price has fallen from Rs.70- Rs.130 a few years ago to around Rs.15 per kg now
  • The farmers may be getting three paise on each rupee that it generates
    And its Coffee

    Based on “ WAYANAD (KERALA): "What do you mean you have no fresh coffee?" we asked. But the waiter was firm. "We have Nescafe." This is coffee territory, yet you cannot get the local brew in any restaurant here. Drop in at the Coffee Board in Kalpetta to enquire why this is so - and they offer you a cup of tea. "We do have a filter," our host apologises, "but there's no powder in the office just now."

Feb 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's day to my blogmates

Some are yet to get their date
Some yet to find their soulmate
And tougher when the person you are sure is your soulmate
Doesnt reciprocate

Well now, many have found other mates
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogmates
Faceless, and mostly nameless,
yet caring and sometimes praying for you
With you in good times and bad times too

Thank you God for blessing us with blog mates
Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogmates

mezzanine,Mflying,miseema,mrs em,my space,neelima,Nisha,nkotb,
o3blogs,pearl,Poonababe,Prabir Ghose,pramod,preppy,quetzal,rage
I have tried to wish you all individually in your posts too.
Please forgive me if I have omitted anyone.

Feb 11, 2005

Van Gogh on Valentine

Life007 was filled with dread. Valentine's day was approaching. And what was worse than the day, were the days before the days. Colleagues asking about plans, friends ringing up to ask about plans and every website talking about plans. So had called in sick and was busy surfing the net for a date.

In colleges, had told, I have to concentrate on studies, and later I have to concentrate on my career. When you are 22 people think you are looking around, 23 you get advise and suggestions, 24 shocked looks and probably the thought, hmmm something wrong. But at 25 ! Life007 groaned.

Indian has a billion million people and surely a good percentage of that is in my age group and surely a good % of that would surf the net. Is 25 that old. And the panic, should have thought of this last month. Perhaps its too close to V Day (Oh God please, will it be a We Day or Just Me Day)

Whats my life if I dont have someone to love me. (Ok sure my friends,family and dog love me, but whats life if someone doesnt love me). Here I am ready to give my unconditional love, and why cant someone hear the sincere voice from my soul. Oh I just feel worthless, life007 thought. As though I am not worthy of being loved. And a prayer to God. OK take your time, with making me meet my soulmate, but atleast let me get a date, so that I wont look alone on that day. And get sympathetic reassurances from friends and smirks and snide remarks from my enemies.

An idea. Write a blog. Put in a few hearts, and write a profile. Surely there would be others like me. No. Not hearts. It would look too cliched and seem desperate??Ok maybe a rose. Hey what can be wrong with a rose? But probably others would think of rose and it doesnt reflect me anyway. And why limit the options. Just a good friend out on date would do (Obviously not of the same sex). Hmmm a sunflower. Bright, Sunny & Cheerful.

And then suddenly remembers another sunflower, by the Dutch Painter Van Gogh. Van Gogh - his paintings are worth millions today, but he had sold only one painting in his life. One neednt sell it for millions, but surely a few thousands, or atleast few hundreds. The thought that someone appreciates your art and wants to own it. And the paintings which were perceived worthless, have now become priceless!

(In March 1987, even those without interest in art were made aware of van Gogh's Sunflowers series when Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid the equivalent of $39,921,750 for Van Gogh's Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers at auction at Christie's London, at the time a record-setting amount for a van Gogh.)

Hmmm but how fair is it to let yourself be judged by the society? And then suddenly the desperation and dread vanished. Life007 decided to not Worry,about finding a date. Sure would try to find a soulmate or a just a friend. But if it was not possible, instead of lying to friends and staying at home, like last year, and cursing the corporates for adding more hype and the fate etc, would go out and give love to those who needed. There are plenty of oldage homes and orphanages, just to start with. The humans there dont need just food clothes and shelter, they too need love. And if Valentine's day is about love, then why not give them, that unconditional love for atleast a day...

Valentine's day today may be hyped by some corporates for their own benefits and might result in some peer pressure on the "plans". But an individual cant do much about it.
And thus realising its stupid to worry about being single or to suffer from low self esteem, life007, wrote the blog. Never mind if one didnt have a "date" on Valentine, just love life and be cheerful . Van Gogh's Sunflower had Always been priceless.

On Valentine's Day
Just because you haven't yet met your soul mate
or managed to squeeze in a date
No need to grumble and bemoan your fate.

Life can still be fun,
even if you are just one
Hey be thankful you are one
And not a none.

Remember the Van Gogh was never worthless
Even when it was unappreciated, it was always Priceless

Other Posts on Relationships

Feb 6, 2005

Life007 is not a guy?

Life007 is not a guy, he decided.
In a chatroom when Life007 had mentioned "I have some good forwards on women, interested", he had had given his email id.

Of course he had assumed it would be some pics, which he could forward to other guys or some stuff like women have 826 cosmetics in their handbag, which he could forward to everyone and better even write it as a blog.

And then came the first forward. Marriage & Women. Surely it would be some fun stuff, about wife being a nag wasnt. It said


Indian Women, think before you leap into marriage.

1.In India, marital rape is not a crime. The present law is a contradiction of the unanimous resolution at the UN conference in Beijing, September '95. The resolution guarantees every woman's right to say no to sex as she wishes, specifically wives.

2.A married woman is NOT the natural guardian of her child but an unmarried woman is the guardian of her child.The father's endorsement on every document is still mandatory in schools, colleges, banks, employment matters, domicile and travel documents, licences and all other official identity papers needed by an individual.
And if there is a divorce, the father can still remain the guardian. Geetha Hariharan, a divorcee, had to go to Supreme Court in 1995 when the Reserve Bank of India refused to allow her to sign the documents necessary for investment bonds for her minor son.

Though more than a decade ago in 1989, the Law Commission in its 135th Report recommended that both the mother and father be declared natural guardians with equal rights over the child, this is yet to be implemented. A step in this direction is the Tamilnadu government order making it mandatory for schools to list the mother as joint or sole guardian of the child.

3.Though husbands will talk about her right to her parents property, most will not talk about her duties to her parents, financially and emotionally. While he will expect her to participate in his duties to his parents

4. She will have to change the lifestyle habits of over two decades, and others will think just because she is a woman, she will have to accept if the food tastes different, the newspaper, magazines,TV programs are different, the God you worship is different etc. But if he visits her house, he wouldnt appreciate the difference even for a week.

5. If she chooses to be a homemaker, her work will not be recognised or appreciated and it will more tougher to be financially independent and take care of her parents and siblings. Her work would be 24 x 7 without retirement, but if she chooses to work, she would be expected to get the tasks done. Her work will be triffle if she has to do by herself, but even a single task which he has to do will negotiated and argued.

6.She would be expected to treat her in laws as parents but her in laws will think of her as a daughter in law whoose every action should be scrutinised and interpreted for signs of her thinking of splitting the family.

7.If you want a relationship, you can always have a live in , If you want a child think of adoption if legally possible or contact a sperm bank.

8. A common myth when a woman, thinks of sports, hobbies, studies and career is whether that would affect her marriage chances. After all a suntan would be viewed as a dark woman, and a teacher is ok, but a policewoman or lawyer would seem "undomesticated". Singing is ok, but even classical dance could be frowned. Well millions of female foetus have been killed. And unlike the rest of the world, the ratio is fewer women for more men (unless you live in Kerala). And logically more men are going to remain bachelor then women ending up as spinsters. There are 933 women for every 1000 men. And the future is going to be tougher, since in the age group of 0-6, the number of girls per 1000 boys fell from 945 in 91 to 927 at the national level, and in states like Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, its fallen below 800 !

If you think of life as an onetime lifetime choice, why worry about the society. Those who care for you will be there for you, even if you dont marry. Marriage is a risky venture. This is not to stop you from marriage, but to make you think about what you value most. If you value freedom, right to your body, right to make the right decisions for the child, your duty to your parents, then is marriage the best option for you and is your partner the right choice?

Bungee Jumping is not for everyone. But if you think its fun, just make sure the rope is strong before you leap. Think before you leap.

PS : If you forward this information to atleast one person, you will experience a change of fortune and the good luck would increase with the number of people you send it to.
But if you delete it without sending, please dont blame anyone if bad luck visits you, in direct proportion to the number of forwards the one who had forwarded this to you had made.

In its first stage, the post was forwarded to 500 people, out of them 383 persons forwarded it to their friends and they wrote back to mention that Lady Luck visited them within a week. And it varied from a sudden promotion to a winning a car as a prize (the person had forwarded to 1832 persons). But the 117 people who decided to delete were suprised at the sudden setbacks, it varied from car accidents to sudden lay offs and in two cases being struck by lightning.

This is in the second stage. And its being sent out to 5000 people. We are in the process of having a website, with the names of the people who have benefited by forwarding this email. And so do mention what Lady Luck did to you to the person who forwarded this email, and that person will mention it to the person who had forwarded it to him/her and thus prove to the scientists, with email linkchain, the amazing goodwill and good luck the net can generate.

PPS : You dont have to read the entire, just forward - Life007


Oh now I understand why Life007 sent this, he thought, but why hadnt he written about not having to read it earlier. He thought of cutting and pasting that message on the top, then decided he didnt have time for it, and just forwarded it to everyone in his addressbook.

I will compensate it with a forward on North and South Indian women he decided. And if I get a promotion, I owe it Life007 and I must remember to write back to him and prove the scientists wrong. Now if I post it in a blog, will 1832 persons see it he wondered..

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