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May 9, 2006

Do U Know - Underweight Under Five Children in India

Approximately 47% of India’s under-five population is underweight. (There are more undernourished children in India than in the African Continent).

Search Engines allowed. Answer on Thursday.

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  1. 47 %, a "shocking"figure indeed!


    Couldn't resist answering when i saw the updated feed :P

  2. ramses, well its always nice to see u on my blog, especially this blog, but hey studyyyy:)

    and the figure is absolutely shocking and unfortunately doesnt get the attention it requires..

    shane warne's antics gets more headlines..

  3. Hi Ge,

    I didn't know the answer but before I could google for it I saw Ramse's comment...shoking indeed...

    About the attention it requires..guess many such important things get ignored...don't they??

  4. yes jitu. and the news was released this fortnight its 47% will update blog later havin net probs

  5. oh gosh!! :O
    I didnt know that.....

  6. yes.. nothing gosh to know .. if you follow the communists speaches. I am not a lefty but i listen to their election speaches and it gives a true rural picture of india which gets invisible in the glamorous urban life and projection

  7. I was impressed with your brief on " I am wise, when the donkey in myself I recognise:)"

    I am a wise fool because i know i am a fool and have wisdom to know i am fool .

    doesnt it sound similiar.

    Yes I call myself a wise fool.

    does donkey is referred to a fool.

  8. nupur yes:(

    known stranger, hmmm nice paradox:)

    on the wise fool..well i think there is a beautiful chinese proverb on it..something about the wise knowing how much they dont know..

  9. Doctor said i'm also under weight and i'm 23... isnt this is even more shocking!


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