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May 29, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Partners at Work

"Dear Aargh
Our company has started a matrimonial website for us. What do you think?

I dont know if the person who devised this idea is a fan of Arjun Singh, I think it has more problems than benefits. Dont even dream of marrying someone within your office. And here are some reasons to avoid it.

1. You cant party all night and say you were working late. (So what if it works for the spouse too. Its just going to lead to resentment within marriage).

2. You cant pretend to be the most important person at work.

3. Your spouse will be aware of every bonus, incentive, raise that you get or dont get.

4. Colleagues who want to annoy you, would either flirt with your spouse or mention you were flirting with them (depending on their sex or sexuality)

5. Its tough to site traffic jam as an excuse for being late, when your spouse arrives on time.

6. Neither of you would be able to finish work at the same time, yet you would be obliged to wait for one another, in view of petrol hikes, and its just going to lead to resentment and more time at work. (You would think, let me finish this report while I wait, and your spouse would finish it 15 mins before you finish that report and then would start on another report till you finish this report.. )

7. Chances of both of you getting the same day off is slim, if in the same department.

8. It would be tough for one of you to quit on the spot, after yelling at the boss because, the other would have to face the heat.

9. If your building collapses, both of you are going to suffer physically.

10. If you work in a company like Enron, both of you are likely to suffer, financially

11. If you have a fight at home, others at work might know about it and as luck would have it, the colleague you hate the most, would be your spouse's best friend.

12. Your spouse could end up being your boss, and thats just going to cause resentment at home and irritation at work, and ultimately, a dash for divorce.

In a nutshell, if you are partners at work,
chances are, your life partnership wont work.

And instead of being eternally grateful and offering me a month's salary atleast, I got this reply from S

"#$#@$#@@$, this was my idea,did you forget I am in HR?
Some corporates are already doing it in India and it isnt bizzare
And instead of saying I would get a promotion at work
You are stupid enough to think this wont work."

Aargh :(

Aargh Diaries is a fictional series


  1. Yes, indeed nice points.

    I believe that your spouse must work at different field.. no competition, no jealousy, no fights, no divorce.

    Thats why i'm looking for a girl with medical background.. LOL!


  2. hidden idea behind is, they want employees to become fulltime slave.....

    i completely agree with Nishu's statement....


  3. LMAO... nice points Gayatri. Esp. the 2nd point. :)

  4. nishu :)) and you are ..?
    guess will have to check ur blog for that..

    the protector, yeah absolutely

    vaibhav yeah thats my favourite, along with the one on the promotions you Dont get.. :D

  5. Seriously... I'm coming here for the second time, just to have a good laugh! :)
    I'm fwding this link to ppl.

    Btw.. thanks for the link which u posted on my blog. It was nice!

  6. vaibhav :)) aah that cheers me up

    and on the article, well it reflects what i think on the topic:)


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