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May 6, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Mr.Wannabe Popular and TN Elections

An Email from my friend who is not from Tamilnadu.

Dear Aargh
I will have to go to Chennai tonight. I dont want to appear dumb when the local politics is being discussed and want to blend by voicing the popular view. So tell me what I should tell where.

Dear Friend, this is a quick guide to TN Assembly Election.

1.Forget BJP and Congress. Unlike in other states, they are not a major ruling or opposition party. But they allign with AIADMK and DMK. And of course they switch their alliances.

2.To find out who belongs to which party and believes which party will win, just ask which TV channel they watch. AIADMK followers will watch Jaya TV and of course will believe that Amma will rule again. DMK followers will watch Sun TV and obviously believe that Karunanidhi will win. Even if they aren't Party followers, those who watch these channels would have been brainwashed into believing it through endless ads and "news".

3.The hot topic would be the switch of Vaiko, MDMK.
He was earlier imprisoned by Amma under POTA. But now he has switched from DMK to AIADMK. If you meet a Sun TV viewer, moan how money is everything in politics and that Vaiko has no shame and mention people are not fools now. If you meet a Jaya TV viewer point out that even Karunanidhi changes from BJP ,led NDA alliance, to Congress, and he cant expect others to be unlike him. If the person nods but is uncomfortable in praising Amma, its a Vaiko fan who believes that after defeating DMK, Vaiko will rise and defeat Amma and become Chief Minister one day. Dont suggest, but if you come across this suggestion, just nod and say of course.

4.DMK has promised, it would lower the price of rice to Rs.2, and free Color TV, Gas stove, and assignment of 2 acres land to the landless poor farmers, waiver of all cooperative loans of the farmers etc. AIADMK has promised free rice of 10kg and a computer to every student who clears 12th std and some more freebies
To the Sun TV viewer, mention how finally the manifesto is pro people and how Amma initially mentioned the rice rate was impossible and then changed to free rice. To the Jaya TV viewer point out, DMK is not giving it from its party funds, that ultimately its taxpayers money. And ridicule free TV and compare it with computer.
Dont be stupid enough to mention almost 60% of Tamilnadu's rural population dont have access to a toilet. So how come TVs are more important than toilets?Or ask has anything been mentioned on healthcare and is there a policy on HIV/AIDS since the state has the highest number of HIV/AIDS patient?

5.Star Wars. Simran and Kushboo are with Amma, Radhika and Sarathkumar have gone from DMK to Amma. T Rajendar has gone back to DMK again, from Amma. Karthik is with a different party and claims his candidates are being threathened by AIADMK. Vijayakanth has a new party but since he has no TV channel, people dont seem to care much for him. Veerapan's wife is standing as an independent candidate and you can always talk about Veerapan, even if you dont know nothing about his wife. If you are with a Sun TV viewer, mention the IT minister Dayanidhi Maran is a big hit. To the Jaya TV viewer point out that thanks to Maran, Sun News can have live telecast of speeches but not Jaya TV and the crowds come not to hear the speeches but to be on TV.

Of course you can come across a person who says I watch Vijay TV, Raj TV, Win TV, DD or someother channel.. But if you do, just ask them their opinion , they are bound to have one. And nod..And you can always get away with most of the politicians are cheats and nothings going to change.

And dont make the mistake of asking if they will vote to the people you meet. Having an opinion on who should win and who will win and why someone will win doesnt mean the person will vote.

For more on the leading parties, watch the Channel wars and even though the propoganda is supposed to end today, I dont think the channels will stop airing their "news".


  1. hehehe, So true gaya!!

    its funny this particular election, more than any pof the prev elections inTN.

    hype is at its peak!

    TV!ridiculous indeed, eltsee how MK will manage to get seruppu adi's form the ppl who complain to him that coz o his TV, electricity bills have gone up, and plus have to pay a 150 odd to even watch a channel on tat TV apart fomr DD!

    of course, its possible to ridicule evry 'promised' beneifits,that these politicos have come up wi!


    wrt to ur re to my prev cmt:), me doing fine..exams coming up not been bloggin much..ive been following all ur posts[poems], just not been able to cmt ...and loved reading em all.

    and no compulsion, u can read my posts any time:)..
    thanks gaya,

    and again re to ur cmt on applesandwomen:

    "she has risen:)", its vainness of teh mind she realised, and she loved ur words!!! very poignant.

  2. ramses all the best for exams:)
    and nice to know she has risen..we all have these phases, (including me )..and its human to go thru the entire spectrum of emotions..

    on the post, ramses he has implied he will give free cable too:d
    and yeah forget the bills, so many dont have power connections and the toilet figure is no joke..

  3. Hi GE,
    Well have commented on this at your o3 page...
    Have given a rss feed of this page at my 360 page.Just let me now ..if you have any objections I'll remove it...i have just started it and didn't know kii kiss cheej kaa link it struck me that it would do a lot of ppl gooc if more could/would read your posts.
    Reasons lol well you have already stated that in your profile.:D:D:D:D.
    Will come back to check your reply.:)

  4. now that was a true refresher course ...and ofcorse coming from you it was all the more of an eye opener. I hope whoever wins should pls pls get amnesia and forget all these "freebie promises" like other promises so that the common man doesnt suffer 100 times more.

  5. wow.. amazing. i enjoyed your post more than the channel views and exit polls. you are brilliant.


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