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May 15, 2006

Leo in your Life

Scratched your head, pulled your hair and screamed to the heaven, Oh God why did you put this $%#$@^ Leo in my life!!? Well hear is your answer.

1.Leo Employees
You would want to hire someone who would Work Hard, yet would be Happy to be paid Less.
Your search stops with the Leo Employee. Forget the salary, give a fancy designation, preferably President of ____. Mention frequently how much you appreciate the employee, how valuable the person is to the organisation and watch the magic!

2.Leo Boss
Ask for advise and guidance. APPRECIATE the advise and guidance, and the Practical Demonstration of your job, you would have your Boss doing your job too. And what more do you want?

3.Leo Spouse
Appreciate,Admire,Appreciate. Even if it comes to cleaning the toilet, do it and to start with, you will have the cleanest toilet in town.
If the food is burnt, appreciate your spouse for eating burnt food and you will have her/him eating out of your hand.
If you disagree, appreciate your spouse for giving you the freedom to call him/her names.
You can do whatever you want, just learn to appreciate forever.
And dont forget Leos can be generous. Just hint that royalty and generousity go together. (No need to hint Leos are like royalty, they would be aware of it). But just be careful, while it will be wonderful if they showered their generousity on you, you would be bankrupt if everyone around your spouse, starts with the hints.

4.Leo Child
Yes its tough when your child thinks it knows more than you. But just appreciate its maturity and request the Leo darling to be more responsible. Leo hates letting others down.

5.Leo Blogger
No comments in your blog? Want an ego boost through the number of hits and comments.
Comment on a Leo Blogger's Blog. No need to agree, appreciating the other point of view would do..
And appreciate the Leo, when the Leo comments and mention how encouraging it is for you.
Just mention it everytime, one time appreciation is never enough for Leos. And you dont have to look hard for a Leo blogger. They may not believe in zodiacs, and astrology, but a Leo will never fail to admit he/she is an Leo. After all a group of Lions are called pride, and in being Leos, Leos take pride.

So go ahead, Thank God for putting a Leo in your life. And if you dont have one, go get a Leo in your life. But errr stick to one, its not easy taming the lions.

PS : Non - Leos, as always, while commenting,please remember Leo has a capital L.


  1. And thanks about your comment regarding the Youth icon. Told u media controls most of the people's mind. I know it's not cool, but since me is a part of media - I'm in someway responsible for this!

  2. ha ha of course i am a leo, i have written more leo posts (its there in the categories itself)

    on youth icon, actually was worried u would be offended, sometimes, things are not clear cut as they have to be.
    its like being a defense lawyer who thinks the client could be guilty, but realising, its not the lawyer's duty to judge a client, but to give the best to the client..

  3. hi gaya
    basically i thought as u were doing ur Msc. those posts under amusing musings belongs to ur that exp. :-)
    The thoguht of another gayathri never touched my mind at all :-D

    read ur leo post ..but leos are always my best friends ....:-)

  4. hey gaya checks mehaks post abt helpage india ad..may be u can also write something more abt it ..

  5. Exactly my point. So yes, I hate the shitty hindi music which MYV plays but hey.. I'm doing my job! :)

  6. saaya thanks and i will definitely read and try to do something:)


  7. u do sound like a leo....

    did u say anythin about a capital L ;-)


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