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May 30, 2006

Do U Know - Tobacco Deaths

1 in 10 adults, die due to tobacco (about 5 million deaths each year). Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.Search Engines allowed, answer on Thursday. Source : None got it right:( Busybee though got almost to it.

Smokers, its horrible to my blog, why do this to your life? :D

Find out what happens when you quit smoking

And how foolish of you to go out and reduce your life by 11 MINUTES, with EVERY CIGARETTE you smoke. If that's not bad enough, smokers are likely to die a more painful death and spend longer being ill while they are alive.

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  1. tats a good informative post on World anit-tobacco day..


  2. Another nice post, Gayatri!

    I despise smoking and can't stand it when people blow second-hand smoke in my face. It's sad to know that smoking is considered as "cool" and esp. in my field of the media, it's mandatory to take a 'smoke break' with your boss. Thankfully my boss doesn't smoke. :)

    I asked/tried to convince/ridiculed people to give up smoking. So far no success. But no harm in trying!

    This was on my mind and thought blog about it someday. But damn, u beat me to it! :)

  3. protector thanks and your post is apt too:)

    vaibhav thanks..yeah the worst is the "smoke break"

    well i did it because its anti-tobacco day today.. and earlier too had written on this when a blogger mentioned he smoked:D
    and even today the "sex life..smoke" post gets daily hits when people search for" donkey sex " :D

    actually i think i would be writin another post on this:) and hey do write your post, i think u would have more chances of convincing ppl:)

  4. Gaya, here is the link of my new home

  5. I don't smoke but I am sick of those people who smoke while walking on the road..

  6. tarun thanks for the link:)
    Yes passive smoking is extremely irritating:)


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