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Jun 3, 2006

Me Myself & I - Dont Fret Just a Quartet

Tagged by Vaibhav, Its something of a 'Quartet' tag..

You have 4 options with this post
1.Read everything and pretend its interesting and say you had a good time reading it
2.Go straight to the last point and see if you are tagged and if you are tagged, read everything from the top, write a comment and write your own post,
3.Go straight to the last point and if you are not tagged, get mad with me for not tagging you or
4.Yawn and read my previous post.

So now that I have given you the options, here are the answers

4 Jobs I’ve had :
Regional Coordinator (That was the last desgn after working for 5 years in almost every department with the company)
Recruitment Consultant (Being a partner was grand, the tension wasnt)
Writer. Researching for legal issues, did a lot for me personally too. And though its fun being paid, there is more fun not having an editor and so became Stay at home Blogger (that was last year when I spent more time blogging than being a homemaker)
Insurance Advisor (Right now)
and hopefully after 2 more years, Psychologist:)

4 Films I could watch again and again:
Miss Congeniality
One Fine Day
And why should it be only 4, lets include Mouna Raagam, Anbe sivam and Anniyan:)

4 Places I’ve lived in:
Mumbai (all the studies)
Chennai (my work)
Darsait, Oman (where I watched for more than a year, CNN and BBC and still didnt get bored )
and where I am now:D
And the only one I look forward to is Kolkatta, just thought it would be interesting to live in a city, which still sees Red:)

4 TV series I like to watch:
Boston Legal and everything else by David Kelly
Law and Order Special Victims unit
BBC Documentaries
Also Dr.Phil and Friends

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
Kovalam, Kerala (Its absolutely fab.)
Ooty and Kodaikannal (nice but crowded)
Yercaud (nice because its not too crowded)
And according to some, right now everyday of my life is a vacation:)

4 websites I visit everyday:
thehungersite and bhookh to click for free food
Rediff for news
Google - Search, News, Gmail
Ibnlive /NDTV just to cross check the news
and blogspot and o3 when I am blogging

4 Favourite dishes:
Plain boiled potato
Cheese with anything
Adai (its dosai with different pulses)

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
Indiatimes Office (I still havent got access to my main blog after all these months)
How pathetic I can think of anything else
How fantastic I am where I would prefer to be

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  1. Me is first! That was the quickest tag completion, I know.

  2. Shrek is one of my all time fav. movie... forgot to inlcude it in my list. :(

    How, oh how in this world, could you like Miss Congeniality?

  3. yeah shrek is my favourite too..the donkey is partly inspired from the shrek's donkey:d and i liked ur blog the moment i saw it, coze of the pic:)
    big fan of sandra b. sort of like the charac she plays sinc i am similarly clumsy :D and speed i cant watch over and wrote congen..if i had to watch it over and over i would collapse..

    i think ther are many movies one likes but which one wouldnt want to watch over and over..i prefer signs, or crouchin tiger over congen but then i dont think it would be great to wath them over and over.

    if i had to watch some tv stuff for timepass and for watchin over and over it would probably be friends..but that doesnt make it my favourite..

    on the speed..unless its spontan..i generally never post it.. :D so i post all the tags immly:D (Except one which i havent posted for some months..(i dont post the O3 tags in this blog because it spoils the main blog so its in


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