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Jun 27, 2006

Thank God - I have mouth ulcers and a toothache

Thank God I have mouth ulcers and a toothache

1.I eat only what I need to eat, not what I want to eat. Now, thats the first step not only to weightloss but also a healthy life.

2.I can keep my mouth shut and not prove to the world I am stupid.

3.I can appreciate that life is not so easy, even when it comes to the easiest task like swallowing saliva.

4.Its the 4th day, and I would see the dentist only today. Aah the advantages of living in Chennai, where I would have rushed to the dentist the same day.

5.I am not worried about an earthquake hitting me just when the dentist is working on my teeth. Right now the pain is almost killing me. And hopefully I wont tremor today at the thought of another tremor and irritate the dentist. (God that doesnt mean you should send an earthquake, to test me or the skills of the dentist during an earthquake.)

6.Now perhaps my spouse will believe that I had kept "moun vrath" for some days, successfully while at college. And I can keep quiet when I want to. (Ok change it to, I can keep quiet when I have to..)

7.I get sympathy. Sure I get it for my dead son and miscarriage. But that also meant stopping me, when I am in a hurry, to mention the latest temple or specialist for getting a child. (Uh and some still think the easiest way to get a child is to drop into an orphanage). And I dont have to go into the details of how and why my son died, just when I am about to have my food. (Why do people think thats the best time to ask?). And right now I could use with the information on the best dentists around me..

8.I can stop at 9 points and bloggers wont ask me hey couldnt you round it up.

9.I need not comment on something I dont want to comment and get away with it by pointing out the title

10.I realise how much my spouse loves me. After all, coming back from a trip and being hungry and trying to find a dentist who is at work after 8 and then, cooking isnt easy.

11.I dont have to tone down my shrill voice, I dont have to worry about my neighbour hearing what I talk with my spouse (No there is no correction. Its not when I fight..)

12.I realise the importance of taking care of myself. So next time I am in Chennai, the dentist gets top priority.

13.I dont have to clean, be an insurance advisor, or study for my psychology exams. OK its true on many other days, but now I dont have to feel guilty about it.

14.Even if the mouth ulcers seems to be spread out like the best defenders in football, out to stop my goal of feeding myself, the toothache is mostly on one side. And I am sure it would be worse if every tooth started aching.

15.It could be the wisdom tooth and now I dont have to feel guilty about the "Wise" before the Donkey. Even if my words arent filled with wisdom, I can claim, my mouth has some wisdom:D

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  1. Hehehe.

    for me it should rather be, a stick away from my foot and mouth disease.


    n ya,the hehehe was for the humourous tone alone.

    n hope you get allright soon:-/

  2. Good God, how can u come up with such funny stuff! How o how? We might just poach u!


  3. ramses :D thanks.
    back from the dentist, and its 4 tablets and a mouthwash for the moment..

    vaibhav , actually i write funny stuff, when i am angry and as i discovered now, in pain..what else can i do..its paining and i cant even grit my teeth tried to look at the positive side and actually didnt think i would go beyond 3 or 4..
    i had another post Thank God I am not a celebrity but instead of that wrote this..

    poach me !!!!!!!!!
    ha ha ha ha now that will be the first trial for donkey poaching:D

  4. I am wondering what to say

    God bless you with more


    Get well soon

    So its on you what you take both on your way

  5. I dont have to go into the details of how and why my son died


  6. shady, i think i have had enough of this experience so i will take the Get Well Soon..:D

    Vaibhav, he had a heart problem , which was diagnosed before birth - TGA. the artries and veins are switched and the good blood goes back to heart and bad blood goes back to body without being purified.
    surgery was the best option..otherwise he would have grown up retarded and or died after some years..
    he didnt survive the open heart surgery..after all he was only 6 days old..

    during those 6 days i was running around makin everyone feel good, helping hte nurses and other patients etc, and doctors came over and asked me if i knew the seriousnes of the situation ..

    perhaps thats the height of trying to make the best out of the situation..

    PS : i dont believe in piting myself, there are worse things that happen in our world..
    His memories matter to me, but they are not everything..If life is fair , 24000 wont die from hunger everyday..
    (and i am not into "issues" because of this, because i was into issues always, i could deal better with it).
    But if I reach heaven I am going to shake God and ask "How could you do this to me and send God to Hell" :D

    PPS : But thats assuming i go to heaven :))

  7. takecare lady,hope the ache is gone and you can grit your teeth now whenever you want:D
    Hugs to you:)

  8. alapana :) i am told it will be there for couple of days..
    thanks and you too take care dear:)

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