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Jun 4, 2006

Me Myself & I - Call the Doctor Call the Doctor

Yeah I know the medicos have called off the strike..But I want to call the doctor because I have being tagged by Lavina with “Operation Tag“. She had a fantastic idea of bugging everyone at o3 by tagging them and eliminating this tag, like small pox. Cool idea lavs. Hope reading my answers wont make the bloggers think it would be better if they had bird flu..And without wasting any more of your time, here goes the Q & A

1. Who is your favorite cartoon character & why..?
Shrek. Because Shrek likes Donkey

2. If given a choice which word will you remove from the dictionary.....?
Kewl , if it ever makes it to the dictionary. It irritates me a lot.

3. What is the wallpaper(on your desktop) & why.......?
Purple Flower. Well my comp crashed last week and though I am fussy about my template, I dont care for screensavers and wallpapers, and had not changed them from default. And thanks to the question, scrolled through my wallpaper options and that was the one that I liked. Autumn and Ripple were interesting ones too.. PS : Changed it to Autumn, I felt there was something weird about the black center of the flower. It felt like an eye staring at me.

4. Which blog do you visit the most...?
Obviously my blogs, but other than varies. Last couple of months it was Meticulously Underthought. Because it makes me think and thinking makes me feel good about myself. Vaibhav I visit quite regularly. On o3, I think I visit all my regular ones, equally. And I terribly miss Scithought. I visited it a lot, when it was active.

5. Do you prefer Hindi movies to English....? If not...Why..?
No, unless its by Madhu Bhandarkar or the other 4-5 directors I like.
Why watch the "inspired" versions when you can watch the inspiration. So I watch Tamil and English movies.

6. What did you have for dinner last night....?
Pasta, then Idlis and Onion Uthapan. Go figure out why, if possible.

7. Are you a gizmo freak...?
I am a control freak..but gizmo no, thankfully.

8. What is the size of your waist......?
Why you plan to buy me jeans?

9. Did you ever color your hair....?
With talcum powder for grey hair, because I wanted to look older. I hate coloring since I believe all the chemicals will just harm the hair, irrespective of what the ads say. And since I already became semi bald once (for the curious, the crowing glory came back in couple of months) I dont mess much with my hair. And that also means I comb my hair once a week or when I want to give a treat to my family or when I have to meet someone officially.

10. This question is by choice;)Frame a question and answer .....?
Question : How many Indians die from hunger Everyday
Answer : 7000. And you were complaining about...

11. What is your fav deo/perfumes...?
Its a perfume I got as gift for my wedding and the gifter is not sure where she got it.. And its so obscure that even Google has not been helpful in locating it, so I have given up. But I have saved few drops of it after almost 9 years..Funny I have forgotten the name. Lozario??? Generally I like fruity ones. And right now its Pear Splash.

Well…..who takes this tag??

Atlast. And I thought it would never end. Vaibhav Godo Peshwa Savy Pluto


  1. ah ha.....nice to c ur answers so soon! thats nice :)
    kool answers :)
    thanx once again

  2. is that info about hunger deaths
    really true???????????

  3. Hello, Wise Donkey,
    Done it. I'm sure that a lot of Angel Loves are already flapping their wings in that direction, too. May God bless you and! Hope you have a good week ahead, Wise Donkey. May it be filled with lots of angel visits. Take care. :-)

  4. lavina thanks:)

    tejbir, yeah check

    ellen :)

  5. loved d 1st answer..... hee hee hee
    good one ma'ite...!!

    why again on blogspot...???

  6. peshwa i am always on blogspot, and always link to this blog even in my o3 comments.
    in o3 i post when the admin allows me to..and since it has allowed partially, i am posting partially:)

  7. U tagged me???


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