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Jun 15, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Hot Idea, Cold Reception

At lunch, the admin guy was worrying about high electricity bills to his colleague. Eager to curry favour with the admin people, I chipped in, "Perhaps its due to high usage of the air conditioner. A.C is not a need but a luxury, minimise its usage and your bill would automatically reduce."

He seemed extremely pleased and thanked me and left soon, presumably to tell his wife to switch off the AC during afternoon. And pleased with myself, I had a leisurely lunch and came back to find my cubicle, hot.

Aargh,! Seems he had been worried about the EB bill at work and not home.

Now I am busy, hoping to find a clause in my contract which mentions that the hours I put in, has to be in a pleasant cool atmosphere, though my colleagues try to compensate it with looks, that could convert Sahara into Antartica.

Aargh Diaries is a fictional series. Previous Aargh Diaries. Blog Post No.296


  1. There are these ATMs I have seen where it is written that due to isntructions fro power companies the AC will be off from 9 PM to 9 AM . Leaves me wondering why AC is required at all for ATM use

  2. hahah funny... etho pedikka poi ethi aana kathai


  3. LOL donks .. very funny!

    it's the opposite here.. A/c is just oo much.. feel cold! :(

  4. awesome.. this is brilliant; serves pesky ppl (like you) right for trying to make other's lives miserable !!!

  5. whiskypriest, yes thats a valid point..perhaps only fan would suffice:d

    protector yeah:d but thankfully aargh diaries is a fictional series :D

    vaibhav hmmm perhaps u should talk about the high bills :d

  6. kandykane:
    err its only a fictional entry, i was trying to make a point thru it, to someone:D

  7. Well got to know your name today.
    three cows? No wonder you chose a better name like wise donkey?
    Is a wise donkey wiser than three cows put together?

    I am kidding though. It is among my all time favorite names like Bhavani and Shivani.

  8. :)) wise donkey because its gender neutral and i had a blog called kick (kick - the first expression of life:D)

    gayathri is not a bad name, but there are quiet a few gayatri/gayathri on the net, this one is better.
    funny one of the few names that i like happens to be bhavani..

    but its not pleasant to tell non bloggers that my blog id is wisedonkey..they automatically think smartass? which of course i didnt think earlier.:D

  9. actually this seems more like Hot Idea, Hot Reception, no?

    been checking out the aargh diaries. great theme!

  10. marc:))
    well the temperature might have been hot, but attitude of the colleagues was quite cold:D

  11. Dear Wisedonkey,
    good morning....

  12. Nice comment Shrawan, now go read the post :P

  13. hi gaya!!
    kalpesh here!!
    wats up?? long time no mail??
    how r things goin on??

  14. hi kalpesh well till april i was on a trip, and after that less time on net and hectic:)


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