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Jun 6, 2006

Do U Know - Indian Women & Water

Its a Long Walk, for even a Single Drop
And unless we think this is an Issue,
It will not get attention from those at the top
And their misery will never stop
Oh even for a Single Drop, a Long Walk
Lets start by writing about it
and make the topic worthy of atleast a talk,
After all our heart is not made of, rock

It is estimated that in India, women fetching water spend 150 million workdays per year, equivalent to a national loss of income of 10 Billion Rupees.

Search Engines allowed. Answer on Thursday

Update : Protector, Decentmonkey, Amita, Prasad,and Priya got it right

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  1. 150 million women workdays per year

    am shocked on seeing the data.....


  2. the data is very discouraging..
    while a small part of India spends time watching "Pepsi TV" a larger part has to spend similar amount of time, fetching water, and this includes even girls, who have to obviously miss school..

  3. Search Engines allowed.

    reminds me of a teacher with danda in her hand, asking her pupils.

    oh and the pepsi TV thingy, thot u were beyond it.

  4. :)bangaloreguy
    but i have to mention the search engine, since it would a futile question most of the time, and anyway i use search engines to research on these things:D
    well when coke pays less for its water than many people, i cant get help mad ..


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