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Jun 27, 2006

Do U Know - Deaths from Preventable Environmental Causes

A recent WHO report estimates that 13 million deaths annually are due to preventable environmental causes.As much as 24% of global disease is caused by environmental exposures which can be averted.

The four main diseases influenced by poor environments are diarrhoea, lower respiratory infections, various forms of unintentional injuries, and malaria.

Measures which could be taken now to reduce this environmental disease burden include the promotion of safe household water storage and better hygienic measures; the use of cleaner and safer fuels; increased safety of the built environment, more judicious use and management of toxic substances in the home and workplace; better water resource management.

Now is it soooooooo tough to implement these measures. Where should our priority lie? And where should the media's priorities lie? How come we dont hear much about this? And its only an oneday headline? We are talking about 13 million lives Every Year, surely we care?

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Whiskeypriest, Decentmonkey and Amita got it right:)


  1. Yeah rightly pointed out..

    Diarrhoea is a major killer. These seemingly innocuous diseases kill more than AIDS worldwide.

  2. aj and its so maddening when it can be prevented

  3. me dunnos this one :( will wait for thurs.

    is it 30%,60% or 90%?:D

  4. 24%! 13mln!

    interestng figures Gaya!

    and yes, hi :) how's the pain of the mouth?hope it's much better:-/

  5. lives r just not so valuable anymore...

    its sad, i know

  6. ramses, its still hurting:)

    @$#!$# yes, but i get mad with the hypocrisy of some lives are more important than the rest..


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