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May 3, 2006

Fly & I - Why a Fly

The Fly refuses to fly away
And my thoughts & posts on the fly, too refuses to fly away
Even though I realise, blogs on Flies ,
Will make my blog readers fly away

But then this blog is about my
expressions, not just for the readers eye
So what if they choose to skip this post
More than them, I should value myself the most

Now back to the Fly and I
or rather the Fly and Why

Not why I blog about Fly
But about why some life would want to be a fly
Not a significant life
And what is life
If its not significant?

And who decides the significance of the life
The media of course, without them, what would be life?
or the cool people who ask you to "get a life"?

But then is there a difference between being significant in others eyes
But not being significant to yourself because you stop being "I"
And whats that "I", is it just what one perceives of "I"

What will be the fly if it perceives itself as not a fly?
Will its life be one big lie?

Or what if its parents lied
and told it was more significant
and not just a mere fly
Told it, one can be what one wants to be
Yet do want something significant
Even if one doesnt want anything significant

What should one be?
Something significant?
Something one is good at?
Even if one doesnt want to be That?

So if the soul within the fly had an option
Would it still have choosen to be a fly
Would it choose to be a guy
or a big star in the sky
Or think I still want to be a fly,
because otherwise I wont be I

Guess the real I is the "I", I want to be
Even when I dont have any reason to be that "I"
And yet willing to take responsibility for being that "I"

Aaah life seems so easy for the fly
It doesnt have to questions like Why
But then still I dont want to be a fly
So there I go with another blog on fly

Significant, the fly might not be
Yet I blog about it
Simply because I want to do it
And "I" am the most significant in my life.


  1. I believe u r getting better day by day!
    Now its rhyming and indicating significance of being significant in terms of "I", and on top of it, whether you being a fly or "I".

    seems like u r catering, outside our species too!! LOL!

    Good post, keep it up.


  2. hmmm not sure about getting better though i am tempted to agree with it. i think i have different phases and ultimately this is just another phase..

    but i am enjoyin this phase of not worryin over the response to my blog post..well almost:)

  3. "And who decides the significance of the life"

    well as calvin says standing under an open sky: "I am significant, so screamed the dust speck"

    so do i...

  4. the fly flew stright in the stew

  5. i am getting a flying feeling to flee

  6. WDM,

    This was a very, very touching post! It was very allegorical.

    I could be wrong, but maybe, you also wanted to challenge yourself into writing a post that might not become popular. :) Conjecture--have mercy! ;)

    The best lines were aspiration about being a guy or a star. 'Guy' was because fly is a female?

    And that line, about taking responsibility:

    And yet willing to take responsibility for being that "I"

    You've summarized yourself very well in this poem! Truly admirable poem--for the person you are, and the way you expressed yourself through this poem, shifting from mild humor to some of your most profound, core beliefs on how to live life!

    Truly, I'm just citing what I liked in this poem, without using adjectives, only 'cuz I don't know what adjectives to use! :)

    Keep it (the person you are, and they way your write) up!

    Thanks for bringing me to this post. :)


  7. ketan, thank you:)
    well i was wondering if everyone would choose to be a guy (humans and flies)

  8. You will curse me for this , to my delight. The mark of being desi is quite apparent. To project the art and conceal the artist is all art about. "I" must merely be a projection and not the object itself and definitely not the subject, to be civilized. Could that be a 'fly in the ointment?'.

    Those who heap praises do so for selfish reason of seeking conformity. And conformity has a dreadful property of being consistent. Self consistency is utterly boring. An art that bores fails the objective it seeks to achieve. An woman is never boring, as long as you only have to watch her and not talk or listen to. Poetry is akin to an woman of delightful sins, the cure for which is some more sinning. The Devil wouldn't get bored with it. -:)

    I think I am terribly fascinating as I never mean what I say. And more often than not, I never say the same thing again. Instead, I amuse myself by revolting against what others confirm to.

  9. Kiran,

    Interesting views above, assuming I understood them! If enigma and a teasing amount of ambiguity is a mark of good poetry, then indeed your comment above was quite poetic! ;)

    Is it possible, for instance, that all women need not be same?

    Is it possible, for instance, that someone actually produces great work of art with some consistency, and hence the consistency in praise it earns?

    Is it possible, for instance, that in attempt of simply not conforming, "I" begins to project a random new "I" every time, and forgets what it itself ever stood for?

    Is it possible, for instance, to keep life simple, and to keep on enjoying it precisely for its simplicity, and not look for the ulterior simply for the perverse pleasure that suspicion provides?

    Is it possible, for instance, to not disown something we say with full consciousness, and in a proper context by not draping it with a layer of purported frivolity?

    And yes, usually I don't prefer being so poetic myself unless and until my audience(?) seems eager for some poetry!



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