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Apr 29, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Akshaya Tritiya Plan

Today at work, its not "Whats your weekend plan?" but "Whats your Akshaya Tritiya Plan?"
So while most of the colleagues have made a booking with their jewellers and bankers (who are smart enough to be open on Sunday), there are still a couple of colleagues who are still trying out to figure the best deal from few hundred brochures.
Of course its not just gold, one colleague has decided to buy a car and has received 28 suggestions and offers for 5 car loans till now.
One is going to give to charity. And the rest of the office is advising her against it. After all what if she would have to spend the rest of the year giving to people? So she has decided to buy something and then think of giving.
And aargh now its my I stammer"Hmmm well you know actually Akshaya Tritiya is also celebration of Parasuram's birthday. You know the avatar of Vishnu where he had an axe and so uh, I am going to get an axe.."Stares from every corner, and then a voice asked "Gold Axe?"
"No" my conscience replied. But then I dont want to be the Weirdo at Work so added "in Platinum. Miniature of course.. but you know platinum is now in. And in platinum is mentioned as the blessed metal."
Well now its gold vs platinum discussion and I am not a pathetic loser in the eyes of my colleagues..
As for my akshaya tritiya plans.. I know its going to be crowded. And I dont want to come back with a lost wallet (Would it mean I would keep losing something everyday?). Sure I could buy online but then even thats bound to be crowded. And who wants to spend hours before a screen.
Will have fun with my friends and hope the entire year will be filled with fun. But then, my friends have their own Akshaya Tritiya Plans....Hope they have something good on TV tommorrow..
Aargh Diaries is a fictional series.


  1. on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, we have to donate to needy people, but now-a-days these jwellers made it a business....


  2. Everything has been commercialised now... sigh!

  3. vishnu yes.

    vaibhav sigh yes:)


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