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Apr 1, 2006

Just an Update

Tingling All Over
You read about it , but when you experience it, its actually quite unbelievable. Well thats what happened for a few seconds when I read an email today. A blogger, whom I have never met , is going to get married and most importantly sure and happy about the decision. (More than the marriage, the reason for marriage is important).

April Fool?
And talking about bloggers, going to attend the Chennai Blog Meet today. And hopefully its not an April Fools Joke on me. And hopefully I dont spoil the fun..Bit nervous on that.

5 things Bloggers would know about Wise Donkey after meeting her in person.
1.She has atleast the wisdom to call herself a Donkey.
2.She is clumsy
3.She never combs her hair
4.She is poor in conversations. Either she keeps quiet a lot or never stops talking
5.Next there is a blog meet, please lets not invite her.

Will update later and have a wonder April Fools Day


  1. Me Firstt! I hope you have a great time at the blogger's meet. And yeah...Happy Fool's Day

  2. G3,

    hee hee...LOL @ 3-5

    On fools day...i was cheated twice today:(

    by my collegue and i was totally forgotten today is April 1st...

  3. If I had ur email I wud hav sent u a nice choice of words to u...X(

    Ur word verification in bloggers meet post is driving me matter how many times and how soon am entering the words, its always saying not correct....X(


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