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Apr 1, 2006

Bloggers in Action during Elections

There was a Bloggers meet in Chennai, in view of the forthcoming Assembly Elections. It was attended by B,A,J,P,I J2 and of course Wise Donkey. (Ids protected to avoid harrassment and unnecessary solicitation/)

Though it was a lunch meet, more than the menu, the manifestos of various parties were scrutinisied deeply. It was agreed that bloggers should extend support to only one political party and blog only about that party till the elections.

One blogger wondered if it would be feasible to start a new political party, but that was rejected by other bloggers , since many felt it was too premature.

J2 was not too keen on the idea, since he was not that comfortable with Chennai and suggested the bloggers could just boycott the elections, and like Delhi bloggers have fun at the blog meets.

Wise Donkey now in the avatar of Insurance Advisor suggested that the best way to have fun would be to have a secure future and the best way to have a secure future would be to buy some insurance plans.

Everyone got up, but the food arrived, so had to sit down after assurances from Wise Donkey that they there would be no deviation from the main agenda. After few minutes, B pointed out that while a political party could promise color tvs , none had promised a computer. J wondered if it would be possible to convince their rivals , into saying they would give free set top boxes. I (not wd, the blogger I..) pointed out, that these freebies would be from tax payers money. And there was a minor discussion on Income Tax and Service Tax. It was more of a moan, since at the national level, bloggers have not seized the initiative to demand tax rebates for blogging.

After intense discussion (B kept the minutes and would be posting the transcript), it was decided by all bloggers almost unanimously to support, Captain Vijayakanth. As a gesture of support, all bloggers would be viewing his latest film Sudesi atleast once a week in theatre (not pirated cds) and also would be visiting his constituency, to canvas for his victory.

There would be hopefully more lunch meets, hopefully sponsered by Captain.

PS : Hmmmm well this is an April 1st post. There was a meet, to find out what really happened, check out Bard's post


  1. G3,

    I missed d opportunity to meet all of u:(

    and i am even cursing prasad for informing me late...

    well...better luck next time...

    seen a news abt colour tvs...god only know whether they can or not...

    regarding set top boxes...i am really pity abt it...when it was implemented in Delhi, RWA filed an PIL and it has been successfully removed...y it can't happen in Chennai...i really suffered when i was in Chennai for a day:(

    hee hee...on election canvass:))

  2. i am d 1st:P:P:P

    been there for voters ID card...i am desperate for it cos i don't have any residential proof...

    good dat d trip was fruitful:)

  3. captain seems to have the support of only chennai bloggers and no one else,

  4. pluto yeah i missed the opp of meeting you :) well what to do on the setup boxes :(

    ada pavi , well it was an April 1st post, and i am hopin other chennai bloggers would sue me for defamation of their character :D

  5. Hi there
    Randomly hit up on your blog.
    Liked a couple of things on first notice. Like how secure you feel to call your self a donkey (a donkey wise or not). Lemme stop there before I get psychoanalytical. Guts in gals is a major turn-on.

    Slowly realised that you have quite a fan following. So can not be proud of a discovery. Will bookmark you and link you on my blog when I restructure it (which wont be any time soon as blog world is real slow in my case).


  6. haha gaya..good fun u guys

  7. Sooper meet pongo!

    if am nto mistaken not liong back u ahd a certain ref to atending a blogger meet.

    glad to know u guys met and had a grt time.

    hey thalaivar katchi,me too joinings...blore la irrundhu can ppl cme and canvass?


    and reg ur prev post, gaya, those are teh SAME thots that occur to me before any blogger meet.! except for teh last one..coz im somehow involved in arranging the meets.

  8. Hi Gaya!....Howz u doing, ma?....Long time, no see!

    Pras told me that u guyz had met up & 'twas good fun!...Hope to meet up with u someday!

    Take care n hv a gr8 week ahead! >:D<

  9. Hey WD, Now I am really convinced to vote for captain...:DDDD

  10. Absurd. Why would bloggers come together to support a candidate? What if one of u beg to disagree?

  11. seems u all had gud missed d opportunity, if i'd know abt this i'd come there...ok no probs...

    ya, saw the news abt color tv, its all crap...

    i not going to put vote coz i donn hv voter id

  12. Ha ha ha.. i almost fell for it!

  13. Donkee,
    u back to regular blogging?

  14. it was gr8 meetin u :)

    real sorry man pluto...but it was all dceided so suddenly...well derz always a next time :DDD

  15. raka :) hope to see you again. replied to ur comments in other posts too.
    maya yes !
    godoYeah, could have been better if u had been around :)
    ramses ramses, actually i didnt get ur comment re blog meet. to be honest i am not very keen on blog meets, because i am always worried about making a fool of myself and enjoying it too :D
    aaaaaaaaah thailavarku enna support ! :D and glad to know u feel the same (re earlier post)

    Sunny sunny o3 doesnt allow me to "see" u guys. yeah we had fun, and hopefully one day i will catch up with you too:D

    smilegirl hi nice to see you here:)

    archie :)) if i am not mistaken you had already made up your mind:D

    SloganMurugan perhaps you didnt read the last line...bloggers came together, but alas not to support the captain :D

    Vishnu sorry it was planned suddenly the previous night.

    vaibhav :D no not yet back. only after april 20th :D

    Prasad it was great for me too :D

  16. Hi WD ji,
    Looks like u had good fun and some 'great' discussions :D....and this J sounds very interesting ;-)

  17. yeah :)
    and yeah J was really interesting and cool:)

  18. lol on this post... We Mumbai bloggers meet, eat & greet.

    Ok, sorry for the sad rhyme, but we do have a lot of fun. Do remember there being some techy talk that went over my head the last time, but mostly it's fun.


    Ok will shut up now.

  19. well this was an april 1st post..actually the chennai meet wasnt different from the mumbai meet:D


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