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Mar 20, 2006

Earlier Psycho Now a Pest

It wasnt easy telling people I am studying MSc Applied Psychology. Now I shudder to think of the reaction to my latest career choice. And while I could "defend" my choice of psychology by saying its my passion. I am absolutely confused on how I could explain my current choice. OK there are worse choices like becoming a manual scavenger or an the doctor who has to do the autopsy or homemaker. But still...

Aaah you are wondering what could be worse? The reason I am keeping it a suspense, is the fear that once you would read it, you would utter an aargh and stop visiting my blog.

No its not politics. Its sob, sob worse. Can you think of a person you would consider a pest? Hmmm thankfully I am not into MLM or marketing credit cards or personal loans.

Well atleast now I know what I should do when I dont want to socialise with someone. Just mention my career.

OK OK I will cut short the suspense. Its uh hmmm Insurance Advisor. And I will be in Chennai till 19th April.

Now on why I want to become an Insurance Advisor, well, I am convinced it has some connection with being a Leo. If it had been phrased Insurance Agent, I would have NEVER gone near it. But Advisor seems sooooooooo much better.

And now for the clarifications :
Just because I have choose to become an Insurance Advisor DOESN'T MEAN

1.I will blog about it in Wise Donkey. I love it when I google Gayathri Eswar and get hits of various Wise Donkey blogposts. And I am capable of compartmentalising different spheres of my life to an extent. And I realise that if I keep writing about Insurance I am not going to have readers and its boring to blog when one has no one to read it. I prefer my Aarghs and Do U Knows and my relationship posts when it comes to blogging.

2.If anyone ever decides to talk with me for 5 minutes, I will spend the entire 5 minutes talking about Insurance. Now perhaps I should print it on my TShirt or the Dupatta.

3.I have ruled out becoming a Psychologist. Just because I havent given the exams this year, doesnt mean, I dont care about Psychology. I have all the time in the world for everything, hmmm I think.

4.I will use my messagebot or other email ids I have collected till now for my blog to talk about iinsurance. I cant extend the same promise for forwards. Anything to fight forwards and group emails as far as I am concerned. Though I dont want to become a spammer

5.I will talk about insurance in the blog meets (Assuming that I will be ever invited to one)

6.I wont appreciate gestures of goodwill from fellow bloggers (You dont have to take out policies through me, asking me to send an email about it would be enough)

7.I will fast or protest outside any person's home, just because they have declined to take out a policy through after evincing interest initially.

8.I have a contagious disease and its unsafe to talk with me

9.I had planned this career. Like everything else, this too is an accident.

10.My decision hasnt been affected by people asking me what I do now or worse the fear of getting a smirk when I call some VJ or DJ. After all saying you are a blogger or homemaker doesnt have the same effect as saying you are an Insurance Advisor.

11.I cant make a positive difference. Anywhere, anytime, a positive difference however small, has always been my goal. And if I dont achieve the targets, as long as I dont become someone I dont want to, I would be happy.

12.I will be a lousy Insurance Advisor. I might have the donkey in my name, but dont forget the wise too :D


  1. G3,

    19th april...appa...such a long rest from active blogging...well...

    me really Insurance advisor...just remembering a scene fm ratsagan...SPB throws a banana outerskin in d road...and after someone falls...he goes to them and canvassing for a Insurance coverage:P:P:P...heh heh heh...i am afraid to visit ur page...escape:)

    all d best in ur new career:)

    and seen ur good news? happy to be single and none to mingle:P:P:P

    lemme concentrate on my career and earning...u know my as of now...atleast for 1-2 years:)

  2. G3,

    aha...i am d 1st:P:P:P

  3. pluto not seen the movie, but thanks for the idea :))

    aiyyyyyyyyyooooooo escape, so soona?

    well i am sure things will work out for the best for you.

    guess we both are online now:)

  4. Its an hi after a long long time i dunno if u even happen to remeber me? Jim from O3

    Hmm Advisor is interesting...i happen to have interest in same but me being lousy good enough to not do it!

    Me 2 recently moved to Chennai...have had real bad beginnings till now. C u around on my post on o3

  5. heylo gaya!!!!!

    So insurance advisor eh!!!! Sounds interesting. When the suspence was on, i was thinking of a telemarketer being worse than all u mentioned:p:p

    Goodluck to you and me reachign chennai on 19th april. Just miss. Else we cud have had a blogger meet and u cud have talked abt insurance;);)

  6. Jim of course i remember you:)

    Pramod hi how are you doing? oh 19th:( (niyum escapaaaa):D
    hope you have a fantastic time in chennai.

  7. ha ha gaya...that was good..well i had this block against insurance and never took one until my brother forced to take something in LIC, this time when i was in India. I dont even know the

    so howz u btw..long time..i mailed u looong time back.

  8. hahahahahahahaha Donkee!!!! LOL...LOL.... i was imaginin it to b diff ;) LOL..LOL...

    oh so ur here till apirl...mayb v can meet up :DDDD i'll take the chance :P

    tell me if v can meet up...den i'll mail ya :DD

  9. 19th april is such a looooong time. Gayatri!

    And hey... Insurance Advisor sounds better than insurance agent :)

  10. Insurance Agent!!!!!!!

    How low can a leo fall???

    Huh u IA guys always want to live off other ppls hard earned money.......u r a bigger menace than the IT guys...:P:P:P

    1. And u just posted and entire post on it, instead of adding it as a line at the botom of another post...clever...:P

    2. Only the last 4.5 minutes. Guess the first 30 secs wud be spent on Hi, How r u?

    3. I probably think u gonna hypnotise ppl into taking insurance....:D:D:D

    5. Assuming u will ever come for one...:P

    6. Dream on

    8. R u by any chance selling Mediclaim???

    9. Is there any insurance against that...:D:D:D

    10. Yeah homemaker/blogger wud have sounded better...:D

    11. Well its said that negative and negative makes a positive. So maybe a psycho and a IA wud make a postive....but God only knows for whom.....other than u of course.:D

    12. Hmmmm......agree on that....:D

    Apr 19......still a lot of time remaining....:)

  11. wise you definitely are....

    but why insurance advisor...u cud have become a psychological advisor, wudn't u....

    that wud have sounded so cool ;-)

  12. godo dont tempt me to talk to you further about it. ok since you started it, insurance is not about just life cover but about wealth creation too :) i will email you after going back:)

    Prasadi must admit you have courage:D for saying u dont mind meeting me, when everyone would be avoidin me as if i have birdflu:) sure i would like to meet, but dont be suprised if you find a boring tonguetied person:D

    vaibhav yeah what to do, and yes it sounded cool, hence i got hooked to it :D

    KonfusdGrrrrrrrrrrr its advisor not agent. in my mind the agent is just trying to sell, while for an advisor its enabling you to make a decision, (and sometimes, it can mean saying hey dont go for any policy). so the Leo thought its pretty noble, and so fell for it:D

    Live off other people

    2.correct perhaps, especially if i meet you:D extra 5 minutes of course would go in praising Leos :D

    3.well not yet.

    5. yeah:(

    6.perhaps, but i can always send you a box of chocolates, with brochures in them:D

    8.err no :D its the "kandha" one :D

    9. thats a good idea, but for those who dont get good ideas, there are plans of course.

    10. says who?? i dont know how many djs and vjs know about blogging. as for homemaker it will just be reduced to housewife.

    11. hmmm, sob sob you dont mean it do you:D

    12. really :)
    not enough time according to my unitmanager

    i do plan to become a psychologist in future. that would be an emotional "advisor"
    at the same time i intend to pursue further my skills in being a financial planner.

  13. Oops in the earlier comment to konfusd i missed the ! after
    Live off other people
    it should be read as
    Live off other people!

  14. G3,

    u are in full a Insurance Advisor:)...and there are some good ideas to canvass and convince...i am scared!!!...just now taken a policy in ICICI Lombard Insurance attached wid my Credit Card wid good credit limit...:DDD:DDD:DDD

    in btw, me also tried to become as DO in LIC...but:(

    again i started my career in NBFC so kno abt d benefit of commission and incentives...:)...a famous one in TN,KN & AP

    since i am non-prized...u can keep ur hope alive...there is still hope for u...when i become prized:)

    i am sure u can do better than the best...wishes for u once again...

    there is a reason behind for me in online @ 10.18:P:P:P...hope u got it...:)

  15. :))Gaya!!

    i don't know u:P...plz really i dont know u:P..anyother way of escaping insurance?

    on a serious note: good luck wi ur new job.

    and if u can ever step on blore soil...wd love to meet a veteran and amazing blogger like u:)

  16. G3,

    i dink u got it rong...i said i can be online from my room:)

    and y short reply...hope i ahve not told anything rong...

    nothing special G3...its a normal visit to Chennai...

  17. ah well .. lemme know am interested..and if it creates wealth..why wud anyone say no..never knew this point of view :D

  18. ramsesthanks :) but doubtful on bangalore.

    Pluto well i just thought you would be chatting with someone, didnt think anythin else:)
    no nothing wrong, it was hectic so just the short reply:)

    godocool i will email you

  19. oops ...visiting ur blog after a long time. insurance ppl are scary ... i dare to meet them..i have lost so many good friends to insurance companies :)

    checkout my new post at

  20. Leo + Psychlogy + ummm Insurance...

    Yeh kahan se aa gaya..nyways nice way to write...
    u hav an additional visitor to ur blog now :-)

    Can visit my blog 'minumittal' at indiatime...not much but u will find glimpses of my interest in pychology! :-)


  21. amar hi long time. sure will check out this weekend:)

    minu cool another from o3, and will check out the blog:)


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