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Mar 9, 2006

Women's Day

There is no need to idolise women
There is no need to demonise women
Just accepting that they are humans like men, would be fine.

The UN had found that women do two-thirds of the world’s work,
while receiving less than 5% of its income,
and owning less than 1% of all assets.
The United Nations further calculated that if women’s work were counted worldwide, their unpaid labor would be worth $11 trillion a year.

Well this might be some years back, but then with data of this kind it does makes sense to have a Women's Day. But I think its pretty stupid to just wish women, because there are plenty of men who care for issues relating to women, and surely there are women who care for issues relating to men. Rather than think in terms of women-men, wouldnt it be better to think in terms of Human Rights?

Belated Women's Day Wishes to All Bloggers.


  1. Hi WD,
    Do agree that women to be treated as fellow humans. I do have some views on this. I think the women want the cake and it too? Say, in office women want to be paid in par with her male counterparts, fair enough. But, when it comes to work I have seen only a few women who are willing to share work and accept additional responsibilities. Whenever there is need to work late, women come up with a bag of reasons that they can't stay late. And the males are SUPPOSED to have no problems in working late. I am not saying all women are like this, but there only a few women who are professional when it comes to work

  2. And a note on ur statistics: Heard somewhere that there are three kinds of lies. I have arranged them in ascending order:
    2.Absolute lies
    3.Statistics :-)

  3. hi,

    belated women's day wishes to you too :-)

  4. Ya i agree with your views on women's's like treating them differently by celebrating a day!

  5. maverick:)
    wcm thanks:)
    vaibhav yeah:)

  6. "Just accepting that they are humans like men, would be fine."

    I think this is the perfect statement.... this is what is reqd....

    I went thru your blog... its quite interesting....

    take care... :-)

  7. Hi Gaya,

    Dunno whether you know about the Blank Noise project or not. Not seeing any posts on that on your site, might mean you may not know. Do check it out. Will be expecting a post on that from you :).

  8. EXACTLY my thots gaya!!!



    had posted somehting similar on hchk when u can:)..


    how are u?

  9. uve come bak early and wise it seems

  10. hey WD :DDD happy bbbbblated womens day to u :)

  11. hey WD....come up wit the routine again..i miss the do u knows :)

  12. Hi,

    how are u G3...its been very when u are u coming back...

    me will be in Chennai on 29th:)

    hope u r doing g8...

    and belated happy women's day...

  13. Wish u and ur family a very happy and colourful Holi

  14. first timer here. read a couple of posts..will check back later.

    PS:Wondered about your gender since there was no name anywhere, the post on staying single was a dead giveaway as no guy would write down pros and cons of being single and then make a decision based on it :-)

  15. Knock Knock,

    So wen r u coming back to work(blogging).......ur vacation been too long.....:D:D:D

  16. ashiya thanks:)

    deeps no i dont know about it and will check it soon. sorry for not visiting your blog.

    ramses sorry for not checking your blog and thanks , hope to make it up when i go back

    luvarian sorry not yet back

    prasad thanks:) a lot. sorry when i return from chennai i will start the regular features. not able to think that clearly or research over here.

    pluto hmmm any good news? thanks for the holi wishes too:)

    talkative man there exists one:D ? well i do like to think my thoughts are gender neutral all the time, though my experiences arent, and yeah i am supposed to be from "Venus"

    konfusd hi konfy, 19th april only :( check my latest post for details. and my husband agrees with you on the duration:)


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