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Mar 3, 2006


Will they make a difference however small?


  1. give them some time and i believe they WILL make a difference - not only thru their work but their footsteps wld inspire many to walk the same path ...and these differences wld be anything but small.

  2. So is this another BJP/RSS in the making?

    With respect to ur prev post : Hope now the quarrel between u n ur hubby is over....:D:D:D:D:D

    Sorry had missed out on that post.

    PS: No offence meant. I am kidding.

  3. hey donkeeee :DDDD

    letz jus hope they do make a diff :)

    man sorry to hav missed out on so much..but um bakkkkkk :DDD

  4. "Rang de basanti" was hit but not practical.. the whole idea may be a big flop!


  5. i agree with Maximus .....

  6. maximus hope you turn out right.

    konfusd hopefully not a congress or bjp clone.
    on the "quarrel" there was none:d i am in chennai and missing him terribly:) anyway he doesnt have my blog links and if i write a post about my personal life, overall it would be in praise of him (u know that leos arent that easy to put up with:D) but the weird guy that he is, he doesnt like a post full of praises about him:D

    prasad yes :) still in Chennai:)

    nishu:)but still the attempt has to be appreciated.



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