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Mar 5, 2006

Power of One - Spirit of Seed

The soil was overwhelming
Though small and against the might
It was ready to proceed
To face the world, the small seed.

It didnt worry, wondering if it would get water
The essense of life is to grow inspite of challenges
With this attitude who wont succeed?
When down in dumps, I try to learn from the seed


  1. Seeds are a quintessential symbol for hope and possibility

  2. Seed is a hope of new life. Read the post on single & complete. feels gud n lucky.

  3. Seeds and their spirits...good one. remembered an animation story as to how a seed fought its way to survive..

  4. Inspirational and tough, thank you.

  5. seeds eh! will think of those :)

  6. shrawan, lust4life,ramses,bard,pareshaan and prasad thanks:)

    lust4life, great to know about the effect of the earlier post!

    Have a wonderful day everyone:)

  7. seed the enigma..its the beginning of the end.. dump to dump..

    nice poem (^_^) WD..

  8. Hi G3,

    Jus dropped in to wish u HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY :)))
    Vl lk fwd to c u on my blog sometimes vnever u r free.

    ps: well v dont need this day to celebrate our existence.Anyways.


  9. nishu thanks:)

    lust4life, when i am back from chennai which will be around the 2nd week of april i will make it a point to visit all my regular blogs and urs is one of them.

    thanks a lot, really appreciate it:)well we dont need a day, but since we have it, one more reason to celebrate life:)
    Belated happy women's day to you too:)


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