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Dec 6, 2005

Do U Know - India Unsafe Injections Percentage

According to WHO, 63 per cent of injections in India are unsafe. Of this, nearly one third carry a risk of transmitting blood-borne viruses.

While 68.7% of injections at government health facilities were found to be unsafe, 59.9% were unsafe in private clinics and hospitals

An injection is classified as unsafe if it has the potential to transmit blood-borne viruses and/or is wrongly administered such that it can cause local infection and/or a reaction.

Other findings:

  • The rural sector accounted for a higher percentage of unsafe injections -- 65.9% -- compared to urban areas where the proportion was 54.9%.
  • Injection safety is higher with plastic syringes -- the odds of an injection being unsafe are 12 times higher with a glass syringe.
  • Written guidelines for sterilisation are available at only 10.1% of all health facilities in the country.
  • Over half the doctors and those who prescribe injections do not know the correct sterilisation process.
  • Only 84.2% of government health facilities have sterilisation equipment.
  • Only 76.9% immunisation centres and 57.7% of private clinics use sterilisation equipment.
  • Over three-fourths or 75.9% of the available sterilisation equipment is functional.

konfusd Busybee Eddie and Peshwa got it right.

Max and Amita came close to it.

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  1. ahaa I'm the first one in with the right answer (i hope !) ..its 75% !! phew thats scary .. indian govt. estimates put it as 60..

  2. eddie hi,
    well first in blogger but afraid not in o3:)
    btw any link for ht 75%?

  3. OMGosh!!!!

    How scary is that?! Better take ur own syringe to the doc next time.

  4. btw many think its just the needle,
    but what seems to matte is the syringe too and the type of syringe. will update with details on the post tommorrow

    hi nupur:)

  5. grrr dont tell me i'm wrong :) hmm i cant seem to locate that 75% hit said soemthing like 3 out of 4 were unsafe.. Here's a link with 65-69%

    and here's one with 63%:

    well i guess you gotta just pick a number..i'm always suspicious of these findings which have such a huge number of variables ..tracking stats like this is veryyyyy difficult and a lot of guesswork is involved.. the best example is "surveys" that Bangalore Times conducts !!

  6. Thats shocking!! But i have seen doctors using the disposable needles only(opening cover in front of us.) Are they unsafe too??

  7. i think preferably even the syringe should be of disposable variety.
    and there seems to be an distinction between glass and plastic syringe.

    but now i wondering what would be the environmental impact of using so many syringes every year. i didnt mention it here, but reports also mention that many injections are given unnecessarily.
    yet still..

    and if this is the state of injections, shudder about surgery.


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