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Dec 30, 2005

Pilgrim - A Temple for Them

Who would question him, if he returned to the Rule the Kingdom. After all, Bharat was pleading with him to come back. Yet he choose the Forest, even when he had the power to choose the kingdom. Power, the true test of character.

The Vanars vs the Rakshas. The might wasn’t with him. But that didn’t intimidate him. As Gandhi pointed out “What is the meaning of Rama, a mere human being, with his host of monkeys, pitting himself against the insolent strength of ten-headed Ravan surrounded in supposed safety by the raging waters on all sides of Lanka? Does it not mean the conquest of physical might by spiritual strength ?”

Vibhishan an enemy? Wouldn’t he be like his brother? Yet why trust him? Yet firmly deciding to Judge a person on the basis of character not the community

In the war before him stood Ravan. Weaponless. His actions hadnt been honourable. Then why not kill him, then. Why think the path is as important as the goal? Why tell Ravan, Go today, and Come back Tommorrow. (Cant match the eloquence in Tamil of Inru Poi, Nalai, vaa).

She choose the forests over Kingdom to be with him. Yet in the end when he called her back to the kingdom, She refused the kingdom and him.They loved each other. Neither remarried. Yet not everything the person you love does, needs to be right.

Did they lead a happy life? Did they lead a life of royalty. Hmmm life is not fair even to the Gods and Goddessess.

Were they right always? They werent. Were they Perfect, No they werent.

Yet there are things I could learn and follow from them. I do and will do. In levels which are so small and simple. And that’s my own tribute to them.

I don’t support the violence in their name. I don’t support the loss of innocent blood in their name. I don’t care if a temple wasn’t built in the disputed site, for them.

Because I have a temple for them in my hearts, and I worship them by what I do.

This is not to say, this is the best form of worship. This is not to say, others should follow it. I follow what I think I need to follow. The choice is there for everyone. Carry them in your conscience, or in an idol, or somewhere else. We all have the Choice. And thus the Power from it. And after all he did show, that Power is The True Test of Character.

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  1. hanumath jayanthi for us. so busy. the post had been in my mind, but i dont know how well i have expressed myself, and if reqd would polish it tommorrow.

    the Pilgrim series, is just my view on spirituality. and i know that i am not perfect and neither am i some scholar.

  2. Good Post Donks...;))

    One of the blocks that prevents people from imbibing somethin good is the cynicism & imagined motives that people begin to attribute to noble deeds that they see/hear about....I think when we are able to see things more clearly , not blinded by our own preconceived notions, that would be a great step for us individually & as a nation as well...

    If the above incidents were to happen today, the most probable reaction of people today would be quite interesting ...

    "Power, the true test of character" - He got afraid to take on the responsibility of the kingdom !!
    "the conquest of physical might by spiritual strength ?”" - The vanars were on drugs !!
    "Judge a person on the basis of character not the community" -- He wanted to become a King later, which otherwise he could never become. never can please everyone ...;))

  3. Power, true test...Cant agree more on that

    the conquest of physical might by spiritual strength.....Sounds good especially true in today's environment when the enemy can be much stronger than you and can annhiliate you if he really wants to.

    Judge a person on the basis of character not the community.........Always true

    the path is as important as the goal.....Only problem is defining what is correct, its very diificult. What looks correct to you may not be correct for sumone else and vice-versa.

  4. hmm
    ure pretty right ma frnd. Even the GODS din have ann easy life but many of us have this habit of perceiving/interpreting mythology in such a way as to make our lives the easiest there by ruinin others . And when the others complain, these ppl merely quote what uve quoted: "Even the GODS din have an easire life"

    What say huh?

  5. Carry them in your conscience, or in an idol, or somewhere else

    Do u mean the Gods??? I don't believe in religion. Methinks it would be better if there were no religions at all.

    Uhm... me not at all into spirituality. Think it's a way of wasting time and all. Time which could've been put to some use if we want to genuinely help others. :)

  6. Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year which brings you good health and more peace!


  7. sanjeev:)

    spark, on character vs community. i think you judge an entire community by the approx 100 characters you met (and of course just because i think of it doesnt mean i am right about it:D)

    spark on correct, its quite simple, if its fair, to you, if you had been in the other's position, then its fair.

    luvarien hmmm, intersting point of view:)

    vaibhav, perhaps the religion too implies the same thing:)

    Vishnu thank you and wish you the same. :)


  9. thanks max
    Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  10. I agree with the message you are trying to convey - being a good human being and not a religious fanatic. That being said, I believe that history is always written by the victor. And it is the victor's version of history that is recorded. (This, assuming Ramayana & Mahabharata are historical records and not novels) Thus, the points that Sanjeev mentions may well be true, but glossed over in the epics - esp #3... 1&2 are slightly feeble. My first ever post, was on this point,and should you have the time and interest, here it is -
    Rama sniped Bali, Sughreeva's brother behind his back. Not very noble, I should say. Similarly, refusing to accept Sita's "purity" (sic)

    Actually, Mahabharata has a lot more grey areas than Ramayana.That notwithstanding, I do agree with your core point.

    Finally Gandhi: I respect the man for what he did, but I think we deify him. Did India win her freedom only because of MK Gandhi and troupe? No. He failed twice before, didnt he? Why the third time, then? WorldWar II crippled the empire, and USA (Franklin Roosevelt) insisted that Britain and France disband their empires in exchange for help (this is pre pearl harbor) - they say to promote feedom, but I think it was more due to the fact that USA could never become the #1 power as long as the empires existed. Eventually, the empire was too weak to sustain itself... In a sense, Adolf Hitler helped India get her freedom too! Two people, poles apart! Ironic, aint it?

  11. i will definitely read your post:)

    i have never said, that everything Ram did was right.

    on freedom. Its not any leader but the masses.
    Perhaps you could read post my post on this Gandhi jayanthi regarding it:)
    No leader can achieve without followers and sacrifices at individual levels.

    inspite of Hitler, if the people in huge numbers had not protested, I doubt if India would be free.

  12. Of course... The protests were required. What I said was, Gandhi was not the *only* one as my history books taught me. We tend to gloss over the uncomfortable aspects of his life and make a Jesus Christ out of him. Eg: I'm from Bombay - I'm not sure if u heard of this controversy There was this playright called Dalvi who wrote a play "Mee nathuram godse boltoy" (Marathi, translated means I'm nathuram godse speaking). It put forth Godse's idealogy. U may or may not agree with Godse - I dont. But I defend the right of any person to put forth his ideas. Not in India. Congress guys stoned his theatre... eventually he had to rescript it to make it pro-Gandhi! Gandhi was not God. If Godse felt he had some flaws, let it be known (not that any reason could justify killing a man.) I'd still like to know why he did it. I read Mien Kampf to know why Hitler did what he did. It doesnt make me a Nazi or white supremist right? Same funda.

  13. absolutely agree:)
    and I think my posts on Gandhi would be along your lines, not the Congress lines:)


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