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Dec 24, 2005

Not Psycho a Psychologist

Read this before you decide to study psychology. (Well read this even if you dont want to study psychology. For all you know, your child or grandchild might want to study psychology.)

1.No, you can't be a doctor and more importantly called a doctor. Psychiatry is not the same as Psychology.
(Unless you study a lot and get that Ph D or something like that to be called a doctor. Easier to become a politician and get a Hon.Degree.)

2.If you are a poor speller, this could be stressful for you. After writing Psychology everytime, you will have to wonder, now did I spell it right?

3.Friends and family will talk little to you, or be very wary of you. Some might close their eyes, while talking to you, thinking, that, would prevent you, from hypnotising them.

4.If you ever get anything you want, everyone would believe you got it because you manipulated everyone.

5.You will be easily labelled cunning, oversmart, bombastic, manipulative, creepy and cold hearted.

6.Everyone assumes, you use everything they say for research. So they will keep saying things, that they think, will be useful to your research.

7.Everyone would think, you are crazy and studying psychology to find a cure for yourself. (But, they wouldn't think you are visually challenged if you choose to become an ophthalmologist (hmmm, this too is not good for those bad in spelling))

8.People would call you a Psycho.

9.People don't want you to understand them, Understand this. And telling someone that they should consult a professional, they might be schizophrenic is not the same as telling someone, get your blood pressure checked or go for an ultrasound scan.

10.Everyone likes to think they are good at psychology and you better nod when they say, "now a fish doesnt need a degree to swim."

Well if you don't mind these, then wonderful! (uh are you an alien?) Here is excellent information if you want to become a psychologist (You would be amazed at the avenues).

Well unfortunately since I didn't think of this post earlier this year, I am a student of Psychology.
And I solemnly declare that I do not use my blogs or blog comments for my research or anything, remotely connected with Psychology.

And I am not a serial killer, trying to find out why I strangled 5343234 people.

And the 5343234 is just a random number not a secret number to hypnotise you.


  1. another good post as usual.

  2. Funny one donks...
    Some point of time all professions look like that.When i was a tech support with the way ppl used to speak i felt everyone knows abt coimputers and whatever impossible/tough troubleshooting i do they will never call me an engineer..just a support guy or sometimes even crassly call center guy ;)..

    Even docs feel so if some patient starts saying all the medicines he needs by himself..seen such a comedy scene...Lolz and merry x-mas

  3. af thanks:)

    bard thats terrible.
    and yeah agree with u on the doc:D

    if there is a white collar career hierarchy, than psychologists are pretty low.
    the ones lower are politicians, and lower would be politicians saying they want to be sincere:D
    (doesnt apply to those who have relatives in politics)

  4. Nice Title....wonder wats the inspiration....:D

    "your child or grandchild might want to study psychology"....Keeping u in mind that wud be a strict NO....:D

    Pt1.....will ask my child/gchild to opt for latter....:)

    Pt2.....So shorten it to psycho....well even for that had 2 cross check with ur post....:)

    Pt3-6.....So I was right aftr all....:D:D:D

    Pt7.....well if u had enuf brains 4 that in the first place u wudnt be into this wud u?

    Pt8.....Now I am certain of the inspiration...:D

    Pt9.....I just told someone to consult a psycho....LOL.....coincidence or wat???

    Pt10.....well u rthe psycho.....u know best...:D:D:D

    And I think u will become a wunder full psycho.....I was just tellin all the stuff u mentioned to another psycho frnd of mine this last week....:D:D:D

    5343234.....that seems a very low numbar for someone of ur caliber...:D:D:D

  5. :(( konfusd

    now that was a wonderful comment!:D even though ur id says konfusd (well with an id which says donkee, i guess i cant bring this up:D)

    btw the later is a career in psychiatry or politics?

    uh what do you mean a wonderful psycho :D

    oh and am i supposed to be thankful for your higher expecatations:D

    PS : now if i meet you, i wonder if you would eat the chocolates, id bring along for you.
    (didnt u say you love chocolates?:D or would i be confusing you with someone else:D)

  6. " now that was a wonderful comment ...... even though ur id says konfusd"
    Well thats a huge compliment from u I must say....Thank u....:D
    Well am not that Konfusd....:D:D:D

    "btw the later is a career in psychiatry or politics?"
    Well u can take a guess......:D:D:D
    Its quite obvious from my comment, isnt it?

    "uh what do you mean a wonderful psycho"
    As said.....u are good enuf to judge ppls reaction towards u r on ur way to being a good psycho.

    "oh and am i supposed to be thankful for your higher expecatations:D"

    "PS : now if i meet you, i wonder if you would eat the chocolates, id bring along for you."
    Now i am impressed by ur memory. Thot u had 4gotten all bout it....:D:D:D

  7. :))konfusd
    ok so for saying i will be a good psycho(i will assume you mean a psychologist, not psycho:D)
    you will get an extra bar of chocolates, if I meet you:)

  8. BTW needed some hlp frm u.
    Well I know that I can r&d and find it, but u might hav already done something on that, so thot it wud save me the trouble.....can u giv me the list of NGO's like CRY who work towards development of children and the donations involved?

    That is one loooong scentance...:D:D:D

  9. konfusd
    personally i support cry and i know of couple of orphanages but they r in chennai.

    i would suggest (i dont know if the website is working now.

    the outlookindia has a weekly feature on ngos and people who make a difference. ->regulars ->making a difference.

    if u require further info do mention..

  10. Thanks D,
    Wil surely get bsck to u if I need additional info....
    BTW 'D' sounds better than 'WD', though it wud sound disrespect in south.....:D:D:D
    So if u dont mind will call ya D....
    akka also sounds nice but D sounds better....:D:D:D

  11. D is fine.
    the only ones i object is Wisey, wise one or Wise_Donkey (i just hate the underscore in it)

  12. Nice blog. Nice writing. Nice wishlist. Nice mind. Very.

  13. And yes, interesting name. Very. Unusual.

  14. :)) Gaya,
    being a psychology student myself,
    can so very identify with the post!:))

    another thing...when we have psychology practical exams,...and need subjects to conduct the expts on...OMG the reactions we get..
    "are u going to hypnotise me? oh testing if i'm a psycho? trying to electrocute me? blah blah"
    AAAARRRRGH so very frustratin!!!!

    but i do a bit of analysis of people based on their blogs and the way they cmt:):P...

    of course nothing related with some research in psychology or somethign..just one of my pastimes...which is a result of my people watching hobby:)

    guess u know what i mean by ppl watching;):P

  15. LOL.. niced post. Thanks for issuing a disclaimer, though! :)

  16. daily unusual thanks:)

    ramses:Di have not been to that stage, though at college i have been part of the "experiment".
    and yeah my friends thought i was crazy to volunteer:D

    vaibhav :D you are welcome.

  17. Gaya:D really appreciate ppl who volunteer!...makes those awkward q;s u need to answer go far away

    and i say it NEVER crazy to volunteer:P....seripously if u dont volunteer then maybe :P...i seripusly think i wdnt exactly have volunteered if i wasnt a psycho student! unless i know what expt it is! so the ppl are actually justified in asking those q's to its irritating to a budding psychologist:P

    btw u go to college?or corres?:-s sorry if its too pers0onal...coz u said u havent reached that stage yet..

    or wa it for the "ppl asking q's" part?

  18. ramses in approximate chrono. order

    junior college - volunteer for a psy experiment.
    it involved how much you change ur opinion after reading about information.
    but i wasnt told and it just all seemed like new facts to me.
    and i was thanking for the info, when with a smirk i was asked, why did you believe it.
    i promptly replied i trust people. and then immly dismissed. we dont need you now, so what if you feel stupid and awful.

    and is that the start of the paranoid, truth is out there xfiles feeling , hmmm perhaps.
    but i do dread it happening to me again. but i dont regret the incident, just made me stronger and more of a control freak:)

    last year in college, Industrial Psychology a subject. was very good at it.

    3. this year (now i am 31) so you can figure out the gap.
    enrolled for msc applied psy.

    why ?
    because i am sure i will be good at it.

    as far as the experiment, goes, a person's mind is just so valuable, and i surely wouldnt do what the psy student did with me years ago.
    its ok to conduct experiments, but instead of just writing down what a person did, it wont hurt to spare a thought on the effect of the experiment.

    And as was said in the Page 3 movie, you have to be in the system to change the system.

  19. Gaya!!

    woo!!! that was jsut so aptly said! and put! and really interesting to know:)

    industrial psychology...have it next yer..waiting to do it!

    and applied psychology!! aahaaaaaaa!

    and the gap is quit interestin!

    psychology...aaah u can learn every moment!!! what say?..

    the expt was real sad:(...very!

    and thanks for clearing the doubt:)

  20. in the "gap" i was in finance then went on to coordinating mktg-it-acct. had quite a mulitdimensional career. then went on to writing. but though we get money, we have Editors, who mess up what we write, and then last year it was blogging.
    since i dont do someting for more than a year, now its back to psy.

  21. wooo!!! intriguing!

    editors..don't tell me abt it:(..had a horrible expce with it at a famous newsppr org i worked for:(

    and for my lab journals and stuff they edit even my poems!:(....editing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. You are tempting me into psychology, (checking the spellings)
    A Psycho turned Psychologist will be successful, I am sure ;o)

  23. hehe
    this is de first time ive logged on 2 ya blog (courtesy VAIBHAVROCKS). Hmm i must say youve done a gud job with add-ons and with ur gigs (read: articles) too

  24. I think you had some hidden agenda when you mentioned that particular number...i am already feeling giddy..:D

    PS: I agree that a lot of ppl (including me) think that they are gud at psychology

  25. Can't help but wonder what's industrial psychology?? Shed some light o' donkey!

  26. psychologists are people who belong to an elite group, who have really broad shoulders that you can cry upon, who listens to your ramblings with patience and suggets that you go back in time to know what worries you today so that you can lead a pleasant life tomorrow.

  27. WD,

    good one again...i dunno how many psycho(logists) r there in blogosphere...can update,if u can

    I really want to ask u is there any chances psychologists being rong???...i want a serious & practical answer...

    as konfusd says even me also feeling guilty of calling u WD...

  28. Allrighty...that was a very knowledged insight to the "psycho" job!!! :D

  29. nice post mate...
    and good inputs fron KONFUSD as well...

    here's wishin u a MERRY CHRISTMAS !

  30. hi gaya i also want to be psycho thru distnace learning m i eligisble for pg if studied literature at grad level? help me if u know? sorry for bothering :)

  31. sorry for the delay in replying yeah the tel lines as usual:(.

    rashmi :)) and thats why i gave the link on the avenues .

    luvarien thank you:)

    spark he he :D

    to give a lay person's point of view, industrial psychology deals with psychology and work.
    for eg, job description, job satisfaction , motivation, stress, interview process etc. the link i gave in the post,gives more info.

    mr.ghose, beautiful:)

    hmmm i am not aware of psy (ramses and perhaps one more), in blogsphere. but then you cant blame them for not coming out of the closet can you :D (
    wd is perfectly fine:)
    i would be stupid if i said no psychologists can ever make a mistake. but genlly psychologist dont make decisions for you, just suggestions..

    curious thanks:)

    peshwa thanks :)

    sapphire, its possible. though you will have to attend the contact programs which could be for couple of weeks in a year. sometimes this is not flexible. but the exam centers are more flexible.

    madras university has it,annamalai university has it,at the PG level. eligibility is a degree. its no probs, if u want more details, do mention. the admission procedure too is not that complicated. (i am not sure if ignou has it.)

    cosmic project thank you:)

  32. Psycho, Muhahahahhhhahh....



  33. what a was a revelation of sorts ,WD :))

  34. The spelling is OPHTHALMOLOGY! :P But over mind, even the spelling on the board outside our college's Ophthalmology department was wrong!! :D

    Funny! I really love psychology/psychiatry to the extent I've been able to understand it. But won't make it my career choice.

    You're a very dynamic and energetic person. And I guess, you must have heard this many times. And well, it really a compliment I'm paying you!

    It would have been interesting to see you connected to something related to technology, seriously. Of course, not in India, where there's no margin for innovation. Anyway, digressed a lot. :)


  35. actually i googled the spellin after linking to this post and was correcting it..dont know if google error or typo error..

    i actually have a background in computing..i was going to become a system analyst, but "fate" intervened and i went into corporate finance

    i manage to integrate the approach from programming, the exp from corp finance, personal finance, hr consulting, and psychology in my life..

    compliments are always appreciated:)


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