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Dec 10, 2005

How stupid can the Wise Donkey get

Muse : How stupid can you get?

Self (Wise Donkey) : What do you mean Muse?

Muse : You see a program on women and Indian sports, instead of watching further and moaning with the anchor, after 10 minutes of the program think, let me start a blog on it. Awareness is the first step and let me do what I can not just for Women Sports but also for all sports not highlighted by main stream media . And you started a blog on Indian Sports minus Men's cricket, Sania and Narain in FYI and SportsFYI on November 28th 2005.

Self : Well yeah...

Muse : Then you expect Women's cricket matches held in India would have if not live, atleast hourly reports. on 4th December 2005.

Self : True but when BBC could cover it when its held in India, surely Indians would cover it. After all Indian did reach the World Cup Finals.

Muse : Forget it and then you expected Indian mainstream internet media to report these matches. You expected to find the coverage under cricket, but in some cases , searched hopefully in Other Sports and even miscel. on 5th December 2005.

Self : International Sport. In India. That too Cricket. Too much to ask for a match report? And 20000 people saw it in Guwahati and nearly 20000 in Silchar.

Muse : So what.Then you expected that even if they dont report these matches ATLEAST they would acknowledge that women's international cricket is international cricket and mention in their events calender when they have a International Cricket section. Ha how stupid to think people will understand basic grammar on 5th December 2005

Self : If they think no one is going to read this, so no need to report fine. But atleast acknowledge it exists.

Muse : And Today. You expected that if a website reported one match it would report the next match (Oh should I say again How Stupid! ) But then you were sane enough to not write a blog mentioning who reported the 4th match and not the 5th match..
And Finally you expected that there would be consistent reports. Ha how stupid.

For the 5th One Day International between England and India in India, The BBC and Cricinfo says England won the toss, Rediff UNI says India won the toss. Rediff Uni says Karuna Jain for 169 runs and Jhulan Goswami for 11 wickets shared the trophy for Eve of the Tournament. Cricinfo says Jhulan Goswami got the Player of the Series.In Hindu Amitabha Das Sharma says Karuna got the received the `player of the tournament' jointly with Jhulan. You cross check reports to give a broader picture. Now do you have to go through every report to get the actual picture? Or will you get the correct picture even then. Oh how stupid to expect the correct consistent reports from media majors.

But then who cares for Indian Sports minus men's cricket, Sania and Narain? Why do you spend money and time everyday reporting on these things, Why do you think of doing a weekly round up of these things. Why do you get still hurt, upset and cry.
No comments No reads. Why do you still care, How Stupid Can you get.

Self : Muse. Even I dont know how much less I should expect, And I dont know How Stupid I can get.


  1. Hi..thanx for stopping by..and passing a comment...hmm those we were loaded with many courses..

  2. The problem is not with Indian cricket, the problem is with the media which is too short-sighted to even acknowledge the existence of women's cricket.

    All we can do is to make them realise and make them acknowledge the truth.

  3. :(...sad abt the media!...and Gaya...abt FYI..reading pretty regularly..and it really helpful..! don't say its stupid...the cmts wont matter...u haev my support there Gaya:)

  4. ramses thanks, btw since unable to log in o3,now its only in blogspot


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