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Dec 20, 2005

Do U Know - Indian Children and Education

According to a well known NGO, 50% of Indian children aged 6-18 do not go to school.
CRY based on 7th All India Education Survey, 2002.
Ramses, Akruti, Curious, The Bard, Vaibhav, Prasad, Navin, Priya got it right
BangaloreGuy got close to it.

More information on Children and Education from the same source.
•In India, only 53% of habitation has a primary school
•In India, only 20% of habitation has a secondary school
•On an average an upper primary school is 3 km away in 22% of areas under habitations.
•In nearly 60% of schools, there are less than two teachers to teach Classes I to V
•On an average, there are less than three teachers per primary school. They have to manageclasses from I to V every day
•High cost of private education and need to work to support their families and little interest instudies are the reasons given by 3 in every four drop-outs as the reason they leave
•Dropout rates increase alarmingly in class III to V, its 50% for boys, 58% for girls
•1 in 40, primary school in India is conducted in open spaces or tents
•More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out bythe age of 12.

Can we become a developed nation if this situation continues?

This information is for those who would like to support CRY. I dont benefit, if you choose to support it. And this is just information, not even a suggestion. CRY donations start with Rs.100. To support a child's education for a year, its Rs.800. For more on online and offline donation, and for other non-monetary ways to support CRY, please visit

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  1. GM WD,

    Pluto here. Why u left o3. Is tehre any chances to comeback to o3.

  2. According to CRY 50% of Indian children are deprived of formal Education and we say we are advancing globally.
    And Gaya,the report says 17million is the child labour and we top the world in the figures? How disgusting can that be?
    But then how many of the so called educated calss understand this? Can we stop buying crackers made by children at shivakasi? can we stop emplying girls as servants at the age of 12? and can we sponser a child at CRY which would cost us not more than an amount we might spent an evening out.i wish more people come fwd for it,I just wish.
    I know a few of my students who formed a group and they takeout 20% of what they earn {they work at a call center and study in the morning} and they sponser a kid at World vision India.
    "Akele chal padethe,log milthe gaye,Kaarvaan bantha gaya"

  3. pluto, gm, i didnt leave o3, i am not able to login in o3, even thru 4 different ids:(
    its not up to me. its upto o3.

    hi rams:)

    akruti when i started blogging last year i came across the cry stat and i actually wrote a post read this challenge.
    i just couldnt read the whole thing, without feeling disgusted and desperate.

    the cry donations start at rs.100.
    educating a child for a year costs rs.800.
    on the questions of how its being used etc... hey how many spend on a pizza or a beer thats not great for the health, and just gives a temp. high?
    i mention that i would rather prefer donations to CRY on my bday since i have the things i need.

    its really wonderful to hear about your students. its like a beautiful breeze when one things its just polluted stuffy air.

    hi curious:)

    pluto, ramses, akruti and curious, have a wonderful day:)

  4. techj hi goodmorning:)
    btw just curious, your source?

  5. Donk2,
    'tis 50% as per cry...and me too joined yaa in bloggers.. though temporarily

  6. Gaya,I know what you mean.We are not asking anyone to stop enjoying life their own way,we are not asking them not to spend money on Pizzas or Beer or an IPOD,but then along with our lives can we not light a lamp easily for others? 800rs a yr can make someone smile forever and can we not do it? We,4 friends took an oath that we will make sure to donate 800rs on everyones birthday No matter what,we dint stop enjoying,We do have a blast,but first the money would go where it needs more,When i know someone is smiling because of our efforts i know we all can smile more.
    Yes,i am proud of my students and my friends who understand my point and who come fwd for such causes.

  7. hi good morning bard:)will check ur blogspot:)

    akruti, i couldnt have phrased it more beautifully:)
    proud to know you:)

    just a thought, if this is the number of children who dont go to school, how on earth can we claim that we will be developed nation?

    development is not the latest mobile immediately available in India, or a Hollywood movie released immly in India or an Indian winning a Ms Universe (thats good news but not development) or if walmart joins mcdonalds in India.

    Time many got a perspective on whats development.

  8. I read it somewhere that it is about 45-50%.

  9. Hey WD got ya at last!!

    hhmmm i guess itz 50-55%

    y u not on o3?????

  10. hi vaibhav:)

    and hi prasad, i am not on o3 because o3 is not allowing me to login. last time it happened b4 diwali i created another id. but this time, even 4 ids didnt work.

    i am not hte only one in o3 with this prob though,this time:)

  11. LOL WD,
    the comment on the saurav post was made after reading the entire post (that's the right way to post comments, na?)

    It's just that I don't like Saurav Ganguly. And I don't follow cricket religiously either :)

  12. hi spark:)

    vaibhav thanks for clarifying and its nice to come across someone who is not passionate about saurav:D

  13. u mean mentally or physically..???

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. oops WD.....real pain in the wrong part i guess!!!

    well hope it getz ok soon. :)

  15. peshwa, well if i take into account the mental, it will be 99%:)

    prasad, yeah thanks:)

  16. Sponser a child's education.....good

    But who is going to sponser the child's family?

    PS: Didnt know that CRY educates for Rs 800.....thats new info for me. Will start contributing.

  17. hi, rohit here, return to o3 plzzzzzzzzz

  18. konfusd cry donations starts with rs.100.

    on the family support, there are other schemes perhaps by other ngos.

    the rs.800 for a year i personally believe is affordable for many so mention it.

    rohit, its not me, its o3, i clarified in your blog, and thanks:)

  19. 50% according to CRY and also 50% according to

    More facts from CRY -
    More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out by
    the age of 12.

    In India, only 53% of habitation has a primary school

    In India, only 20% of habitation has a secondary school

  20. nice blog!! and appropriate adjective to donkey. (^_^)
    I'm here for the first time.

  21. i thought i'd answer...but there's so many who answered before me :-(

    so i'll just say hi..n sneak away..

  22. Hey Wisedonkey

    Yeah I found 50% according to CRY too! take care :)

  23. somewhere between 40% to 2/3rds, isnt it?

    btw WD, how do you get blogger to show only part of your posts?

  24. yes Navin , really depressing data there:(
    and only 20% of habitation has secondary school! God!

    Hi Nishu welcome and thanks:)

    Hey who said you cant answer because others answer, generally these bloggers answer in my o3 blog, but since i am unable to post in o3, they are answering here:)

    Hi Priya nice to see you here:)

    Hi Bangaloreguy,
    there are two options for expandable summaries. i use this one

  25. wise donkey - you sure have tons of information to share. wonderful work.

  26. :(..sad...:(...dunno what else to say!


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