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Dec 11, 2005

Pilgrim - When Heaven not the Goal

There are probably millions of things about being a Hindu. I choose this as an one point reference. I use the word choose,because I do think every religion has it points, and we do decide what we should follow or not follow.

"Mahapurna advised Ramanujacarya to go to the great Goshtipurna and accept initiation in the Vaisnava mantra from him.

At the behest of Mahapurna, Ramanuja approached Goshtipurna for the mantra, but was refused, for Goshtipurna was reluctant to give such a confidential mantra to a relative newcomer. Ramanujacarya approached Goshtipurna 18 times with great humility, finally breaking into tears and pleading for his mercy. At last Goshtipurna gave him the mantra, after first swearing him to absolute secrecy. When Ramanuja had vowed never to repeat the mantra to anyone else, Goshtipurna whispered the mantra in his ear saying, “This mantra is most powerful. Whoever chants it will attain liberation; he will return to the spiritual Vaikuntha planets where he will achieve the personal service of the Lord.”

As he left the temple and proceeded towards Sri Rangam, a crowd gathered around Ramanujacarya. They had heard that he was to receive the mantra from Goshtipurna, and begged to know its secret. Inspired to distribute the magic of the mantra that could free anyone who chants it from material existence, Ramanuja announced to the crowd: “Please chant this mantra: Om namo narayanaya.”

The crowd was overjoyed, and felt that they had been truly blessed, but when the news reached Goshtipurna, he called for Ramanuja. Outraged that his new disciple would disobey his order so quickly, he demanded an explanation. “I told you to keep this mantra a secret. Why have you so quickly revealed it to the masses? Do you know the penalty for such behavior?”

Ramanuja replied, “Yes, gurudeva, I may go to hell for disobeying your order.“

“Then why have you done such a thing?”

“ My beloved teacher, I realized that the power of the mantra given by you could deliver everyone who hears it. When I saw the earnest desire of these people to be saved from material life, I could not contain myself. I felt some divine inspiration to distribute your mercy to all of them. If this is a great sin, then I must be punished by your holiness. Condemn me to hell, then, if my sin warrants it. But please do not show your wrath to these simple people who begged me for the mantra.” "

What this means to me :
The two main principles for me
1.Rather than worry about what I should do to go to heaven, think on what I can do now, to make life better for those around.
2.Accepting responsibility for one's Action : He didnt say, forgive me. But said I am prepared to go to hell.

And bear in mind
Ramanuja didnt go around with a sword saying, say "Om Namo Narayana" or else...
Nor did he say, those who dont chant "Om Namo Narayana" will go to hell.

This has nothing to do with superiority of one path over other. But with thinking, God has created me, God has also created others. I am closer to God, when I come closer to God's other creations.
Pilgrim series


  1. Nice.

    Problem is people will read it ... feel good about it ... and then forget it.

    Know I'm sounding pessimistic, but it's true nonetheless.

  2. well i dont expect this post to change people immediately.
    but i do think this could influence to a certain degree. and even if it, doesnt, well never mind, i have been myself:)and wrote what i believed in :)

  3. just perfectly said and put Gaya!...

    it will stay in the minds of those who want believe in being close to God thru the creations..:)...


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