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Dec 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
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If I havent included your name, it would be because I didnt expect you to read this blog, and would have thought, hmmm I can get away with it. After all if I started writing the name of every blogger who has once commented it, will look like a telephone directory. Ha so in 2006, comment more on my blogs. Err just kidding, am sorry. Its actually no big deal, And wish you a Happy New Year.

For those who read it couple of days after New Year and feel guilty for not wishing me:) Relax its ok, we cant have perfect memories(and next year I am sure you would be equally understanding:D) And I prefer you any day over the bloggers who send me group emails.
Email id is still sacred to me, and I dont want to be included in every address book which the email goes to, however incredibly stupid it might seem.

And now that I have I irritated most of the readers, a review of Wise Donkey. Not the life of Gayathri E, just the blog wise donkey. If you are my regular, you can pretend to have read it, continue the last minute egreetings and make plans for celebrating the new year.For the rest who have nothing else to do, or who have been punished by the HR who finally read my description but decided to cheat me of the consultation fees.
Here it comes.

Jan 2005.
Short Sleep Solution When a judgement was passed that employer was right for firing a sleeping employee
Lessons from a cat When I got dejected, my Muse advised me to learn from a cat
Dog Dislikers A suggestion for dog dislikers, learnt from the politicians
When I received yet another forward Grrrrrrr how I hate forwards
The Journey Continues for the Kashmiri Pandits
5 minutes a woman dies due to Childbirth in India
Hunger When 24000 die Everyday from hunger and a website which helps reduce it

O3 Status : In o3 or out of o3? In for posts related to tsunami. Later in for issues post, not for the fun ones.

Feb 2005
Life007 not a guy? Live in and marriage for Indian women
Van Gogh on Valentine Alone on Valentine's Day?
Saurabh Singh Broke my rule of not writing on persons instead of just writin on system and burnt my fingers and had to write NASA ISD - Apology Its in my favourite list coze its a lesson I guess.
Black No Filmi formulas My take on Movie "Black"
Do U Know - Gold Pollution
Do U Know - Diabetes
Do U Know - Child CSW
Do U Know - Compulsive Shopping Disorder
Do U Know - Ewaste
Do U Know - Delhi Child Sex Ratio
Do U Know - Female foeticide Laws
Do U Know - Visually Challenged Doctor
Do U Know - Manual Scavengers
Do U Know series. Started it after I got tired of telling everyone to read Infochangeindia and Indiatogether etc. It started first on a daily basis. And then reduced it gradually. Right now its only on Wedenesdays every week in blogspot.

O3 status : It was still about issues.

March 2005
Do U Know - Paralympics
Do U Know - Rape laws - Age Marital Status and Gender
Do U Know - Online Volunteering
Pa Paa Pi Piii & Legal Literacy
My Favourite Love Stories
Aargh Diaries - Support oppose or ignore a lawsuit against an Indian blogger Aargh Diaries - An incident worth remembering.
Aargh Diaries - Men Mars, Women Venus, Eunuch Hell
O3 status : Aah now the time to exit o3 again, after wishing all the bloggers including men Happy Women's Day of course. The reason, well I had come back to o3, because some of my friends wanted to. But when I realised that comments are made not based not the blog, but the blogger. It was time to walk again off in a huff.
And then when I heard about TOI's lawsuit against a blogger. Back in o3, under the name Aargh to talk about it. And then wrote some entries, to bring back bloggers to that blogger, then decided to admit, who was Aargh. And then later turned Aargh into a fictional series.
The Aargh resembled the Wise Donkey(when incognito in o3) personna. Gender neutral and slightly brutal:D
So on o3, out

APRIL 2005
Kidding - Win with a Wail How the kid "won"
Aargh Diaries - Mr.Popular & Saurav Ganguly A friend from Vizag wanted tips on being Mr.Popular at parties
Aargh Diaries - World Health Day
Kidding - World Cup Wish for Indian Women from a Child
Women Cricket & Ads on TV If women cricket became popular, what would it to do to ads
Vertically Challenged Cricketer err Tendulkar Wrote during the 4th Ind-Pak ODI in Ahmedabad, when Tendulkar wanted the sight-screen shifted. If you cant make the connection on how its about being sensitive to the challenged, well... when cricket is on, I cant think of anything else:)
Do U Know - Headscarves ban in Turkey
Aargh Diaries - Cricket Catastrophe India lost 4-2 to Pakistan. That means..
Do U Know - Cost of Indian Parliament So didnt you know its more than a crore per day?
Uprooted yet waiting to blossom on Tibetians
Women Cant Drive?? Taking her for a Ride?? A response to a blog which wanted female driving banned. Search for a country which forbids women from driving and the accident rate in that country?? Read the post to find out
Aargh Diaries - Monday Morning Mystery Why has she worn a purdah to the office, Theories fly around
Insulting Men Saamna says dress of women provoke the rape, TOI says , thats just insulting to men. Agree with TOI. But then 50% of Indiatimes readers disagree with TOI. I am not suprised ..
Do U Know - Tuberculosis India accounts for nearly one third of prevalent cases globally.In India,Each day, 20,000 get infected and 5,000 develop the disease. Each year 18 lakh people develop it, of whom 8 Lakh are infectious
Aargh Diaries - When Women ask for "IT" Aargh tries to explain rape can be unwelcome.
Kidding - What can I write, When I cant write? On Anti Child Labour Day

O3 status : A small appearance in o3, since the women cant drive post was on o3. Had to post a copy of it in o3:)

MAY 2005
Do U Know - AIDS & Assam Rifles When AIDS kills more of them, than the bullets
Aargh Diaries - Thief & Rapist Would you make the thief, your guard?
Donkee's suggestion for success at work Through a card, email and even if you get fired
Do U Know - Mumbai Waste The amount of waste Mumbai generates everyday
Bye Sob Sob Bye When I had to go on a trip for few months and a blog interview I gave on the day of departure

JUNE 2005
Still on vacation and no there were couple of posts, but no favourite posts.
And you thought I am writing every post I had writeen as my favourite post!

JULY 2005
A Butterfly called Happiness On happiness and why I dont want to be happy
Aargh Diaries - Desires and Happiness Why always blame the desires, asks Aargh
Aargh Diaries - People we Dislike A fishpond at work
Aargh Diaries -Whats in a name Well a lot thinks Aargh
Writing from home o3 status : Back after winning an award for Best Blog on Issues. Even though I didnt participate and didnt think bloggers would remember me after I stopped blogging in o3.And no I wasnt too high after winning for Issues. Perhaps people vote, but reading the posts, and the posts making a difference is just too different. But then still nice:) Actually was sulking coze I didnt get for being funny

Aargh Diaries - Independence Day Special A fishpond at work on what I do for my country

Aargh Diaries - Not before the Knot Aargh's friend was in search of her soulmate to marry, but the guys she comes across wants to discuss only sex. Aargh advises
Do U Know - Children & Hunger Deaths Every ___ seconds a child dies from hunger
Kidding I am not Right or They are not Right Is it right when a child feels left out
Tagged - A 55 word short story - Normal When I was tagged by Colors
Do U Know - Maharashtra Child Hunger Deaths
A Poem for Pam
Do U Know - India worse than Bangladesh in IMR & MMR

Vulgar to someone
10 things your followers could have said, but didn't on Gandhi Jayanthi 2005
More to Man than Money for Me
Aargh Diaries - Men Money and Moms
Do U Know - Child Marriage Percentages How high could it be in Bihar Rajasthan MP and Andhra Pradesh? Higher than 50%?
Crazy When was she crazy and who is being crazy. A short poem
Aargh Diaries - Help I dont have a girlfriend Aargh's friend doesnt have a girl and Aargh gives 12 possible replies, when asked about the girl.
Aargh Diaries - Thank you Saurav :Boss is worried on knowing Aargh could be a blogger and could be sued.. Yeah Yeah it has something to do with IIPM..
Do U Know - Schizophrenia
Onions it will be, this Diwali : Confused on Diwali Gifts?
Do U Know - Rosa Parks
Spread the message not the virus When I received a group email from bloggers to whom I hadnt given my email id, had to write this post to convey it wasnt personal.
Btw it applies for New Year Wishes too:)

O3 status
My login didnt work. And is still not working. And the wisedonkey blog is stuck on the question on Rosa Parks .Well didnt give up after o3 admin acknowledged the problem and started a new blog wisedonkee.
Won a Ms.Cool award. Actually I expected to win the Shut the *** Award. Actually the winners of the STF award wasnt announced. Would have been ironical if I had won both. Felt guilty for not voting. Felt disappointed because I couldnt post my STF acceptance speech and make the other bloggers feel guilty (heh heh).

Blame Game Guide
Do U Know - India China 1962 war
Perplexed about Premarital Sex?
Leos Think
Zodiac Thoughts Well it started with one zodiac and soon other zodiacs were asking for this post:)
Do U Know - Maternal and Child Heatlh
I will be dumping you I will be dumping you. Sting forgive me, but I thats what my Muse suggested after my pout on people's reaction to yet another post on maternal mortality and the appalling state of healthcare in UP
Pilgrim - The Black Cat
Dumped and Down in the Dumps On how to bounce back
Standard Response On Greg's finger salute and an program on Women and Sports
Do U Know - Delhi Water Usage

O3 status
Blogging in WiseDonkee blog, hoping for WiseDonkey Blog.
Started a new blog Indian Sports minus men's cricket sania and narain. In o3 and Blogspot

Some Minute
Can We Do It? Convince a website that the term International Cricket includes International Women's Cricket too?
Do U Know - Unsafe Injections in India Did you know its more than 50%?
How stupid can the Wise Donkey Get? Wonders my Muse.
Pilgrim - When Heaven is not the Goal
Do U Know - Drunken Driving and BAC Limit in India
Aargh Diaries - Saurav is safer hmmm its not about Saurav actually.
Do U Know - Indian Children and Education
Kidding - Why can't I become a homemaker?
Not Psycho A Psychologist When I mentioned in my comments that I happen to be a student of Psychology, thought I better clarify some points:)

O3 status. I have tried with 6 different logins, and with all of them unable to post in o3. The wisedonkee is again stuck with a Do U Know Question

And thats it ! Not that painful, see.

I honestly dont believe its possible for a single soul to have read the post, and the contents of every link. If there exists one, do let me know. And Thanks for reading, appreciate it:)

Will be going on another trip so perhaps wont be blogging for couple of months. Then there is another trip in March till May. So not sure how much I would be blogging in 2006.
Blogging had a big impact on me personally. That what happens when you call yourself a Stay at Home Blogger. I spent time and money (tel bills ) and energy over it. And managed to come up with remarkable excuses for burnt food.

This year's resolution is to blog less, lets see if I can keep it up:)


for those who have fallen asleep
Wake up Wake up


  1. Hi gaya :)

    >HUGS< dear
    Wishing u and Family a very Beautiful , Happy , Healthy and Prosperous Year Ahead :)

    Take care and have a Blast ahead :D

  2. Wishing u and ur family a Happy and a Prosperous New Year!!!

    It feels gr8 to wish it in tamil too...Inia Puthandu Nal Valzthukkal :D

  3. thank you amita , that was wonderful >hugs<
    And wishing you and your family the a very happy new year and especially to the little girl you mentioned in one of your posts (your niece?):)

    nandri and iniya puthandu vazthukal:)

  4. Happy New Year from France !

  5. HEy WD: You have a great new year too...:-)


  6. Hi D,

    Since I am to lazy, I skipped ur entire post(except to check if my name was on the list or not) and came here to wish U and UR Hubby "A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR AHEAD"

  7. wd..actually read WHOLE of it now...and wd love to keep reading pleeeeeese forget abt blogging less..even before I read this i left a wish fr u in my blog...rememebering an old one of yrs for the four figure bills. still rememebr yr onion post..and actually advised many off the net pals fr this gift..:)))
    have agreat yr ahead...o3 should wake up now...:)

  8. Hey
    Do you know: there is one person who will be very happy to see you blog less and at the same time miss you very much?
    Gayathri wish you a very happy new year 2006!!
    May you succeed in all your ventures.
    Lotsa love

  9. Hurray Hurray Hurray :). My name's there!! :-D. Wish you a very happy new year too. And the recap was a great idea :).

  10. Hi Wise D,

    This is Jinesh (indianhusbands) wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  11. G3(Akka),

    a good post again...u r simply superb...i m lost for words...

    if u r not blogging, it is a loss to blogosphere...and even o3 is a loser...u r not...they lost one of the best...u don't have to worry...

    "Won a Ms.Cool award. Actually I expected to win the Shut the *** Award. Actually the winners of the STF award wasnt announced. Would have been ironical if I had won both. Felt guilty for not voting. Felt disappointed because I couldnt post my STF acceptance speech and make the other bloggers feel guilty (heh heh)."

    ...dat is funny...hmmmm...gayathri(akka)...neengaluma????...:-(

    two trips on the corners...hope for "some" good reasons...hope i got it r8 and even mentioned in my "the art of blogging and BIDS"...prayers fm thambi...if it is...otherwise, please ignore...

    "Present is better dan the past and hope the future is best dan present"...

    and Hope, coming year brings in more bright future and successes in all your personal & professional life.

    Also this year makes all your wishes comes true.

    Wish you & your family a very very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR 2006...

  12. Gaya! ! saw this late:)..newy wishing the Wiseeeeeeeeeee Donkeeyyy:) a VEry very happy New year again:)thansk a lot for ur wishes!:)

    me almost prud to say me ahs follwoed all ur posts from june :Pnot grt..but still me proud:)

    and post as much as possible in the time u have:)


  13. Gaya: tha cmt by ubiquitous was made by me...ramses....i had to log in to my friend's acct to help her with some probs with the template and that id got saved...apologies..:-s...

    "Gaya! ! saw this late:)..newy wishing the Wiseeeeeeeeeee Donkeeyyy:) a VEry very happy New year again:)thansk a lot for ur wishes!:)

    me almost prud to say me ahs follwoed all ur posts from june :Pnot grt..but still me proud:)

    and post as much as possible in the time u have:)



  14. Crescendo thank you and wishyou the same

    @$#!$# thank you and hope you have a wonderful 2006

    konfusd, now why am i not suprised:))
    thank you and wish you have a wonderful 2006 and hope you have time in 2006 to read my entire blog and to ponder over my blog postings:D

    WoW Savy (konfusd hope u read this comment)thanks a lot dear, and hope you have a fantastic 2006:)
    :)) on the onions

    guess who
    thank you
    but i dont have time to play miss marple with you
    btw sitemeters make it tougher for you to play guess who:d

    Deeps thanks and of course it will be there, you are one of my favourites, and how can I ever miss a fellow Leo:)
    Hope you have a fab 2006:)

    jineshji, thank you and wish you the same:) hope things will turn out to be better in 2006:)

    pluto didnt understand the neengaluma.
    it was for voting or the guilty speech or for the award itself.
    (well i have never thought of myself as cool, or an issues blogger, so all this is very funny to me, though i appreciate those who voted). i can trivialise the award, but not the thoughts of the voters can I?
    the march is for contact progrm for psy.
    the may is for the psy exams:)
    thanks a lot for the prayers and wishes thambi, they were beautiful and wish you a fantastic 2006.

    rams thank you, so sweet:) yes you are one of the few from o3 who consistently comment here too. hope you have a rocking 2006

  15. G3,

    hmmmm...neengaluma for guilty speech...u never misleads, atleast me...its ok...doesn't matter...

    "the may is for the psy exams:)".
    i believe

    Rams(es)...and ur :):)...means wot and G3, so sweet:)...onnum puriyala...i am konfusd...its not fair:)

  16. wisedonkey

    wish u the best a year can bring into ur life.


  17. pluto, hmmm if i get a STF award, u think i should say thank you thank you, i deserve to shut up:D
    yeah i mentioned what i am doin in march and may. the next week is a vacation:)(thats for one month).
    re.rams, well i was replying to her comment.

    idiot how are you? happy new year, and actually i did think of omitting you since you dont visit here:D
    good i mentioned you:)
    (on valentines i think i just wished you on your blog and didnt include you in the list first:D)

  18. said so sweet for this

    "me almost prud to say me ahs follwoed all ur posts from june :Pnot grt..but still me proud:)

    and post as much as possible in the time u have:) "

  19. A very happy new year to you gaya

  20. ' ..... Blogging had a big impact on me personally. That what happens when you call yourself a Stay at Home Blogger. I spent time and money (tel bills ) and energy over it. And managed to come up with remarkable excuses for burnt food.

    This year's resolution is to blog less, lets see if I can keep it up:)..... '

    the first part is acceptable, i even agree with you. but not the second.

  21. thank you lost and found:) and wish you the same:) (do i know you by another name?)


  22. Too many Esses I see.
    The telephone directory would have been interesting.

    What about the folks who wished you in 2k5 itself? what should they expect? :-P

    "for those who have fallen asleep
    Wake up Wake up"

    hey, some skip right to the end too! :-D

    anyways, happy new year (again).

  23. just noticed - you pointed to o3 problems.
    heh, as a veteran in being badgered by o3, all I can tell you, is that you have a lot of faith in them! :-P

  24. G3,

    all d best:D

    vl update u somehow on my marriage blues...

  25. bangaloreguy, hmmm i dont think i omitted anyone who wished me in any year who will see this entry:)

    pluto, all the best:)

  26. on o3 well i am always an optimist:D

  27. lol
    I dint mean you forgot any - I wouldnt know if you did, anyhow - I meant considering your references to people who wished late etc., what about those folks who wished early? :-P
    anyways was j/k.

  28. :))bangaloreguy, hmmm perhaps next year i should wish them sooner:D

  29. Hi. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Thanks for getting back to me on the Upma. I added a link form my blog to yours.

    Best wishes



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