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Jul 17, 2005

Aargh Diaries People we Dislike

Boss was out since Super Boss had come down, and to minimise the Monday Morning stress and as a compensation for all the reports we had prepared for Super Boss, we decided to play some game at the office. . we decided on "fish pond", but without names. And after consensus decided it would be a fish pond on Peope we dislike without referring to the person. (Well if one wrote against another, it would be a mini WWF) and so the paper chits were passed and the notes written, some hurriedly, some after thought and dropped into a box and read out aloud.

Some excerpts on "People we Dislike"
People who claim to be sensitive and get hurt easily, yet are insensitive to others feelings
Brats who win by wailing and parents of those brats
People who buy gold and other luxury items without bill, to avoid paying the sales tax
People who buy pirated cds and books, and yet never think they are indulging in anything criminal
People who support porn but would hate if their family members appeared in them
People who think the rapist is honourable, if he agrees to marry the girl
Women who say they should be treated like their brothers, but never think of their duties to their parents
People who dont donate because, they were never approached by ngos and no one from the ngo begged or praised them for generousity
People who believe they know A-Z when it come to food tastes
People who will pay few hundreds for pizza but not a hundred for CRY
People who expect their maids to be on time, but never on time for work
People who believe the solution for the country is military rule and dictatorship, so what if the dictator can be corrupt.
People who expect you to eat as much as they want to eat, to give them company, but wouldnt dream of having just a juice to give you company.
People who dont mind paying a bribe if it smoothens things ou
People who always believe there is a conspiracy against their caste, religion
People who never vote, wouldnt dream of encouraging their children to join politics, but blame others for electing criminals
Fat people who expect you to tell them that they have reduced (Why dont they just use the weighing machine?)
People who think housewives (homemakers) just watch TV and gossip and spend money
People who look down on a man who decides to be a homemaker
People who believe they are good and can never cause harm or hurt
People who think "white" guys are smarter and the africans brutes
Parents who expect others to praise their children
People who believe advertisements
Men who expect their wives to take care of home and also go outside to earn
People to whom "24000 die everyday from hunger, please click hungersite to give free food" means nothing
People who think its ok to waste electricity and water, if they pay the bill
People who think the height of patriotism is watching Roja/Swadesh or a Sunny Deol movie
People who thinking shopping is cure for their misery
People who will not let their daughter or son marry a person from army, yet expect others to join the army
People who will write a blog on this (Uh oh) and people who will forward it their friends without reading it completely (hmmmmmm)
People who expect promotion, but never think about their qualification or experience
People who are ungrateful for what they have been given
People who dont donate blood, but if they require it, would hope others wont be like them
Parents who think TV is a babysitter
People who dont care when a woman dies every 5 minutes in India due to childbirth, even when it is preventable
Bridegrooms who think its ok when the bride's parents pay the marriage expenses
People who talk about culture but will drink cola over tender coconut
People who waste office time and paper and energy by thinking of games like this, and discussing about games like these afterwards, and then admire the Japanese for their productivity and commitment.

Well there was a guilty pause. And we all by mutual understanding went back to our work
PS : Hmmmm and when it comes to someone who makes us feel guilty, we dont dislike, we simply hate...


  1. ""when it comes to someone who makes us feel guilty, we dont dislike, we simply hate""
    I disagree

    and Aargh sound a lot like a wise ass today !!

    btw, wats with that ad ?? :D

  2. hey vyuha thanks for the feedback:)

    btw aargh is not wise donkey!

    aargh is a fictional character, and as i have said before, wise donkey i.e gayathri need not subscribe to aargh's views.

    and for the record, i personally think that one should dislike a behaviour and not the person, (based on The one minute manager book), since no one is perfect

    aargh may sound like a wise ass :D true:)

    PS : the ad since i am emailing posts

  3. good lord thats a looooong list... and very familiar to people I dislike... LOLOLOLOL

  4. Somehow i agree with all the points there,my kind of a list i will say:) welcome back to blogworld gaya

  5. akruti and pallavi, thanks a lot :)

    re.being in blogworld, i dont think i am back, since i am not reading the other blogs at the moment, due to internet access probs. but it sure feels great to post and read other bloggers comments. thanks all:)

  6. Ha Ha Ha... u realized it at the end, eh?

    btw, how do u manage to find so much time in office? even if my boss goes on leave for a week he makes sure we have work enough for 2 weeks....sigh....

  7. :) well i have time since i am a homemaker or errr a stay at home blogger :D

  8. are i know yaar ..this is the third time u r telling me that aargh is not the donkey /:) !!!
    yeah , i agree with ya,that one should dislike a behaviour , very true indeed


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