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Jul 13, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Desires and Happiness

Aargh Diaries - Desires and Happiness
Today's lunchtime topic revolved around happiness.
And philosophies and religion and spiritual gurus were discussed with zest.
And then Mr.C mentioned that desires were the root cause of unhappiness.

Aaargh!! Easy to say don't desire and perhaps he wouldn't desire promotion and perks.
But I have plenty of desires and at that point, merely desired to have my lunch in peace.

Sure unfulfilled desires maybe the cause of unhappiness, fury, stress etc.
But why blame the desires, and why make me think I should feel guilty about desires?

"Excuse me Mr.C, but I have plenty of desires and some of course go unfulfilled, but still I don't become unhappy" I said.
"Impossible" said Mr.C

"Well its simply that I don't desire happiness.I don't think life has to be fair and that I have to be happy all the time. I have desires, when they are realised, I become happy. But if they are arent, I don't become unhappy since, I didn't desire happiness anyway from my desires"

"And whats the point of desires and if they are not to make you happy" sneered Mr.C
"To keep me going and to make life interesting. I desire a promotion and will TRY to get it. If I get it, I will be satisfied that my desire got fulfilled, and probably be very happy too. But if I don't get it, since I didn't link promotion with my happiness, I wouldn't be unhappy about it."

I could have possibly gone on, but people hate the holier than thou attitude. Thanks to my conversation, my immediate desire got fulfilled. The room temperature dropped and I was no longer obliged to have lunch with others. I came out and had lunch in peace at my own table.

Am I happier now, Aaargh too complicated to think of that while I enjoy my lunch in peace !

Aargh is fictional character


  1. Guess Geetha says one should perform his 'Karma' without worrying about end results. So, Happiness is emotion of progress toward desirable goals and not attainment of goal itself.

    Mr C is unhappy because he attaches happiness with desire not to the progress towards achieving the desire.

  2. What you desire is not necessarily what s going to make you happy always...

    But desires too have their due place in the human pschye...

    Why the link to timesjobs???

  3. hahah to desire is human to fret is human.. and well to go ARRRGH is also human !! :)

  4. anbu absolutely agree,
    @$#!$# exactly:)
    timesjob since i had emailed the post:) will edit later:)
    pallavi :))

  5. Good to see you back.....oops it's aargh not Gayatri or Wise donkey.
    "chaha to bahut na chahen tujhe chahat per magar koe jor nahi".....This is true for girl/boy or promotion or any other desire....isn't it?

  6. Interesting Viewpoint !!!
    i m starting to like this big mouth Aargh :D
    ps: btw , its Recca

  7. cooool discussion..!
    well i agree with "Happiness is emotion of progress toward desirable goals and not attainment of goal itself." And the achievement has nothing to do with happiness...and those who attach happiness with achievement will always be only in two conditions: happy or sad. As they link their efforts to get or to loose , thus they can never be normal...
    keep up !


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