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Mar 22, 2005

My Favourite Love Stories

This post is just my personal opinion, and not necessary, that its right:)

Two Mothers & King Solomon.
Two women went to King Solomon both claiming that a child belonged to them. Since he didnt live in today's age of DNA testing, or perhaps he thought that the child deserved to live with the mother who cared most, said let the child be cut in two and each mother would get a half. While one woman agreed, the other refused and withdrew the claim, hoping it would be better if the child stayed alive, even if it was with the other woman. The King gave the son to the woman who wanted the child to live.

Personally, dont think its necessary that the woman who withdrew the claim was the natural mother. We have come across too many cases of mothers killling their infant girls, and agreeing to sell the daughters to believe that the love of the woman who gives birth is supreme.

Possession many think is the first principle of love, or rather the aim of love. I disagree. Love is an expression of affection without expectation. And just because love doesnt result in marriage, doesnt make the love or the person is a failure.

Hmmm marriage. And hmmm, choice in marriage :)
And that makes me remember the second love story
Yashodha,the mother who took care of Krishna. Would she have loved Krishna more if she had given birth to him.
Makes me wonder, if mother's of adopted children, love them less or more or equally compared to those who birth give to their children.
Many would think they would love them perhaps less, since not related by blood, but then, when we give birth to the child, there is no element of choice. But when it comes to adoption, there is an element of choice. Surely if we choose to love someone, we ought to love them more. Well I think ultimately it depends on the person, and the process of adopting and giving birth has nothing to do with it.

How many think arranged marriages will never work, and love marriage always work, because in arranged marriage there is no question of choice.

How important is choice in love. Yes a love towards a child is not the same as love towards spouse.

In future, if advances in genetics, enables a parent to select even the personality of the child, will they love the child more , than the parents of today?

Well choice is important, all I wanted to point was, that it depends on the person, not just the choice or the lack of choice.

Just because the marriage was arranged doesnt mean that in future there would be no love in the marriage, And just because the marriage was arranged after a series of dates, which for many is a love marriage, doesnt mean that in future too there will be love in the marriage.

But enough of the mother angle, thankfully I will not write on another brother sister one :D And come to the words of love which shook me to the core a year back.

Ashtapathi, written by Saint Jayadev about Radha and Krishna. Its believed that whats described in it has more to do with the imagination of Jayadev then mythological basis.

Had gone with my mother in law to Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai to listen to bhajans. And on that day, they sang the stanza wherein after the marriage, Krishna tells Radha that he has to leave. And Radha instead of getting disappointed, smiles and tells Krishna, do you think I fell in love with your body? And doesnt get disheartened, suprising even Krishna.

Many think the best way to prove love is to die, or sing songs like "How am I supposed to live without you". But in my view ,hey, everyone has to die , living is tougher. And love for another is not a person's weakness, but strength. Sure its more fun when a person we love, loves us and we can spend our life with that person, but just because that cant happen doesnt make us or our love a failure and our life a misery.

And my final favourite.
Sita's love for Rama. (please just mentioning about Sita, and not Rama).
This princess, left the pleasures of the kingdom and decided to accompany Rama to the forest. After coming back to the kingdom, when a washerman questioned her chastity, Rama once again sent her to the forest. Though his father had 3 wives, he didnt choose to marry another woman after this. And Sita too didnt marry another.
But at the end, when Rama asked her to come back with the children, she refused.
The princess who gladly came with him to the forest, refused to come back to the kingdom. Being in love doesnt mean agreeing that whatever a person does is right or losing one's dignity.
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