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Mar 16, 2005

Do U Know-Legal Notice agst Indian Blogger

An Indian blogger, Pradyuman Maheshwari, who started a blog on Indian Media

A legal notice from a leading Indian media group due to the blog contents

The blogger deletes all the post saying he cant afford to fight.

And therefore a petition to this prominent media group, by other bloggers.

The petition link

Pradyuman Maheshwari's blog was Times of India group, sent the legal notice. Though the contents have been deleted, the blog contains the deleted posts.

So do you want to ignore, support or speak against it, You Decide.

And if you want to support a blogger, click


  1. the link is not working gaya

  2. Hey gayathri - mahesh here,

    nice of u to turn back anonymous comments on again ;-)

    how've ya been....

  3. :))
    mahesh fine thanks,
    how are you :)

    btw if i turn off annon, u can use

  4. hi

    Though I did'nt write any comments, I read all ur posts. i found a lot of articles very interesting especially shortstories, do u know,...

    It's nice that u linked all ur works and put it in a single blog.



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