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Mar 14, 2005

Do U Know - Cash Incentive for Girl Child

  • This state in India has a sex ratio of 943 females to 1,000 males
  • And in an attempt to correct this, it is offering Rs 100,000 in cash to families who opt to have just one daughter and no more children
  • Under the scheme, the government will pay the money to the daughter when she reaches the age of 20, provided her parents have no more children.
  • Also, both parents will have to undergo verified birth control operations
  • Effective from April 1, 2005, the scheme includes additional cash incentives -- parents will receive Rs 1,250 a year towards the girl’s education from Classes 9 to 12 (ages 14-17).
  • Also, in the event of the death of either of the girl’s parents, the family will immediately be given Rs 50,000.

The state is Andhra Pradesh

Quetzal got it right

It was announced by the Chief Minister on Women's Day this year. India, with 927 females to 1,000 males as per the 2001 census, has one of the lowest sex ratios in the world, according to the UN population agency (UNFPA). This is down from 945-to-1,000 more than a decade ago.

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